Perms Are Back AND Event Better Than Ever!

The History of Perms goes as far back as the 19th Century! The beginning of perming was actually kinda of like something out of a horror movie.

The first perm was done by a French stylist Marcel Grateau and she used a wave machine. In 1941 a new perm was created and the term Thioglycolic acid  a cold wave, which REVOLUTIONIZED THE PERM INDUSTRY.


Perms lost their popularity for a number of years, but in 2020 Perms are back in high demand.

There’s so many options regardless if your a Loyal Client who’s had many over the years or your considering it for the first time, here at The Salon at Lakeside we are creating some gorgeous results.

3 images of Perms The Salon At Lakeside

This is the coolest comeback trend ever in the history of Hair Styles……The Return of the Perm!

Let’s talk Modern Perm 2020 , as a stylist it’s amazing what a Perm can do for your hair and lifestyle and image. I know we all can share our past experiences with Perms and the not so great results our hair endured. Finally it’s time to embrace a New Generation of modern perms with gorgeous results.


Back of the head perm image at The Salon At Lakeside

What is a Modern Perm?

You have a few options , Curly , Wavy,  Spiral and the new requested style Beachy Waves.

You will experience a service that could take 2-4 hours.The hair is prepped with a clarifying shampoo to remove any build up on the hair,  leaving the hair squeaky clean.

How will this perm be compared to what your grandmother had in the past?  The techniques have come along way and the perm-lotion technology.  And the information we now know that we didn’t in the beginning is changing the technique we professional stylists use, with outstanding results!

Here at Lakeside we have a dedicated team of seasoned professionals, that will createre not my clients but  something specific to what you hope to achieve.   And let’s not forget the Men, we have some amazing techniques for you as well.


Image of Man with a Perm

For more information on Perms, or any of the latest hair style trends, reach out to the expert stylisits at The Salon at Lakeside!

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