Las Vegas Wedding Day Grooming for Men
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Las Vegas Wedding Day Grooming Packages for Men Near Downtown Vegas

If your special day is approaching fast and you want to look your very best, reserve your spot at The Salon at Lakeside with our Las Vegas wedding day grooming for men package. It will provide you with everything that’s needed to look incredible for your future wife, the cameras, and your wedding guests. This specific package will ensure the groom, or his groomsmen, look sharp on the wedding day with a great hairstyle, clean-cut facial hair, even edges, and a general clean up. This is one of the most important days of your life, and our salon located near downtown Vegas can create a perfect look for the occasion.

Men’s Wedding Day Grooming Pricing & Services

We created a Las Vegas salon package for men on their wedding day that is affordable and will have them walking out our door looking and feeling their best. Additionally, we realize how very important this occasion is, and because of this, your wedding day salon needs will be taken care of, from perfect hair styling to cleaning up edges, and more. Below we have included a list of what the groom or his groomsmen can look forward to when they arrive at The Salon at Lakeside.

Las Vegas Wedding Day Men’s Grooming Package: $65.00+ 

Pricing May Include the Following:

  • All our men’s wedding day grooming appointments start with a complimentary consultation to ensure the groom and their stylist are on the same page.
  • We recommend that the groom or groomsmen wash their hair the morning of the wedding day appointment. This will provide your stylist with clean hair that’s ready to work with. 
  • Your hair will be styled using whatever styling tools are necessary – spray bottle to spritz the hair with water, hair dryer for styling purposes, along with a comb or brush. We also perfectly clean up edges with scissors or an electric razor.
  • Depending on your styling needs, a variety of high-quality products may be used during your Las Vegas wedding day men’s grooming appointment – gel, mousse, pomade, as well as finishing spray, and more.
  • Facial hair will also be neatly trimmed and shaped for a clean look.

Wedding Salon for Men in the Vegas Area

When it comes to salons, a lot of men may feel it’s a place where mostly women go for services. This can’t be further from the truth. The Salon at Lakeside specializes in men’s grooming services, and because there are thousands of weddings performed in the Las Vegas area, men book appointments with us on a weekly basis. So, you can feel confident when you arrive at our wedding salon that you will be well taken care of. In addition to this, we are located in a fantastic area that’s situated in the Desert Shores Community of Summerlin. It’s an upscale area with views of the Foothills of Northwest Las Vegas, and our salon rests right on the shores of Lake Jacqueline. It’s a wonderful place to start out your wedding day agenda.

Professional Groom & Groomsmen Wedding Day Salon Experts

Men’s Wedding Salon Services in SummerlinThe team at The Salon at Lakeside has years of experience styling, cleaning up edges, trimming beards – basically, getting a groom, or his groomsmen ready for the wedding. Below you will find a few more details on our Las Vegas wedding day salon experts:

  • The Salon at Lakeside has a team of trained and knowledgeable wedding day hairstylists who specialize in a variety of men’s hair grooming services.
  • Our men’s wedding stylists know which products are best for your specific hairstyle, as well as which products are appropriate for the Las Vegas weather in the month your wedding takes place.
  • We offer a friendly atmosphere with exceptional customer service by men’s Las Vegas wedding salon experts who care.
  • Our stylists are up to date with the latest Las Vegas men’s wedding day grooming techniques.
  • Our team of salon professionals are licensed in the state of Nevada.

Complimentary Men’s Wedding Hairstyle, Facial Hair & Cleanup Consultation

One aspect of our appointments that cater to wedding day grooming for men is that we offer free consultations. For those of you who are not familiar with salon consultations and why they are important, we will discuss this a bit to get you up to date. A Las Vegas wedding day salon consultation for men’s grooming services is essential. It’s a time when you and your stylist meet to discuss all the details of your wedding day look. You will have a chance to describe your desired look, show images, express any concerns, as well as ask questions. It’s also a time when your salon specialist can ask questions pertaining to your goals for the appointment, and so on.

Here are a few questions your men’s wedding salon stylist may ask during your consultation:

  • Did you bring along any images of the Las Vegas wedding day hairstyle you would like?
  • Did you also need a men’s haircut? If so, your package can be easily upgraded?
  • If you’re not getting a haircut, would you like your edges cleaned up?
  • Are you in need of having your beard cleaned up or trimmed?
  • Are there any specific styling products that you prefer, or that you find does not work well with your hair type?

Las Vegas Men’s Wedding Day Grooming Q&A

We realize that as a groom or groomsmen, that you may have a few questions, and because of this, we have gathered common questions that we have received in our Las Vegas salon. For those who have additional questions, we welcome you to contact The Salon at Lakeside to get your questions answered quickly. In the meantime, dive into the information below for some insight on men’s wedding day grooming:

I have a large wedding party; can you book appointments for multiple groomsmen and family members?

Men’s Wedding Day Salon Services for Hair Styling - Cleanup - Facial Hair - Edges

Yes, we can handle your entire wedding party. The Salon at Lakeside is equipped to handle the groom, as well as their wedding party.

Here’s an overview of what we can handle on your wedding day:

  • Of course, the groom himself will be well taken care of.
  • It doesn’t matter if you have a large or small wedding party, if you simply book your appointments ahead of time, so we can reserve your date, then we will make sure all your groomsmen have appointments the day of your wedding.
  • We can also style the hair, and cleanup facial hair for your family – fathers, brothers, uncles, and so on.
  • Our Las Vegas wedding salon can also reserve our top stylists for your bride and her bridesmaids.

We hired a top Las Vegas wedding photographer, do your stylists have experience preparing the groom for the camera?

Because we are located near downtown Vegas, as well as in the wedding capital of the world, our salon specialists have worked with many grooms, as well as their brides, to obtain a look that shows well for the wedding camera. We realize that your big day will be captured in images, as well as video for memories that will last a lifetime, and we know exactly what to do to ensure you love your wedding day look and how it showcases for your special wedding album. Additionally, The Salon at Lakeside is known as the best place in Las Vegas for men to get their hair styled for their wedding. With that said, you can feel confident when booking your men’s grooming appointment with us.

I have hair that doesn’t lay flat and is hard to manage, are you able to fix this issue for my Las Vegas wedding?

Mens hairstyle and grooming wedding day appointments in the Las Vegas Area

We see various hair types on a weekly basis – for wedding day appointments, as well as traditional salon styling. Because of this, our salon experts have the experience to know what to do with what seems like untamable hair. Here are a few tips and tricks that we utilize:

  • This may seem obvious, but some may not think of it – we comb the hair in the direction that it’s growing. When you comb it in the opposite direction, it tends to stick up.
  • Grooms that have specific areas where the hair tends to stand out, and are ok with having some overall height added, we can use gel, pomade, or mousse to shape the surrounding hair to match the stand-alone hairs, which can produce an even height and shape.
  • For those who look incredible with shorter hair, if you get a short trim, it will prevent your hair from having various heights – it’s a basic trick that works well. You can upgrade your Las Vegas wedding day grooming appointment with a full men’s haircut.

Exceptional Salon Services for Your Bride-to-Be

Our Las Vegas wedding day grooming package for men should take care of all your needs, but as mentioned, if you would like a men’s haircut, we can upgrade your package. So, you’re all set, but what about your bride? If she is in need of bridal salon services, we have plenty to choose from. No matter what bridal service she decides to go with, we recommend that she books a trial bridal appointment for a test run, instead of experimenting on the day of your wedding.

Your bride can view our wedding day services listed below, as well as our traditional salon services for her everyday needs:

Bridal Salon Services

Traditional Salon Services

Your bride may be interested in these exceptional salon services before or after your wedding date, so be sure to let her know!

Look Sharp on Your Wedding Day with a Men’s Grooming Package at The Salon at Lakeside!

The Salon at Lakeside’s wedding day team looks forward to meeting you and providing excellent grooming services. We invite you, your groomsmen, along with any family members who want to look sharp on your wedding day, to book appointments at our Las Vegas wedding salon. Make sure to plan ahead to reserve your wedding date with our salon. You can contact The Salon at Lakeside online, or give us a call at (702) 363-1313. Our salon has helped thousands of grooms perfectly prepare for their big day, and we can help you too!