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Las Vegas Volume Eyelash Extensions Packages in the Desert Shores Area of Summerlin

If you’re looking for a salon that offers professional Las Vegas volume eyelash extensions packages, then you have just found it! The Salon at Lakeside provides their clients with a wide variety of lash extension services such as 3D through 10D volume eyelash extensions, as well as classic to volume transitions. Our team has what it takes to have you walking out our salon doors with stunning and glamorous eyelashes. No matter what occasion you want your eyes to look fabulous for, we are here to make it happen! Take a look at the information below to get all the details on this outstanding service offered at our Summerlin beauty salon.

Las Vegas Volume Eyelash Extensions Pricing & Services

Our volume eyelash extensions packages are very popular with our Las Vegas clients. Why is this the case? Because our salon provides a way for them to have gorgeous eyes at an affordable price. We have designed our pricing to meet your budget so you can always have the beautiful eyes that you love. Below you will find our different volume eyelash extension packages listed out, with pricing, as well as what’s included with your session. Please contact The Salon at Lakeside if you have any questions at all; we are here for you!

Volume Eyelash Extensions Full Set Package Pricing & Follow-Up Fill Pricing:

Pricing May Include the Following:

  • Every Las Vegas volume eyelash extensions package comes with a free consultation that will ensure your session goes smoothly.
  • All eye makeup will be removed before the extensions process starts to make sure the lashes are clean.
  • The particular volume lash extension that was decided upon during your consultation, for instance, 3D, 5D, 7D, and so on, will be matched to your lash color, as well as other specifics.
  • Eye pads will be placed over your bottom lashes to prevent your bottom lashes from mixing with your top lashes during the process.
  • We will also place skin-safe tape over your top eyelids to spread out your corner lashes so they are more accessible. 
  • For a quicker bonding time, an eyelash primer will be brushed on your lashes to remove makeup residue, dirt, or oils. 
  • Volume lashes that form what we call a fan, will be picked up, and the end is then dipped in a liquid adhesive. The fan will contain the number of lashes that you have specified, which might be anywhere from 2-10. 
  • Next, we separate your natural lashes so that one lash is set apart from the rest, and this natural lash will be paired with the fan of volume lashes that was dipped in glue. They are then bonded together and left to dry. This process is done for all the natural lashes that are long enough to work with.
  • A sealer is then brushed onto all the lashes to help keep the lashes secure for a longer period of time.
  • We have other outstanding salon packages that pertain to the face area. In case you’re interested, here are just a few:

We also offer salon services for spa pedicures, and microneedling, along with permanent makeup services, and lash lift packages, just to name a few. To view all our salon services, see our main salon packages page.

Best Beauty Salon in the Vegas Area

Because of our positive client feedback and large following, we are considered the best volume eyelash extensions salon in the Vegas area. In addition to this, The Salon at Lakeside is set within a lovely community known as the Desert Shores area of Summerlin, which also happens to be near downtown Vegas, where all the fun takes place. This makes us the best salon near the Vegas Strip because our clients can conveniently stop in to get beautified before a big night out. Our Clark County salon location is also a stunning place when it comes to beautiful landscapes. This is because we are right on the shores of Lake Jacqueline, and have a fantastic view of the foothills of Northwest Las Vegas. We have much to offer our clients, so be sure to stop in for a tour of our modern salon, and to meet our talented staff members.

Volume Eyelashes Applied by Skilled Salon Professionals

Best Volume Eyelash Extensions Salon Near the Vegas StripOur salon specialists are educated, trained, and skilled at the art of applying volume eyelash extensions. This means that when you schedule an appointment at The Salon at Lakeside, you will be well taken care of, and will leave our salon 100 percent satisfied with the look of your lashes. Our team is not only experienced at false eyelash applications, but also all things beauty, such as hair mask repair treatments, and airbrush makeup appointments, affordable traditional mani pedi services, as well as traditional pedicures.

Here are more outstanding facts on our Summerlin salon team:

  • Our Las Vegas volume eyelash extensions specialists are experienced and educated in how to apply a variety of volume eyelash extension sizes – from a more natural look to a glamorous dramatic runway model appearance.
  • No matter what occasion you want your eyes to look exceptional for, our team will know exactly how to handle it, and can create a look that’s right for you. Your appointment will be customized to your specific requests.
  • We ensure that all our volume eyelash extension experts are professionally licensed in the state of Nevada.
  • Our team is capable of handling more than just eyelash extensions, we also provide services such as French polish tips, and updo hair styling sessions, traditional makeup appointments, one process hair color packages, and more.

Complimentary Eyelash Consultations Near Downtown Vegas

We feel that taking part in a salon consultation is so important that we have waived our consultation fee. Why? Because it’s essential that you and your salon specialist meet to discuss the details pertaining to your volume eyelash extensions package. This is a time to explore all your options, address any concerns, and ask as many questions as needed. We will also take this time to get on the same page as you when it comes to your appointment goals, and we will have a few questions of our own. Below we have included some typical questions that we ask during a volume eyelash extensions consultation:

  • Have you ever had Las Vegas eyelash extensions professionally applied at a salon?
  • How much volume would you like to achieve; are you thinking more 3D or 10D, or somewhere in between?
  • Would you like to schedule your follow-up fill appointments today?
  • Are you interested in hearing about any of our other salon services such as our blow dry hair styling sessions, eyebrow extensions, or dermaplaning, our nail repair packages, Brazilian Blowout services, or our full hair highlights appointments?

Volume Eyelash Extensions Commonly Asked Questions

If you have never had false eyelashes, or only had classic eyelash extensions applied in the past, then you will most likely have some questions regarding Las Vegas volume eyelash extensions. We have many clients coming in for this particular service on a weekly basis and this has given us the experience and knowledge to become experts on the topic. With that in mind, we have listed a few of our most popular questions below:

What are volume eyelash extensions and how are they different from classic extensions?

Popular Volume Eyelash Extensions Services at The Salon at LakesideVolume eyelash extensions are professional false eyelashes that are applied as a group, or what is called a fan of lashes, and these lashes are then paired with one of your natural eyelashes. What this means is that 2-10, or more, false lashes are joined together at the bottom, and this creates a fan of lashes. The bottom tip of the fan is dipped in glue and then bonded with one of your natural lashes.

In comparison, when there is only one false eyelash paired with one of your natural eyelashes, it is called a classic eyelash extension. However, once you pair two or more false lash extensions to one natural lash, volume lashes will be used.

If you’re wondering why you can’t just use multiple classic lashes instead of just one, it’s because classic and volume eyelash extensions were designed differently. Classic lash extensions were designed to be applied with a 1:1 ratio, meaning on false lash per one natural lash. Classic lashes are heavier than volume lashes, so if more than one classic lash was paired with one of your real lashes, it could cause your eyelash to fall out. In contrast, Las Vegas volume eyelash extensions are more lightweight, and you can actually pair ten false lashes, or more, with one of your natural lashes, and it will stay in place.

Volume eyelash extensions are used when a fuller, more dramatic look is desired, and classic extensions are applied when a more natural look is wanted.

Are volume eyelash extensions safe?

Yes, volume eyelash extensions are completely safe. In fact, they are used in professional salons all over the world, and have been for years. This shows just how safe, as well as popular they really are. The element that most people are concerned about is the bonding glue that holds the extensions to your natural lashes. This adhesive was designed to be skin-safe, and safe to use near the eyes.

How often will I need to book follow-up volume extension fills to keep my eyelashes looking full?

Las Vegas Volume Lash Extensions Packages in Summerlin - 3D, 4D-5D, 6D-10D

Depending on what volume level you decide upon, you will need to come in anywhere between 2-6 weeks to keep your lashes at maximum fullness. Typically, if you are getting 3D-10D extensions, a follow-up fill appointment is scheduled in 2-3 weeks, or a four week fill session is scheduled for those who want to wait longer between fills.

For those of you who are new to volume eyelash extension fills, here is a brief explanation:

Since your natural eyelashes go through a growth cycle where they grow to their full potential, fall out, and new lashes grow in place of them, it’s important to schedule fill appointments where the new lashes can be paired with volume lashes. Additionally, during a fill appointment, the natural lashes that were previously paired with extension lashes will be checked to see if they are still in place, and if not, new volume lashes will be applied.

Fill appointments may be needed sooner rather than later if you expose your volume lashes to extreme heat frequently, rub your eyes often, are rough during makeup applications, and so on. But generally, they do hold in place well.

Full-Service Beauty Salon Near the Vegas Strip

We pride ourselves on being able to meet the beauty needs of the Las Vegas community. This means that we can do much more than volume eyelash extensions. With that said, we invite you to inquire about our other services such as our bridal salon packages, gel pedicure appointments, nail polish change sessions, prom updos, or our wave and curl perm services, mink lash extensions, and lash removal services, as well as our color retouch packages. This is just a sampling of what we offer, and you can find more of our services listed below:

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We are excited that you’re inquiring about our volume eyelash extensions package here at our Desert Shores salon. Our team of professional eyelash artists can create the lashes you have been hoping for – beautiful, full, glamorous, and dramatic, if that’s the look you’re after. All you have to do is contact The Salon at Lakeside through our website, or ring us by phone at (702) 363-1313. Let us know if you have a special event coming up that you want your eyes to look their best for, perhaps a Vegas getaway, wedding, business meeting, and so on; we can make it happen for you!