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Pedicure Packages at The Salon at Lakeside

A good pedicure has many benefits pertaining to appearance, well-being, along with foot health. Our Las Vegas pedicure services ensure that our clients look fantastic as they walk out “feeling the difference”. We have a fully licensed team at The Salon at Lakeside, along with professional equipment that is essential for beneficial pedicures. We would like to provide you with more information on what a pedicure involves, why it’s a great salon service, and more. With that said, let’s get started!

Las Vegas Traditional Pedicure Pricing & Services

We know how important it is for some clients to have a pedicure scheduled on a regular basis. For this reason, we have set our rates to allow for more frequent visits. In addition to this, our goal is to provide quality services at affordable prices because our ultimate goal is to make our clients happy.

Take a look at what The Salon at Lakeside includes with its pedicure appointments:

Traditional Pedicure Package: $45.00+ 

Price May Include the Following Services:

The Salon at Lakeside in the Desert Shores Area of Summerlin

When you walk into The Salon at Lakeside you will be well taken care of, pampered, and made to look and feel your very best. Additionally, our location sets the stage for a fabulous experience, complete with up-close views of Lake Jacqueline, and beautiful scenery in the distance provided by the foothills of Northwest Las Vegas.

We strive to provide our clients with a retreat-like atmosphere that will have them looking forward to spending time in our salon. The very fact that The Salon at Lakeside is located in the Desert Shores area of Summerlin makes it a lovely place to visit. Stop by for a tour; we would love to meet you.

Professional Pedicure Specialists in the Las Vegas Area

Professional Pedicure Services in Clark CountyOur pedicure specialists meet with various clients on a daily basis. This is due to the fact that a pedicure is a very beneficial and popular Las Vegas salon service. We often have clients who request pedicures to look perfect for an event where they will be sporting opened-toe shoes. Or, some are attending an afternoon lake or river gathering, and the list goes on why they want their feet to look fabulous. No matter what the reason, we can take care of your needs. In addition to this, our salon specialists are capable of doing much more than just a Las Vegas pedicure. We provide many additional salon services such as manicures, and traditional makeup applications, as well as wave and curl perm packages, and Brazilian Blowouts, along with eyebrow tinting sessions.

Take a look at how qualified our Las Vegas salon specialists really are:

  • All our pedicure team members have a nail technician’s license in the state of Nevada.
  • Our pedicure specialists are experts in the field and love what they do.
  • Experienced in choosing nail colors that compliment your skin tone.
  • The Salon at Lakeside only uses modern and professional pedicure equipment.
  • We can accommodate single clients as well as full wedding parties, and other groups.
  • The pedicure specialists at our Summerlin salon are dedicated to providing the best experience at the most affordable price.
  • Our salon staff can easily add additional services to your Las Vegas pedicure appointment – partial highlights, or a deep conditioning hair treatment, as well as a French polish tips add-on package to any nail service.

Complimentary Pedicure Consultations Near Downtown Vegas

To ensure your Summerlin salon pedicure appointment is a great experience, we start your session with a complimentary consultation. This provides you with a chance to express your preferences, concerns, as well as ask questions. It will also give your Las Vegas pedicure specialist the opportunity to ask important questions. Utilizing this free consultation is the best way to get you and your pedicure technician on the same page. 

Here are a few questions that your salon specialist may ask you during your consultation:

  • Will this be your first pedicure?
  • What type of look are you hoping to achieve for this Las Vegas pedicure appointment – neat appearance, professional, casual, or a creative look?
  • Is there a particular occasion you are booking a pedicure appointment for – a special event or casual gathering?
  • Do you have a certain color in mind – do you need to match a dress or an event theme color?
  • Do you have any health concerns when it comes to your feet?
  • If you are preparing for an event, are you in need of any other services – a manicure, haircut, highlight, and so on?

Las Vegas Pedicure Questions & Answers

Because of the many pedicure clients that come through our salon on a weekly basis, our salon team is more than experienced to answer any question that is directed towards them. For those who are getting a pedicure for the first time, it’s understandable to want to be informed. We are providing our top three questions to better help you understand the topic.

What are the benefits of having a professional pedicure on a regular basis?

Las Vegas Pedicure Appointments Near MeThere are many benefits of getting a professional pedicure, especially on a regular basis. Take a look at this list of beauty and health benefits that will have you booking your Las Vegas pedicure appointment sooner rather than later:

  • Beautiful Feet & Nails: Getting pedicures on a regular basis can keep your feet looking exceptionally beautiful. Many individuals have dry heels, chipped nail polish, and so on. Keeping your feet in tip-top shape will keep you one step ahead of the rest when it comes to attractive feet. Imagine having smooth heels and perfectly polished toenails on a regular basis. It allows you to be ready for anything. For instance, if you receive an unexpected invite to a pool party, no problem, you’re ready to go! A pedicure will keep every aspect of your feet looking sensational.
  • Healthy Nails: A pedicure will allow you to keep your nails healthy and in shape. Your nails will always be the correct length, ensuring there are no overgrown nails, which can sometimes cause infections.
  • Exfoliates the Feet: When your feet are exfoliated, it removes dead skin, mostly on the heels. This helps remove and prevent bunions, corns, and calluses. Your feet will be much smoother and softer after your Las Vegas pedicure.
  • Promotes Circulation: Pedicures are certainly a relaxing experience. This is due to the fact that you will receive a wonderful foot massage. The foot massage is not only relaxing, but it also increases circulation.

How often should I book a pedicure appointment?

Pedicure Salon Services Close to Downtown Las Vegas

It would depend on two factors – how fast your nails grow and how you care for your feet between pedicures. If you tend to have fast nail growth, you may want to set your appointments for every two weeks. The same goes for those who are tough on their feet. This can include frequently walking barefoot at beaches, or even in the home, as well as not using moisturizer.

In contrast, if you are one to go to great lengths to protect your feet, maybe you wear slippers in the home, never go barefoot outside, and moisturize often, if that sounds like you, then getting a pedicure once a month may be sufficient. This time frame also applies to those who have slow nail growth.

Additional Salon Services Near Downtown Vegas

The Salon at Lakeside in Summerlin is a full-service salon that can take care of all your needs – big and small. We offer services that can make you look and feel great, such as our classic eyelash extensions package, spa pedicure services, along with our eyebrow extensions, and blow dry hair styling sessions.

Let’s take a look at a few services that The Salon at Lakeside can offer you:

Get a Relaxing Las Vegas Pedicure in Our Summerlin Salon Today!

The Salon at Lakeside pedicure specialists are highly knowledgeable and great at what they do. Come and see for yourself how perfectly amazing your feet can look by scheduling an appointment at our salon near downtown Vegas. You can also speak directly to one of our team members by calling (702) 363-1313. A Las Vegas pedicure session at our popular salon will have you wishing you would have started getting pedicures a long time ago!