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Best Las Vegas Nail Polish Change Packages Near the Vegas Strip

If you would like to have perfectly polished nails 24/7, then we can help you achieve that goal with our Las Vegas nail polish change package. The Salon at Lakeside is known for their expert nail specialists that are perfectionists at heart, and they do an exceptional job creating a look that you will absolutely love. With that said, when it’s time to change your nail polish because it’s been a while between polishes, or you simply want to change the color of your nails for a special occasion, we are here for you! Let’s take a look at all that’s involved when you book a nail polish change appointment at our Summerlin beauty salon.

Las Vegas Nail Polish Change Pricing & Services

For some Las Vegas residents, and for those who are just visiting, having their nails perfected can be essential with all there is to do in the area – a night out in downtown Vegas, dinners, parties, and the like. It all makes for a great excuse to stop in to have your nails done. This is why we have made our Las Vegas nail polish change package affordable – it can perfectly fit right into your budget. So, if your nails are in pretty good condition, and not in need of a full manicure, but could benefit from a polish change, we are the place to go. Below we have listed out all that you can look forward to if you book an appointment for this package at The Salon at Lakeside:

Nail Polish Change Package: $10.00+ 

Price May Include the Following Services:

  • You will start with a complimentary nail polish consultation to discuss your needs and answer any questions you may have.
  • If any old polish is still on your nails at the time of your appointment, we will completely remove it to start with a fresh canvas.
  • Your Las Vegas nail polish change expert will proceed to apply a clear base coat that protects the nails before the color coating is added.
  • The nail polish color of your choice is then carefully painted on; we apply two coats to ensure full coverage.
  • The final step is to add a top coat of clear nail polish that is essential to protecting the color coating. It also provides a beautiful shine to your nails. 
  • We may use a special UV light to help speed up the drying process before you leave our Desert Shores salon.
  • While you’re at The Salon at Lakeside for your nail polish change session, you may want to add on an additional package:

The Salon at Lakeside in the Desert Shores Community of Summerlin

If you haven’t had a chance to visit The Salon at Lakeside yet, you will be pleasantly surprised at the beautiful area it’s located in, complete with front seat views of Lake Jacqueline. Additionally, our salon also sports breathtaking views of the foothills of Northwest Las Vegas, and sits in the Desert Shores Community of Summerlin. You will also find our modern salon to have a relaxing atmosphere that will make your appointment enjoyable. For those who are looking for beauty salon services for a big night out, we just happen to be located near the heart of Las Vegas, where all the action is.

Get Your Nail Polish Professionally Changed at Our Salon Near Downtown Vegas

Las Vegas Nail Polish Change Appointments at The Salon at LakesideWhen you’re not in need of a full redo of your nails, and you just need a polish change, our Las Vegas nail artists are here to provide you with what you need, all while doing an exceptional job. We have qualified, experienced, and friendly nail technicians at our Summerlin beauty salon, and they love what they do! Not only can they perfect your nails with a professional Las Vegas nail polish change, but they can also assist you with all your salon needs, this includes such services as hair treatment masks, our popular airbrush makeup applications, and color retouches, as well as perm wave and curl appointments, and so on.

Let’s take a look at a few other things that you should know about the specialists at The Salon at Lakeside:

  • The nail polish change experts who work at our Desert Shores salon are educated on various nail perfecting techniques and highly experienced.
  • We are always up-to-date on the latest trends and popular seasonal nail polish colors.
  • You can book your Las Vegas nail polish change package with confidence because our team is professionally licensed in the state of NV.
  • Our team of nail artists have a goal of making sure you love your completed look when you come in to have your nail polish refreshed.
  • The nail technicians at our Summerlin salon can also provide nail repair services if you happen to have a break, chip, or split.
  • In addition to being capable of providing the best nail color services, our Summerlin salon team can offer you any service you’re in need of, this includes such sessions as balayage hair highlights, and professional mani pedi appointments, along with hair color corrections, just to name a few.

Nail Color Refresh Consultations at The Salon at Lakeside

Nail polish change appointments are quicker than a full manicure, but even so, a salon consultation is still essential. No matter what type of service you are provided with at The Salon at Lakeside near downtown Vegas, we want to ensure that you walk out our doors 100 percent happy, and a free consultation is at the center of making this happen. A consultation is a time to let your Las Vegas nail polish change artist know your goals for the appointment, as well as address any concerns, discuss color ideas, show images of your preferred look, and so on. Your salon specialist will also ask you a few questions to get the appointment off to a great start, here are a few examples:

  • Is this your first time getting a nail polish change at The Salon at Lakeside?
  • Did you bring along any images of must-have nail polish colors?
  • Regarding color suggestions, is this Las Vegas nail polish change for a special event, or just an everyday casual look?
  • How often do you change out your nail polish color, and does your line of work or activities involve anything that can easily damage your nails?
  • Are you in need of any other salon services such as a shampoo and blowout, or lip waxing and chin waxing, and maybe even a relaxing head massage?

Questions & Answers Regarding Nail Polish Color Changes

We realize that if you have never scheduled a Las Vegas nail polish change package before, then you may have a few questions regarding the process, or even inquiries about colors. With this in mind, we have put together a list of our most popular questions regarding nail color changes to give you more information. For those who may have a question that you do not see below, please give us a call and we can answer your question right away; you can reach us at (702) 363-1313.

How often should I change my nail polish?

Las Vegas Nail Salon in the Desert Shores Area of SummerlinThis really all depends on your lifestyle, the activities you take part in, as well as your line of work. For instance, if you work in a garden often, without gloves, or have a job where your hands are exposed to water frequently, your nail polish won’t last as long as a job where you are in sales, where your main job function is talking to clients. For some, a Las Vegas nail polish change is required once a week. For others, it may be a week and a half, and for those who are very careful, maybe two weeks.

The sure way to find out how long you can go before your next nail polish change would be to jot down the date of your last appointment, and keep track of when your polish starts to show wear and tear. Once you realize how long it may take, you can speak with your nail technician about setting up regular nail polish change appointments ahead of time so your nails look perfect without skipping a beat!

What’s the difference between a manicure and a nail polish change appointment?

A nail polish change is simply that, just changing your nail polish. This typically includes removal of any old polish that is remaining on your nails, followed by a clear polish coat that serves as a base, and then carefully painting on two coats of the color polish of your choice, and finishing with a top coat of clear that protects the color.

In contrast, a manicure includes everything that a polish change includes, but with some added extras such as using a special tool that pushes the cuticle back for a neater and longer nail appearance, as well as having the nails cut, and filed to your preferred shape, and then buffed out for a smooth surface.

Is there a seasonal guide to choosing your nail polish color?

Nail Salon in the Las Vegas AreaAlthough there is no official guide, there are common colors that are selected for each season which will keep you in style all year long – Let’s take a look at them:

  • Winter: This season matches up perfectly with Christmas colors of darker shades of red, and sometimes a hint of green for those who especially love this holiday. You will also see people sporting colors of shimmery blue, silver, and gray that reflect so well the snow and frost that typically come with this season. Some even boast glossy black nail polish during those cold winter nights!
  • Spring: This lovely season sports colors of pink, yellow, light blue, and the like. You will also notice people walking out of our Las Vegas nail salon with perfect nail colors such as coral, purple, and white, along with colors that reflect the various flowers that are in bloom during the spring.
  • Summer: Everyone loves the summer season, and you can match up your nail color to this beautiful time of the year with nail polish colors of light blues that reflect the summer sky and shimmering pools, tan, white, lighter shades of red, bright yellow, and other vibrant summer-like colors.
  • Fall: The fall season brings about imagery of vibrantly colored falling leaves, pumpkins, Halloween and Thanksgiving decor. Along with that comes certain colors of orange, gold, burgundy, purple, brown, and more.

Additional Salon Services for All Your Beauty Needs

Here at The Salon at Lakeside, we offer more than nail polish changes, we also have affordable traditional manicure and pedicure packages, French polish nail sessions, and acrylic fills, as well as a Las Vegas gel mani pedi package, or solo gel manicure and gel pedicure appointments, full face waxing sessions, and of course, acrylic full set packages. In addition to this, we also offer packages for non-nail services that take care of all your beauty needs. Below you will find a list of a few of our packages that we provide at our Las Vegas full-service salon:

Book a Nail Polish Change Package at Our Las Vegas Salon

We have regular clients that come in on a weekly or biweekly basis to have us change their nail polish for them, and we provide them with exceptional customer service. If you’re in need of a one time polish change, or would like to start coming in on a regular basis, we are here for you. You can contact The Salon at Lakeside online, or simply call us at (702) 363-1313. We look forward to seeing you for your next nail polish change at our beauty salon located near downtown Vegas!