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The Salon at Lakeside Mobile Bridal Makeup Services

For those brides who are seeking out an exceptional makeup artist that will travel to your home, hotel, or wedding venue, we present to you our Las Vegas mobile bridal makeup packages for traditional or airbrushed cosmetics. The team at The Salon at Lakeside would love to be a part of your big day by applying your makeup so that you are picture-perfect, and ready for your ceremony and reception. Our professional team of bridal makeup specialists have years of experience and can easily meet you at your preferred location for an outstanding makeup session. Now that we have sparked your interest, let’s take a look at all the details so you are that much closer to booking your mobile makeup appointment.

Professional Las Vegas Mobile Bridal Makeup Pricing & Services

The Salon at Lakeside has created an excellent mobile makeup package where we travel to you. This will not only free up more time for you before your ceremony starts, but will also allow you to be attended to in the comfort of your own home, hotel, and the like. Additionally, we have set our prices so that they are cost-effective for your bridal budget, this pertains to both our traditional and airbrush makeup mobile appointments in the Las Vegas area. Below you will find an overview of our off-site salon makeup services:

Las Vegas Mobile Bridal Makeup Packages:

  • Traditional Makeup: $110.00+¬†
  • Airbrush Makeup: $130.00+

Pricing May Include the Following:

  • Your Las Vegas mobile package comes with a complimentary consultation to discuss beforehand what direction you would like to go in with your makeup application. If you live outside of Las Vegas, we can do a telephone consultation, if needed. Or, we can simply arrive early to do the consultation the day of the wedding.
  • Our bridal makeup specialists travel to your Las Vegas location – home, hotel, or wedding venue, and the like – we can meet you anywhere within the Las Vegas area.
  • If opting for a traditional mobile bridal makeup package, we will provide everything that’s needed for a successful makeup application (makeup brushes, foundation sponges, blush, mascara, eyeliner, lipstick, foundation, and the like). We carefully apply your makeup to create a stunning look that’s perfect for wedding photography.
  • For those choosing a mobile bridal airbrush makeup package, we supply all that is needed (airbrush gun and its corresponding makeup). Your makeup will be perfectly brushed on to produce a flawless look that lasts all day.

Las Vegas Bridal Salon in the Desert Shores Area of Summerlin

If you stop by The Salon at Lakeside for your consultation, or even a bridal makeup trial run, you will immediately notice the beautiful area it’s located in. The salon sits on the shores of Lake Jacqueline and sports an exceptional view of the Foothills of Northwest Las Vegas. We are in the Desert Shores area of Summerlin, a wonderful community that is known throughout Las Vegas for its upscale look, and for being a great place to visit. We would love it if you could stop by, even for just a few minutes to meet the bridal makeup team and to see just how awesome The Salon at Lakeside is. You can give us a call at (702) 553-2320 to schedule your consultation, or contact our Las Vegas bridal salon online.

Bridal Makeup Artists That Travel to You on Your Wedding Day

Bridal Salon that Travels to My Location - home, hotel, wedding venueThe Salon at Lakeside schedules many Las Vegas mobile bridal makeup services for traditional and airbrushed applications. With that said, our team has many years of mobile salon service experience. They know how to make your wedding day makeup session a success. Take a moment to view a few details about our bridal salon team members:

  • Our Las Vegas mobile bridal makeup experts have a proven track record of creating picture-perfect looks for their clients. This is accomplished through experience and talent.
  • All our bridal cosmetic professionals keep up to date with all the latest Las Vegas makeup trends.
  • The makeup team at The Salon at Lakeside are fully licensed in the state of Nevada.
  • Our airbrush makeup specialists are trained and experienced with all things pertaining to this method of application – use of the airbrush gun, proper application techniques, custom color blending, and the like.
  • The traditional makeup artists at The Salon at Lakeside are talented in the art of makeup application – creating full lashes with mascara, adding a radiant glow with cream blush, carefully defining the eyes with eyeliner for a dramatic or soft look, and so on.
  • Our Las Vegas mobile bridal makeup professionals love what they do and are known throughout the wedding industry.

Complimentary Bridal Makeup Consultations – Traditional & Airbrush

We believe that one of the most important things you can do to ensure that your mobile bridal makeup appointment goes smoothly, and as expected, is to have a consultation with your makeup artist. This scheduled time that takes place either in person or on the phone, will give your salon expert and the bride a chance to discuss all the important details. This can include going over how a mobile appointment works, if traditional or airbrush makeup will be utilized, and it’s a time to discuss any concerns. This bridal makeup consultation will also include a set of questions that your makeup artist will ask – below you will find a few of our most common inquiries:

  • Do you have the address of the wedding day meeting location?
  • Does the location have good lighting, a large mirror, and a place to layout makeup supplies?
  • Do you have any images of bridal makeup examples that you would like to replicate?
  • Will a veil be utilized and how will it be worn – over the face or just covering the hair?
  • If you’re opting for a Las Vegas airbrush makeup application, will this be your first time using this method?
  • Is your skin more on the dry or oily side?
  • Do you have a specific look in mind – soft and charming, dramatic, more on the natural side?

Mobile Bridal Makeup Services in Las Vegas FAQs

Most brides have at least a handful of questions for their makeup artist and many questions have come our way over the years. Because we have met with so many brides and bridesmaids, we have the knowledge and the answers to your questions, and with that in mind, we would like to share with you three of our most common inquiries pertaining to mobile bridal makeup packages:

I scheduled a Las Vegas mobile traditional makeup session; will I need to provide the cosmetics?

The Best Las Vegas Off-Site Mobile Bridal Makeup Packages Near Downtown VegasYou won’t have to worry about providing any cosmetics because we will bring everything that is needed for your mobile bridal makeup appointment. We have been at this for many years and know what to bring so that we can provide you with a breathtaking and stunning look on your wedding day.

For those who have booked a mobile bridal airbrush makeup session, we bring the necessary airbrush gun, a variety of foundation colors that can be mixed to match your skin tone, along with all the other typical airbrush cosmetics such as primer, blush, lipstick, mascara, and eyeliner. If you have scheduled a traditional bridal makeup appointment, all the standard cosmetics will be included. Additionally, we also bring along a mirror, as well as a salon cape to protect your clothes.

How far will you travel within Las Vegas for off-site mobile wedding day appointments?

This is something you will not have to be concerned about because just as long as your home, hotel, or wedding venue is within the Las Vegas limits, we will be there. Additionally, we can meet you in any type of facility or outdoor area, if needed, it doesn’t have to be in the traditional locations such as a hotel or home. Most weddings are performed close to downtown Vegas, and that’s where The Salon at Lakeside is located. However, if you just happen to have a wedding scheduled that will be just outside the limits of Las Vegas, please contact our salon to see if it’s something we can make happen!

I’m thinking about booking a mobile airbrush makeup package, can you tell me what the benefits are?

Summerlin Desert Shores Salon Mobile Bridal Makeup Appointments

There are two types of benefits to discuss when booking a mobile bridal airbrush package – the mobility aspect and the qualities of airbrush makeup.

  • Mobile Appointments: Regarding Las Vegas mobile bridal makeup appointments, the biggest benefit is that we bring the salon to you, which means you won’t have to travel and take up precious time in doing so – you can spend that time preparing for your wedding. A mobile appointment will also enable you to feel relaxed in your own environment.
  • Airbrush Makeup: As for the benefits of wedding day airbrush makeup applications, although traditional makeup is fabulous, airbrush makeup takes it up a notch. Just the fact that it’s a touchless application process makes it appealing to most brides. Additionally, because the cosmetics are delicately sprayed on with an airbrush tool, it produces a uniform, flawless look. One of the best benefits is the fact that colors can be custom mixed to match your skin tone or preferred colors. Furthermore, although traditional makeup has great staying power, airbrushed bridal makeup lasts even longer, and on top of that, many airbrush cosmetics are hypoallergenic.

A Full-Service Beauty Salon Near Downtown Vegas

We are much more than a bridal salon in Las Vegas, we are also a full-service beauty salon that offers many outstanding services to our community, as well as to those visiting the Vegas area. Additionally, because we are located so close to downtown Vegas, our salon provides a convenient way for anyone planning a night out on the strip to have their hair and nails done that same day. Our clients come in for services such as a hair color correction, or an updo hair appointment, as well as men’s hair grooming services.

Below you will find two sections – bridal and traditional salon services:

Bridal Salon Services

Traditional Salon Services

Reserve Your Las Vegas Mobile Bridal Makeup Package for Your Upcoming Wedding!

Arranging to have a Las Vegas bridal makeup specialist travel to your home, hotel, or wedding venue to do your makeup is an outstanding choice. It will remove the stress of traveling to and from a salon when the clock is ticking, and it will allow you to feel relaxed in your own environment. We love being a part of a bride’s special day, and making her look as beautiful as she has imagined with a traditional or airbrush makeup session. Contact The Salon at Lakeside online, or by phone at (702) 553-2320, to speak with one of our makeup experts about your upcoming wedding!