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The Salon at Lakeside Offers Mobile Bridal Hair and Makeup Packages for Las Vegas Weddings

For those who are having a wedding in the Vegas area, and would like to get ready for their special day in the comfort of their home, hotel room, or at the venue itself, we suggest booking a Las Vegas mobile bridal hair and makeup package with The Salon at Lakeside. We have been providing exceptional bridal salon services to happy couples for many years now and are considered a premier bridal salon. We provide everything needed to make your hair and makeup everything you have dreamed it would be on your big day – from outstanding updo and downdo hairstyles to traditional and airbrushed makeup, we do it all. With that in mind, let’s take a look at all the details of our Las Vegas mobile salon services:

Mobile Bridal Hair and Makeup Package Pricing & Services

We have created our mobile packages to provide cost-effective pricing for those who are on a budget. Plus, our hair and makeup combo packages allows for a streamlined appointment – this is important when the clock is ticking, and you don’t want to experience any stress on your wedding day. Take a moment to review the information below to get an idea of what our mobile prices are, and what our packages include:

Las Vegas Mobile Bridal Hair & Makeup Packages:

  • Traditional Makeup & Hair Styling: $185.00+ 
  • Airbrush Makeup & Hair Styling: $210.00+

Price May Include the Following Services:

    • We start you off with a free hair and makeup consultation to ensure all the details are worked out regarding your hairstyle of choice, and preferred makeup color scheme.
    • The Salon at Lakeside mobile hair and makeup experts will meet you at your location – a wedding venue bridal room, your hotel, Las Vegas home, and so on. This reduces your travel time, as well as makes for a more relaxing appointment.
    • If you’re scheduling our airbrush makeup and hair styling package, our mobile salon professional will bring everything that goes into a successful makeup session. This includes the airbrush gun itself, as well as airbrush cosmetics. 
    • For brides that love traditional makeup, we have all the necessary items that you would expect, in a variety of colors. This includes all the essential cosmetics such as lipstick, blush, foundation, primer, mascara, eyeliner, and so on. 
    • For mobile appointments, the hair is typically washed by the bride the day before the appointment, or the morning of, before the session starts. It’s normally best to wash the hair the day before so that the hair is more manageable during the styling session – it greatly reduces flyaways. If you would like a professional wash the day before, you can simply schedule an appointment at The Salon at Lakeside – we would be happy to wash, condition, and dry your hair for you. 
    • We have a list of essentials that we bring to our mobile appointments when the hair will be styled. This can include professional salon products such as shine enhancers, hairspray, heat protectants, as well as combs, brushes, flat iron, curling iron, and hot curlers, if needed.
    • We commonly place special decorative items in the bride’s hair, such as pins, barrettes, clips, flowers, and more. 

A Bridal Salon in the Desert Shores Area of Summerlin

Even though you will have your makeup and hair done outside of our salon, it can be reassuring to some brides to know they are booking a mobile package with a modern salon that’s located in an exceptional area. That’s the case with The Salon at Lakeside – we are located in the ever-popular Desert Shores area of Summerlin. It’s an upscale area that is known for its amazing views, and for just being a fantastic place to visit. Our salon rests on the shores of Lake Jacqueline, a beautiful location with breathtaking scenery. Additionally, the landscape includes outstanding views of the Foothills of Northwest Las Vegas. We hope you have a chance to stop by to personally see our salon and meet our Las Vegas mobile bridal hair and makeup team.

Las Vegas Off-Site Wedding Day Hair & Makeup Experts

Clark County Mobile Bridal Hair and Makeup PackagesOur team of hair and makeup artist are truly amazing in many ways – from their ability to create fabulous wedding day looks, to the fact that they love what they do, we are lucky to have such outstanding mobile salon specialists. Below we have listed a few details about our Las Vegas bridal hair and makeup artists for you to read.

  • We have an exceptional Las Vegas hair and makeup team that has the experience and skills to make your mobile salon appointment a great experience.
  • Our salon can provide you with multiple bridal hair and makeup specialists that can handle your entire wedding party.
  • The Salon at Lakeside is staffed with professionals who are licensed in the state of NV.
  • Our salon team is always ahead of the game when it comes to Las Vegas bridal hair and makeup trends.
  • We have both traditional and airbrush makeup specialists that can meet your every need – from the proper use of a professional airbrush gun and custom blending, to special techniques for traditional makeup, we have you covered and will produce an amazing picture-perfect look for your wedding day.
  • Your Las Vegas mobile bridal stylist will have many years of hair styling experience, ranging from the technique to what specific products to use for achieving an all day style.

Wedding Beauty Salon Consultations Near Downtown Vegas

We feel that having a bridal hair and makeup consultation is vital to achieving the perfect wedding day look. This is why we offer our consultations at no charge. A consultation will give you and your salon expert a chance to discuss all the fine details – from the hairstyle you are hoping for, to the makeup colors you feel will work best for you. This time slot will also give you a chance to ask any questions you may have, as well as give your stylist an opportunity to ask you a set of essential questions. Let’s take a look at a few questions that you may be asked:

  • Will the Las Vegas mobile bridal appointment be held at your home, hotel, or another location, and will there be a built-in mirror available?
  • Have you found any bridal hair and makeup examples that you would like to share?
  • What type of wedding dress will you be sporting – simple or elegant?
  • Will you be wearing a veil, and if so, how would you like it placed?
  • Do you prefer an airbrush or traditional makeup application, and do you have a specific look in mind?
  • Does your skin tend to be on the dry side, oily, or anywhere in between?
  • Are you planning on having an updo hairstyle or would you like to wear it down?
  • Do you have any issues with your hair holding curls, even with hairspray?
  • Would you like any decorative pins, clips, or flowers placed in your hair?

Las Vegas Mobile Wedding Day Hair & Makeup Q&A

Since this might just be the most important day of your life, it’s natural to have many questions that pertain to your mobile hair and makeup appointment. We’ve had many brides come through our door with some excellent questions, and we would like to share a few of them with you. If you have a few questions of your own, you can simply give us a call, or you can wait until your consultation takes place, whichever works best for you.

Do your mobile bridal appointments provide the same quality hair and makeup services as your in-house salon services do?

Off-Site Las Vegas Mobile Bridal Hair and Makeup AppointmentsAbsolutely! Our Las Vegas mobile bridal hair and makeup appointments will provide you and your bridal party with the same top-rated quality service as our in-house appointments.

Our salon experts bring all the necessary hair and makeup equipment and accessories that they would use for in-house appointments. This includes an airbrush gun, if you opt for airbrush makeup, as well as all the airbrush cosmetics needed.

We pack up all our traditional makeup tools if that is what you prefer – foundation, blush, mascara, and the like. It also includes the use of our professional styling tools – hairdryer, curling iron, flat iron, and so on. We can even bring any hair accessories that we have available for purchase in our salon.

Our mobile salon packages will provide you with a professional hair styling and makeup session that will produce an exceptional look that you will love!

My Wedding is near downtown Vegas, is this part of your mobile salon coverage area?

It’s definitely within the area we travel to for our Las Vegas mobile bridal hair and makeup sessions. In fact, we are located near downtown Vegas, and book many mobile salon appointments each year that take place in the downtown area. Additionally, even if your home, hotel, or wedding venue happens to be located outside of downtown Vegas, we will conveniently travel to your area. Typically, our mobile bridal salon services cover all of Las Vegas, but if you happen to need services just outside of the area, please give us a call to discuss the location to see if it’s doable. We are here to assist you in making your wedding dreams come true, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

Should I use a special shampoo and conditioner before my mobile hair and makeup appointment?

Mobile Bridal Hair and Makeup Packages Near the Vegas StripIf you typically use common shampoo from the grocery store, as compared to salon-grade products, we recommend splurging on the very best shampoo and conditioner for your wedding day. First, it’s worth mentioning that it’s best to wash your hair the day before your Las Vegas mobile bridal salon appointment – this will keep the frizzies at bay, and ensure your hair is not too dry.

Depending upon your hair type, which could be flat, thick, dry, oily, or possibly even damaged from overprocessing, you will want to purchase a hair product that works well with your specific hair type. If you’re not sure, you can give The Salon at Lakeside a call and we will direct you to the best products.

You may also consider stopping in the day before your wedding for a deep conditioning hair treatment. It will bring your hair back to life. If you are unable to stop in, do your best to find a product that has deep conditioning properties. Below you will find a few benefits of a deep conditioning hair treatment.

  1. Brings Your Hair Color Back to Life: If your hair is typically colored, permed, or bleached, it can eventually produce a slightly dull look. A deep conditioning treatment can revive your hair color and produce a vibrant, beautiful look.
  2. Repairs Weakened Hair: This type of hair treatment can add strength back to damaged hair, repair and reduce split ends and give your hair a healthy, glamorous look.
  3. Removes Build-up & Adds Shine: Deep conditioning treatments can remove hair product build-up and repair the hair shaft, with the end result being hair that shines and looks radiant.

We Offer More Than Just Las Vegas Bridal Salon Services

Although The Salon at Lakeside is known for its outstanding Las Vegas mobile bridal services, it’s also well-known for the professional traditional salon services it offers. This includes such things as men’s hair grooming, partial hair highlights, along with manicures and pedicures, a gel mani pedi, and women’s haircuts, just to name a few.

Below you will find a list separated by bridal and traditional salon services:

Bridal Salon Services

Traditional Salon Services

Schedule a Mobile Bridal Hair & Makeup Appointment Today!

We are proud to offer exceptional mobile wedding day salon services within the Las Vegas area and would love to be a part of your big day. Our team of professional bridal hair and makeup specialists have years of experience with both in-house and mobile appointments, and we are here to make your wedding day a dream come true. Feel free to contact The Salon at Lakeside online to book your mobile wedding day appointment, or just give us a call at (702) 363-1313. We can’t wait to meet you to discuss your bridal hair and makeup goals!