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Microneedling Salon Packages at The Salon at Lakeside in Desert Shores

Sometimes we need a little help to get our skin where we would like it to be, and this is why The Salon at Lakeside offers Las Vegas microneedling packages. This particular service, also commonly referred to as collagen induction therapy, is done by a trained professional that has extensive experience with the microneedling process. In addition to this, the professional you will work with at our Summerlin salon will customize your session to meet your particular skin needs. Let’s move forward with learning what microneedling is, what the benefits are, and more.

Las Vegas Microneedling Pricing & Services

We know that those who want to perfect the skin wouldn’t want pricing to get in the way, and that’s why our microneedling services are priced affordably. In addition to this, your salon specialist can go over the pricing with you during your consultation. For those who are not 100 percent familiar with this type of salon package, we invite you to read the information below that provides some essential details on the process.

Microneedling Package: $300.00-$450.00+

May Include the Following:

  • Your Las Vegas microneedling package comes complete with a consultation where you can discuss your skin care goals before your session beings.
  • Makeup and oils will be removed by your technician as they cleanse the face to prepare it for your session.
  • A topical numbing solution will be placed on the areas that the microneedling will be performed to reduce the chances of feeling any irritation during the process.
  • After the skin is numb, your technician will proceed to utilize a microneedling pen or roller that contains tiny sterile needles, and it will be used over the areas of concern with the goal of stimulating the skin to produce collagen to heal the skin.
  • Once the microneedling is complete, your salon specialist may apply a soothing or calming type serum to the skin.
  • Please note that it may take a few sessions to achieve the results you are hoping for, and it all depends on the specific issues you are targeting – full results may be seen after one to three sessions.
  • If you would like to schedule an additional beauty appointment that same day, we recommend booking it before your microneedling session instead of after. With that said, we recommend the following popular packages:

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We are known to be the best beauty salon in Las Vegas for skin care and hair services, nail, eyelash and brow packages, and more. In addition to this, our location is perfect for anyone heading out to downtown Las Vegas for a fun night out, a meeting, and the like. Why is this the case? Because we are conveniently located near downtown, as well as close to the Vegas Strip. The Salon at Lakeside is situated in the Desert Shores area of Summerlin, on the beautiful shores of Lake Jaqueline, and provides sensational views of the foothills of Northwest Las Vegas. We know you will just love our location and our services!

Microneedling Professionals at The Salon at Lakeside

Las Vegas Microplanning Services Near the Vegas StripWhen it comes to microneedling, it’s essential to know that the salon professional that you’re working with is educated and experienced in this specific skin care technique. With that in mind, at The Salon at Lakeside, you won’t have to worry about anything, our team is well qualified to meet your beauty goals. Plus, you will find that we can help you with just about any type of package you’re looking for; this includes permanent makeup, and lash lifts that keep your eyelashes looking great 24/7, effective facial peels, and bridal services. We also provide one process hair color sessions, traditional mani pedi packages, prom updos, as well as hair treatment masks, and more.

Let’s look at more details regarding our salon professionals:

  • Our Las Vegas microneedling expert is trained and highly experienced in using the appropriate tools needed for this service to ensure your session is safe and effective.
  • Each skin care professional who performs microneedling services has the ability to customize your session, and to work with you to obtain the results you’re looking for.
  • Our salon experts are licensed in the state of NV.
  • We have a team of amazing professionals at The Salon at Lakeside who are experienced in many salon services such as traditional manicure sessions, wash and style packages, acrylic full sets, along with acrylic fill services, and 6D-10D volume eyelash extensions. For those who are interested, take a moment to view our main salon page, it allows you to view all our packages in one place.

Complimentary Consultation Provided with Your Collagen Rejuvenation Therapy Package

We believe that it’s essential to have a consultation before your actual session starts, especially with microneedling appointments. A consultation will give you and your salon expert the chance to discuss the issue you feel you’re having with your skin, and what areas you would like to target. This will get your session off to a productive start. Your consultation will also give your microneedling technician the opportunity to ask some essential questions. Let’s take a look at a few that may be asked:

  • Will this be your first time booking a Las Vegas microneedling package?
  • What specific skin care issues are you having at this time, and what areas of the face need the most attention?
  • Do you have any allergies to certain skincare products?
  • Would you like to schedule any future salon services such as 4D-5D volume eyelash extensions, or our dermaplaning services, a gel manicure, or a traditional makeup session, or maybe a blow dry styling session?

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Microneedling

Microneedling is a package that clients typically have questions about. With that said, we are here to answer any inquiries you may have. Our experienced salon team will be able to assist you in learning what microneedling is, what the advantages are, and much more. For now, we are providing you with our most commonly asked questions regarding this salon service:

What is microneedling?

Best Salon in Las Vegas Offering Microneedling Packages

Microneedling is a popular cosmetic procedure that is utilized to treat skin issues. The skin problems are improved upon with microneedling’s ability to induce the production of collagen.

This is accomplished by using a microneedling handheld pen or roller that contains fine, short, sterilized needles that prick the skin, which stimulates the skin’s healing process. The healing process includes inflammation and other healing responses, which causes new collagen and elastin to be produced, and this can make the skin look and feel rejuvenated, more youthful, as well as reduce the skin issues that were being targeted.

Microneedling is commonly used to treat such issues as wrinkles, fine lines, enlarged pores, skin elasticity problems, sun damage, age spots, uneven skin tone, scars from acne and injuries, and more.

Are there any side effects of the microneedling process?

Possible side effects really depend on the extent of the skin damage that you’re initially treating. Light skin repair may result in temporary slight redness that may last a day or two. If the level of repair needed is significant, and a deeper needle penetration is required, side effects may include temporary swelling, redness or bruising that can last five to seven days. Some bleeding can occur, but this is normal with a deeper needle penetration. Remember, your face will have a numbing agent on it during the process, and if any of the side effects mentioned occur, it’s normal and all part of the healing process that rejuvenates the skin.

This is just a general overview of possible side effects; please speak to your microneedling specialist ahead of time to go over in more detail what the possible side effects may be for your specific level of skin repair, and to ensure that you are an ideal candidate for this service. For example, microneedling is not recommended for those who are pregnant.

What are the advantages of microneedling?

Beauty Salon Appointment for Microneedling ServicesMicroneedling is a popular skin care service that is offered all over the world, and for good reason – it has many benefits that clients love – from producing youthful skin to removing age spots, and more. With that in mind, let’s go over a list of the most common advantages of booking a microneedling session:

  • The production of collagen can provide skin that looks more youthful and radiant.
  • Microneedling can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and may remove fine lines.
  • Greatly improves the appearance of acne scars by breaking down scar tissue, as well as reduces sun damage.
  • Helps reverse skin elasticity issues that are common with aging by firming up the skin, and the process can also reduce enlarged pores.
  • Can improve uneven skin tone issues and reduce dark (age) spots.

Other Services Offered at Our Salon Near Downtown Vegas

We offer many incredible services here at The Salon at Lakeside and have a full team of professionals that can help you achieve your beauty goals. Our salon offers packages for such services as 3D volume eyelash extensions, and nail repair packages for those who have broken or chipped their nails, chin waxing, as well as eyebrow tinting sessions, or eyebrow extensions. We actually offer a wide variety of packages, as seen below.

Get Great Looking Skin with Our Las Vegas Microneedling Package!

The Salon at Lakeside has a team of skin care professionals that can help you achieve your beauty goals, especially when utilizing our microneedling package. It can provide you with the skin you have been hoping for, at a reasonable price. We encourage you to reach out to our Summerlin salon by calling us at (702) 363-1313. Or, you can easily send us a message via our online form. We are here for you to answer any of your questions, no matter what package you’re interested in – we look forward to speaking with you soon!