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Hair Salon for Men in the Las Vegas Area

Here at The Salon at Lakeside, we realize that an outstanding Las Vegas men’s haircut and style, along with a professional experience, is what our male salon clients are seeking. Our salon has stylists that are well-known in the industry and strive to push the limits of creating men’s haircuts and styles that are based on client individuality, lifestyle, and the overall look they desire to achieve.

The Salon at Lakeside hairstylists are well aware that, over the years, men have been pushing the boundaries of the latest hairstyles, and they are right there with them. Our cutting-edge techniques and up-to-date knowledge of modern trends produce exceptional results that our clients love. From classic to modern haircuts, beard trims, and relaxing scalp massages, we are known to be the best hair salon in Las Vegas for men seeking to perfect their look.

Las Vegas Men’s Haircut and Style Pricing & Services

When a professional or stylish look is of high priority, but affordability is also a must-have, The Salon at Lakeside is the preferred Las Vegas men’s hair salon of choice. Additionally, our full-service salon offers men a cost-effective, cutting-edge, relaxed atmosphere salon experience that will exceed their expectations. Furthermore, no matter what your needs are – a classic business look, or that on the way to the club cut and style, we can provide you with the look you have envisioned.

Here is an overview of our professional men’s grooming services:

Men’s Haircut & Style Package: $35.00+

Price May Include the Following Services:

A Popular Hair Salon Located in the Desert Shores Community of Summerlin

When you stop by The Salon at Lakeside for men’s grooming services, you not only have the chance to experience a friendly and welcoming atmosphere with the best hairstylists in Vegas, but you will also enjoy exceptional Lake Jacqueline views within the high-end community of Desert Shores in Summerlin. This much-talked-about area of Las Vegas sets the stage for an unforgettable salon experience.

Professional Men’s Hairstylists That Produce Outstanding Results

Our Las Vegas hair salon in Desert Shores produces some of the most trendy and cutting-edge hairstyles, as well as traditional and professional cuts, in the Las Vegas area. Additionally, we pride ourselves in offering men’s hair grooming services that stand out from the rest.

Salon with Grooming Services in Clark CountyTake a look at what our best Las Vegas men’s hairstylists have to offer their clientele:

  • Educated and highly trained hairstylists who specialize in all aspects of men’s hair grooming services.
  • Experienced in providing their clientele with professional consultations that result in perfect men’s haircuts and styles tailored specifically for them.
  • Continually educating themselves to keep up with the latest and most popular Las Vegas hairstyles for men.
  • Knowledgeable on all the tricks for keeping your hair looking its best in the high heat temperatures of Vegas.
  • Our stylists are known for their long-term relationships with their clientele which demonstrates a superior level of satisfaction.
  • The Salon at Lakeside has a team of hairstylists that are fully licensed in the state of Nevada.
  • To see what else our team is capable of doing for you, head over to our main salon packages page.
  • We also provide women’s haircut and style packages, so if you bring along your girlfriend, wife, mother, or female friend, we can take care of them too. We also offer these salon services that most women are interested in – our acrylic fills package, airbrush makeup sessions, affordable volume eyelash extensions packages, classic eyelash extensions, and spa pedicure packages.

No-Charge Las Vegas Men’s Haircut & Style Consultation

We realize that you come to us with a certain expectation of how you would like your hair to look. Therefore, to ensure that you achieve this goal, we meet with you for a complimentary men’s haircut and style consultation. Our stylists start by closely listening to your needs. They finish with questions that are crucial to narrowing down the look you are going after.

The trained professionals at our Las Vegas hair salon are great at landing the most suitable men’s haircut and style for each of their clients. They base their decisions on a few essential factors. This includes your preferences, lifestyle, body structure, facial features, hair texture, and more. This allows them to narrow down a men’s haircut that will bring out your best features.

You may want to keep a few questions in mind that will ensure you and your stylist head in the right direction:

  • Have you collected any images that show what cuts and styles you prefer?
  • Do you like your current hairstyle, or are you after a completely new look?
  • Are you interested in a men’s haircut that allows you to look great without spending too much time getting ready?
  • Do you find that you have a hair type that’s affected by the Las Vegas heat, and are you looking for a cut that can hold up to it?
  • How often do you get your hair professionally trimmed?
  • Do you use any special hair products such as hair sculpting gel, spray, and so on?
  • Would you like to add a head massage to your haircut and style package?

Frequently Asked Questions – Men’s Haircut & Styles

The hairstylists at The Salon at Lakeside in Summerlin get some great questions on a daily basis. Furthermore, they have the knowledge base and experience to handle any question pertaining to men’s hair. Here are a few of the questions that we have received from our clients:

What men’s haircut and style would you recommend for individuals with a long face shape?

Hair Services for Men Near the Vegas StripThere are a good number of hairstyles that work well with long face shapes. But, if we had to pick just one, it would be a men’s fringe. It typically consists of a style that allows for the hair to fall over the forehead. Or, simply put, a men’s hairstyle that features bangs with the sides normally being short. Also, this particular hairstyle works well with most hair types – straight, curly, thick, or thin. Our Las Vegas hair salon stylists know how to create the best men’s fringe haircuts that perfectly compliment their client’s facial features.

How often do you recommend that men come in for a cut?

How often you cut your hair really depends on a few things. It depends on your preference for upkeep, the length of your hair, the style, how fast your hair grows, and your hair type. In general, for short hairstyles that require much upkeep, some men prefer to come in for a trim every 2 to 3 weeks. For longer hair and styles, where it’s less noticeable that growth has occurred, 4 to 6 weeks, or even a little longer. Some men love The salon atmosphere. Plus, it provides them with the look and feel of a new haircut that gives them a sharp and stylish look. These men come in like clockwork. As soon as hair growth is starting to show, they schedule an appointment. Ask one of our Las Vegas men’s hair specialists about the best cutting schedule for your hair.

I’m going for the messy look, are you able to cut my hair in such a way that it looks stylish?

Summerlin Desert Shores Salon with Haircut Packages for MenFor those of you who love the thrown about messy hair look, yes, there certainly is a way to make your hair look exceptionally stylish. We recommend multiple layers with no visible part, along with bangs and a defined side-sweep. This particular men’s haircut and style can benefit from hair products that provide volume. The best part of having a stylish messy cut is that it’s practically an effortless style that looks great no matter what. This look has been a trendy men’s hairstyle for some time now that is especially popular in Las Vegas.

We Offer Salon Services for Everyone – Men, Women & Children

Although we know you are visiting our page because you’re interested in men’s haircut and style services, we thought we would let you know about all our fantastic salon packages so you can spread the word. This includes outstanding services for traditional mani pedi packages, and deep conditioning hair treatment sessions, as well as brow shaping appointments, and traditional makeup applications. Here are even more services that you, your friends, and your family may be interested in:

  • We have affordable gel manicure and gel pedicure packages, along with traditional manicures that are offered in our Las Vegas Salon. We also offer nail repair services for those who need them.
  • Check out our lip waxing package page to see all it has to offer.
  • Anyone needing a hair color correction package can book one at our salon located near the Vegas Strip. Clients typically also book a hair mask repair treatment package with this service.
  • Bring your kids over to The Salon at Lakeside for a children’s haircut and a great time.
  • Do you know someone who would like to have their extensions removed? If so, we have a professional eyelash extensions removal package.
  • Want straighter hair that looks healthy? If so, then just book a Brazilian Blowout salon appointment.
  • We offer outstanding facial peel packages for those who want a great complexion.  or have specific skin issues they would like to address.
  • Individuals who would like their feet to look great, we have the perfect salon service for you – our traditional pedicure package. We also offer affordable nail polish change sessions.
  • If you would like to add some curls or more body to your hair, then be sure to take a look at our wave and curl perm page.
  • The Salon at Lakeside has a popular eyebrow extensions package that can perfect the brows.
  • Anyone graduating this year? If so, be sure to spread the word to your friends that we have outstanding prom updo packages.
  • Our Summerlin salon is known for its gel mani pedi sessions, as well as its French polish tips add-on packages!
  • We have Las Vegas chin waxing packages, as well as full face waxing services available for those in need of these services.
  • Let your wife or girlfriend know that our Desert Shores salon can help them get ready for their next special event with our updo styling package.
  • Do you know any ladies who wear false eyelashes? If so, tell them about our transition from classic to volume eyelash extensions package, and our poplar 3D volume and 4D-5D, as well as 6D-10D eyelash extensions services. We also have a lash lift package for those who like to keep it natural.
  • Our Las Vegas salon has a team of expert acrylic full set nail artists that can create the perfect look for anyone seeking out this service.
  • The Salon at Lakeside has a balayage hair highlights package that produces outstanding results. Also, we recommend booking a hair treatment mask package with this particular service.
  • Our hair color specialists can work with you to create the hair color you are seeking out, as well as provide you with outstanding color retouch services.
  • Do you know someone who is tired of applying their makeup every day? If so, tell them they can come in for a permanent makeup application!
  • A shampoo and blowout session is a great way to have perfect hair for any occasion.
  • We have a great write up on our volume eyelash extensions sessions, as well as one on our mink full set eyelash extensions packages – take a moment to read them to see what to expect.

Stop by Our High-End Salon Near Downtown Vegas for a Customized Men’s Haircut & Style!

Quite a few men are used to a quick haircut with a one size fits all style. However, here at The Salon at Lakeside in Las Vegas, that can’t be further from the truth. We pride ourselves in providing men’s haircuts and styles that work well for you as an individual. After all, men are making fashion statements these days too. It all starts with a cutting-edge haircut and style that is a cut above the rest.

Stop by for a complimentary men’s hairstyle and cut consultation with one of Las Vegas men’s hair specialists. You can easily contact us online. Or, you can reach us at (702) 363-1313. When you walk through the doors of our modern hair salon located in the Desert Shores area of Summerlin, be prepared to walk out looking and feeling your best!