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Have you decided that you want to go all out and treat yourself to a Las Vegas mani pedi? If so, you are in store for a fabulous salon experience that will have you looking exceptionally beautiful. Most people don’t realize they can get both their hands and feet perfected in the same appointment by simply utilizing our Las Vegas mani-pedi package. It combines both salon treatments at an affordable price, and will have you walking out of our salon looking your very best. Let’s take a look at all this popular package has to offer.

Las Vegas Mani Pedi Pricing & Services

The Salon at Lakeside has designed an outstanding mani/pedi package that is not only cost-effective, but also offers an enjoyable retreat-like experience. It will allow you to sit back and relax while being pampered. Below we detail all that our manicure/pedicure package includes:

Traditional Mani Pedi Package: $75.00+

Price May Include the Following Services:

The Salon at Lakeside in the Desert Shores Area of Summerlin

When you get a Las Vegas mani pedi at The Salon at Lakeside, you will notice right away the beautiful retreat-like atmosphere that it offers. Located on the shores of Lake Jacqueline, with breathtaking views of the foothills of Northwest Las Vegas, The Salon at Lakeside is a place you will certainly want to escape to! Additionally, it rests in the Desert Shores area of Summerlin, a well known, gorgeous area in Las Vegas. Combine this with the exceptional customer service, modern salon equipment, and friendly welcoming faces, and you end up with an unforgettable salon experience.

Professional Las Vegas Manicure/Pedicure Specialists

Mani Pedi Salon Services in SummerlinDue to the location of The Salon at Lakeside, which is near downtown Vegas, as well as being located in the marriage capital of the world, our mani pedi specialists schedule appointments on a daily basis. This has resulted in our nail technicians becoming highly skilled and experienced at completing perfect mani pedis. This, along with their level of education and training, makes them some of the best manicure and pedicure artists in Las Vegas. No matter what the occasion – a wedding, night out in Vegas, dinner party, pool party, business meeting, and so on, we can create a look that’s right for you.

Not only can we make your hands and feet look fantastic, but also perfect your hair and makeup. This includes color retouches, perms, as well as prom updos, and partial highlights, and all other traditional salon services.

Take a look at more details on how talented and professional our Las Vegas mani/pedi specialists really are:

Free Mani Pedi Consultations in Summerlin

At The Salon at Lakeside, we realize that a professional Las Vegas mani pedi should start with a consultation. For this reason, we have made our salon consultations free of charge. Meeting first to discuss your needs, preferences, or concerns is essential to achieving the mani pedi you are after. During your consultation, you will be able to ask important questions, and your Summerlin manicure and pedicure technician will have a set of questions as well. A consultation will put you and your salon specialist on the same page for a more productive appointment. 

Here are a few questions that your Las Vegas manicure and pedicure salon team member may ask:

  • Are you scheduling a Las Vegas mani pedi for a business meeting, wedding, or casual event?
  • Is your line of work, or hobbies hard on your hands or feet?
  • Are there any hand or foot health concerns you would like to mention?
  • Do you have any preferences in regards to nail polish color?
  • Is this your first manicure or pedicure?

Las Vegas Mani-Pedi Commonly Asked Questions

Due to the many clients that request manicures and pedicures here at The Salon at Lakeside, we have had a variety of questions come our way. With that said, we can answer any question you may have during your appointment. Also, we have gathered our top three questions to provide you with some basic information on Las Vegas mani pedis. If you have a question that you do not see below, feel free to give The Salon at Lakeside at call at (702) 363-1313.

What are the benefits of getting a Las Vegas mani pedi?

Las Vegas Manicure and Pedicure Packages in Desert ShoresOur clients come to us for mani pedis on a regular basis, and there is a reason for that; there are so many benefits! From healthy hands and feet to looking your absolute best, you will certainly love getting a manicure and pedicure at The Salon at Lakeside. Here are just a few of the many benefits of a Las Vegas mani/pedi:

  • Beautiful Hands & Feet: When you have an event to go to – a pool party, date, wedding, or meeting, getting a mani pedi will ensure your nails, hands, and feet look beautiful and presentable. You don’t even need an event to prompt you to schedule a manicure and pedicure package – maybe you just want to look outstanding 24/7. No matter what the reason, getting a Las Vegas mani pedi will keep your hands and feet looking their very best – from perfectly painted nails to smooth, soft feet, it’s certainly worth a trip to the salon!
  • Healthy Nails: It’s important to take care of your feet and hands to ensure you keep your nails healthy. Stopping by the salon for regular manicures and pedicures to have your nails trimmed, cuticles taken care of, and a protective coating of nail polish applied, will bring about an overall healthy state of your nails.
  • Exfoliates the Feet: When it comes to your feet, for most people, the heels can become dry, and they can be prone to bunions, corns, and calluses. A Las Vegas mani pedi package includes services that will help you keep these issues at bay. An added bonus is that exfoliating the feet will make them look and feel great.
  • Promotes Circulation in the Feet: Pedicures include a mini foot massage that can promote circulation. This is great for overall foot health, but also wonderful for those who stand on their feet all day.
  • A Relaxing Experience: Scheduling a Las Vegas mani pedi package will provide you with a relaxing, retreat-like experience that will have you coming back for more. Being able to sit back and relax as our professional Las Vegas mani/pedi specialists do their magic, will allow you to unwind from a long day, and walk out feeling great.

Should I get my toenails painted the same color as my fingernails?

This is really a personal preference, but we can tell you what we see our clients doing when they come in for a Las Vegas mani pedi. Most individuals have their toenails painted the same color as their fingernails. However, there are a good number of people who don’t want to go with conformity, so they decide to paint them different colors. Anything goes, and everything ends up looking fabulous, no matter what colors you use. Your mani pedi artist can work with you to recommend the colors that will look best.

How frequently should I get my manicure & pedicure?

Mani Pedi Appointments Near Downtown VegasThere are a few factors to consider when determining how often you should come in for your Las Vegas mani pedi. Everyone is different, with time between appointments ranging from 1 week to 4 weeks. Something to consider is the line of work you are in. For your hands, if you do extensive typing, you may need frequent appointments. On the other hand, if you work in sales and are mostly on the phone or in meetings, then maybe you can go longer between your mani pedi appointments.

Regarding the pedicure portion of our package, if you are an avid beachgoer, then you will certainly need to come in more often – maybe every 1 or 2 weeks. However, for those who don’t even wear sandals, always have your feet protected, and you are not in a line of work that puts stress on your hands, then you could go up to 3  to 4 weeks.

The other thing to factor in is your nail growth rate. If you have nails that seem to grow fast, you will notice sooner rather than later that you need to come in frequently. This could mean that you need to come in every 1 to 2 weeks. Some individuals have a very slow growth rate and can wait 3 to 4 weeks, unless they put stress on their nails from their activity level.

For those of you who are new to getting a Las Vegas mani/pedi, the best way to tell how often you will need to come in is to just wait and see after you have had your first appointment. Additionally, during your consultation, your mani pedi specialist will be able to give you a good idea based on the information you provide. No matter what the time frame is between visits, you will be able to schedule your appointments ahead of time, and receive reminders, if needed.

Additional Las Vegas Salon Services

The Salon at Lakeside in the Desert Shores area of Summerlin offers much more than manicures and pedicures; we provide an array of services such as our lash lift packages, full face waxing, or just a chin waxing package, along with permanent makeup packages. We also offer professional dermaplaning services, as well as 3D volume eyelash extensions sessions.

Take a look at a few of our client favorites below:

Book Your Las Vegas Mani Pedi Package at the Salon at Lakeside Today!

If you’re excited to book your Las Vegas manicure and pedicure package, feel free to contact The Salon at Lakeside. You can give us a call at (702) 363-1313, we would be happy to answer any questions you have regarding your mani pedi appointment, as well as schedule a time that’s convenient for you. Our salon specialists in Summerlin will ensure your hands, feet, and nails look exceptional!