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Many women would love to have beautifully noticeable eyelashes, but for some, this isn’t an option without a little assistance. That’s where The Salon at Lakeside comes in and offers its Las Vegas lash lift package. This service is a popular way to have your lashes look fabulous for about two months – imagine not having to use your eyelash curling wand every single day! Our lash lift package can make that a reality. Let’s dive into all the details so you can decide if an eyelash lift is right for you.

Las Vegas Lash Lift Pricing & Services

With all the wonderful benefits that a lash lift offers, you will be surprised at how affordable our package pricing is. This is because we would like this service to be available to those with budgets that are big and small. For those living in the Las Vegas area, or just visiting, now there is no excuse not to have those lashes you have always dreamed about. Now that we have sparked your interest, you will want to read on to see all that is offered in this exceptional package offered at our Summerlin salon.

Lash Lift Package: $75.00+ (with tint $90.00)

Pricing May Include the Following:

  • As with most of our salon packages, your session will begin with a productive, and free consultation to discuss the look you’re after, and so on.
  • Next, your lash technician will use a gentle cleanser to remove any eye makeup, dirt, or oils from the eye area.
  • After the area is cleaned, your lashes, as well as your eye shape, will be evaluated to determine the best path to take. For instance, your lid shape, as well as your lash growth pattern can play a part in which type of curl is right for you. 
  • We place protected pads under your eyes, typically on top of your bottom lashes to ensure they are out of the way during the entire process.
  • Curved silicone eye pads, also called rods, will be placed over your eyelids and will be kept in place with a skin-safe adhesive. They are used to not only protect the eyelids, but to also assist in curling the lashes.
  • A liquid adhesive is brushed over the silicone eye pads, and the top lashes are then combed over the curved pads and kept in place with a small amount of special adhesive. 
  • After the lashes are perfected, curled, and separated over the pads, a solution is applied that softens and changes the elasticity of the eyelashes so that they can better mold to the shape of the rod. The solution is then left to set for about ten minutes.
  • A neutralizing solution is then added which sets and holds the shape of the lashes to the shape of the rod, and it’s left on for an additional 10 minutes.
  • Both solutions are then removed from the eyes using a Q-tip or towelette. The lashes are thoroughly cleaned and dried, and then brushed. At this point, the lashes will look as if they were curled with a lash wand.
  • For those who are interested, if you book ahead, you can take advantage of our other salon packages after your Las Vegas lash lift session is complete:

Professional Lash Lift Salon Near Downtown Vegas

If you’re thinking about booking an appointment for a Las Vegas lash lift at The Salon at Lakeside, you will be happy to know that we are a professional establishment that has been meeting the needs of our clients for many years now. Not only that, our salon is perfectly located in an area that makes for a retreat-like atmosphere. This includes being right on the shores of Lake Jaqueline, and within viewing distance of the foothills of Northwest Las Vegas. Additionally, our Summerlin Desert Shores location is known throughout Clark County, and because The Salon at Lakeside is close to Downtown Las Vegas, as well as the Vegas Strip, we can attend to those who are on their way out to a club, casino, party, meeting, or any occasion.

Eyelash Perm Specialists in the Vegas Area

Las Vegas Lash Lifts Offered at The Salon at LakesideBecause a lash lift can last up to two months, you will want to be sure the Salon you go to has a team of professionals working there. They should be experts who are not only educated on the lifting process, but also highly experienced – this is what you will get at The Salon at Lakeside. Our eyelash specialists have years of experience and are able to help you achieve the look you’re after. Let’s go over more details that reveal that our team is top-notch and capable of meeting your needs.

  • Our team is educated and experienced in using the proper equipment and the safest lash lift techniques.
  • Our Las Vegas eyelash specialists are highly experienced at customizing each client’s session to ensure their lashes are curled in such a way that works well with their eyelid shape and hair growth pattern.
  • The professionals at The Salon at Lakeside are licensed in the state of NV.
  • The experts at our Las Vegas full-service salon can help you achieve all your beauty goals by offering additional services such as balayage hair highlights, and shampoo and blowout sessions, microneedling, or or eyebrow extensions, as well as bridal services, and permanent makeup.

Complimentary Eyelash Consultations at Our Desert Shores Salon

Consultations are important when you’re coming in for a permanent or semi-permanent service. It will give you and your eyelash technician time to go over the details of the process, as well as allow you to discuss all your expectations, goals, and more. It will also enable you to ask questions if you’re new to lash lifting, as well as provide your lash specialist with the opportunity to ask a few important questions before the session starts – below are some examples:

  • Is this your first time having your lashes lifted at The Salon at Lakeside?
  • Do you have any allergies that you’re aware of?
  • Are you hoping for a natural-looking curl, glamorous, or a dramatic look?
  • Would you also like your lashes tinted during the process?
  • Can we meet any of your beauty goals with our other salon services such as facial peels, a hair treatment mask package, a wash and style session, brow shaping, as well as nail repair services?

Questions from Our Clients Regarding Lash Lift Services

We get many new lash lift clients on a regular basis, and with this comes many questions – from what the benefits are to aftercare inquiries, and everything in between. Because of this, we can provide you with some of the most common questions regarding eyelash curling packages. Below you will find these questions, and their answers. For those who have additional questions, feel free to contact us and we will answer them for you.

What is a lash lift?

Packages for Eyelash Lifts in My AreaA lash lift is a salon service that is similar to a perm in that it allows your lashes to be fixed in a semi-permanent curl position. The curl will stay until the lashes naturally fall out and are replaced with new lashes. Lash lifting is done by a professional, using the proper equipment and safe products.

How it works is that the eyelashes are cleaned to remove makeup and oils, and the lashes are then dried. Eye pads are placed under the eyes, over the bottom lashes to keep them apart from the top lashes during the lifting process. Additionally, silicone pads that have a curved shape are placed on the eyelids. At this point, adhesive is placed on the top pads, and the eyelashes are brushed over the pads as they adhere to them, and take on a curved shape.

A solution is then placed over the lashes that softens and prepares them for the second solution that is responsible for setting or locking the lashes into their current curled position. Both solutions are kept on for the appropriate amount of time, and then the eye area is cleaned. The client’s lashes are inspected, and once they are good to go, they won’t have to return for another two months.

How do I take care of my lashes after they have been lifted?

Within the first 48 hours, we recommend not wearing any eye makeup, and not letting your lashes get wet, or be exposed to steam from a shower or sauna. Basically, you should ensure that your eyelashes are kept dry during this time. Additionally, avoid rubbing the eyes, as well as sleeping on your stomach or side. It’s best to sleep on your back the first night, if possible, to ensure your lashes are not pushed into a pillow, which may possibly alter their shape. This is only for the first night, after this, your lashes should be all set and will not lose their curved shape from sleeping. Avoid using waterproof mascara during the next two months as the ingredients can weaken your lash lift and they can lose their shape over time.

What are the benefits of a Lash Lift?

Salon in the Desert Shores Area of Summerlin Specializing in Permanent Lash Curl ServicesThere are some outstanding benefits of getting a lash lift that make it a must-have salon service. So, in case you’re on the fence about getting your lashes curled, we invite you to check out the following advantages of getting a lash lift:

  • Easy, quick, and affordable process that produces amazing results.
  • Produces beautiful, full, curled lashes that look stunning.
  • You won’t need to curl your lashes any longer, speeding up the getting ready process – your eyelashes will be ready to go!
  • A Las Vegas lash lift is more affordable than most packages that enhance the lashes to make them look longer and fuller
  • It’s long-lasting, about two months, and you won’t need touchups in between services.
  • Makes short lashes look longer, eliminating the need for lash extensions or temporary strip lashes.

Full-Service Salon Near the Vegas Strip Offering a Wide Variety of Beauty Packages

Our salon in the Desert Shores area of Summerlin can offer you additional services to meet all your beauty needs. We run a professional salon with a team of experts that specialize in the areas of skincare, nails, haircare, eyelash and brow beautification, and more. We offer services such as dermaplaning, and chin waxing, as well as updo hair styling appointments, full face waxing, as well as the following:

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Our salon in Summerlin can offer you affordable services that will create the perfect eyelashes that you have been hoping for. Additionally, our team of lash experts are experienced and well educated in the proper techniques for customizing our client’s appointments. This ensures that we are meeting your expectations, as well as helping you achieve your beauty goals. Those that would like to schedule a lash lift package, you can do so by simply calling our salon direct at (702) 363-1313. We also offer a convenient online salon form that you can fill out with your questions, or to let us know you are interested in booking an appointment.