If you have ever styled your hair with heated tools, dyed your hair, or are experiencing dry hair with split ends, this is the guide for you. Here are the 6 best ways to reverse the damage on your hair from The Salon at Lakeside.


  1. Get a K18 Treatment

K18 is a game-changing repair mask for your hair. It is composed of amazing ingredients to revive your hair’s youth. The secret ingredient is sh-oligopeptide-t18 aka K18 peptide. This peptide works from the inside resulting in softer, smoother, stronger hair. Use this mask a few times and your hair will achieve 91% of its original strength, 94% of its original elasticity, and 100% of its beauty!

K 18 Hair Treatment Image


  1. Use a Water Filter

Unfiltered water can contain many harsh minerals for your hair resulting build-up. This build-up weighs the hair down and can leave residue on your shower and your hair. Not only that, but this residue restricts water flow limiting the amount of dirt you can wash out of your hair….gross, we know. Don’t worry, it is an easy fix. You can pick up a water filter that attaches right to your shower head. Easy and affordable. This will improve your hair’s volume, shine, and softness for sure!

Shower head for filtering water


  1. Use the right shampoo

Are you using the right shampoo for your damaged hair? If you aren’t this can cause more build-up resulting in even more damage to your hair. We recommend Enjoy Balancing Repair shampoo or Moroccanoil Moisture Repair shampoo to bring your hair back to life. These shampoos are PH balanced and use keratin to provide weightless moisture and shine. Conveniently, we carry both at the salon!

Hair Care Shampoos


  1. Use Heat Protectant

Stop using heated styling tools without a heat protectant. You are damaging your hair! If you use reliable products like Enjoy Intensive Reconstructing Spray or Moroccanoil Protect and Shine, you are not only creating a barrier between the heat and your hair but reversing the damage that has already been done at the same time!

Image of different heating hair products including blow dryer curler and clamps


  1. Get regular Trims

You should be getting your hair trimmed every 8 weeks. If you do not cut off those pesky split ends, they can continue to split upward resulting in even more damage. If you get your hair trimmed regularly, you are sure to stop the damage and let your healthy hair take over.

Image of scissors for cutting hair


  1. Don’t brush wet hair

      Last but not least, Stop brushing your hair when it is wet! When you do this, your brush can pull out your hair because it is so heavy from the water. If you have to brush while it is wet, try using a brush with very flexible bristles like a “wet brush”. If you can, just wait until it is dry! You will thank us later.

Image of woman brushing her wet hair


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