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Las Vegas Hair Color Correction Packages in Desert Shores

If you are in need of a Las Vegas hair color correction, it’s imperative to consult with an experienced hair color specialist to properly achieve your desired look. Hair color corrections can be the result of an inexperienced hairstylist, an at-home coloring gone wrong, and so on. No matter what the reason you are seeking to have your hair color corrected in the Las Vegas area, we can help. Our professional hair colorists are highly trained and experienced in reversing the damage that has been done, and creating the look you were originally after. The Salon at Lakeside in Summerlin would be happy to work with you no matter what level of color correction is needed.

Las Vegas Hair Color Correction Pricing & Services

Although most people will pay whatever it takes to correct their hair color, we make it affordable to ensure that it’s cost-effective for our clients. We realize the urgency that comes about when your hair color is noticeably off. For this reason, we have created pricing that is easy on your budget. Our affordable pricing also applies to all our Desert Shores salon services.

Hair Color Correction Package: $200.00 and Up (priced during consultation)

Price May Include the Following Services:

The Best Las Vegas Hair Salon in the Desert Shores Area of Summerlin

The Salon at Lakeside in Desert Shores is known for being a high-end, luxury salon where you can look forward to receiving exceptional customer service, as well as have a chance to experience a spa-like atmosphere. We are located in the Desert Shores Community of Summerlin, near the beautiful foothills of Northwest Las Vegas. In addition to this, our salon sits near downtown Las Vegas, on lakefront property with sensational views of Lake Jacqueline. Stop by for yourself to see just how outstanding The Salon at Lakeside really is.

Experienced Hair Color Correction Stylists in Las Vegas

Our Summerlin hair salon provides the community with nothing but the best when it comes to their Las Vegas hair color correction options. Our stylists are highly trained, experienced, and knowledgeable when it comes to professional color corrections. From knowing what direction to go in when hair has gone too light, or is just the wrong color, we can reverse it and send you home feeling great about your hair again! We also provide an array of other services, such as color retouches, and affordable one process hair colorings, along with full hair highlights, and partial highlights. We also offer perm services for those who would like some curls added to their hair, and professional Brazilian Blowout packages!

Hair Color Correction Specialists in Clark CountyTake a look at what our Las Vegas stylists can provide to the Las Vegas Community:

  • Our Summerlin salon stylists are well educated in all things pertaining to hair color corrections.
  • Able to successfully color correct by removing unwanted hues, lighten or darken, restore natural color, remove brassy or yellowish tones, and more.
  • Trained in reversing hair damage and repairing with various hair mask repair treatments.
  • Always knowledgeable on the latest Las Vegas hair trends.
  • The Salon at Lakeside team has a desire to work with you on meeting all your hair goals, as well as creating a welcoming environment that will have you looking forward to your next appointment.
  • Our Desert Shores salon hair color correction specialists can take care of all your hair needs, this includes a women’s haircut and style, and children’s cuts, as well as cost-effective mink eyelash extensions packages, and popular balayage hair highlights sessions.

Free Hair Color Correction Consultations Near Downtown Vegas

Consultations are important for any type of hair appointment, but it’s especially essential for hair color corrections. You will want to discuss your hair color goals, as well as answer a few questions. This will help guide your color specialist. A hair color correction consultation will put you and your stylist on the same page, ensuring you leave with the hair color you had in mind!

Here are a few examples of what your Las Vegas hair color correction stylist might ask during your appointment:

  • How long ago was your previous hair appointment that caused the unwanted color?
  • Do you have the name of the previous color product that was used on your hair?
  • Can you provide a photo of the color you are trying to achieve?
  • Do you use home hair products designed for colored hair?
  • How often do you make an appointment to have your hair trimmed?
  • If recommended, would you like to do a deep conditioning treatment after your color correction?
  • Are you interested in booking any other services for another day, such as a shampoo and blowout package, a professional transition from classic to volume eyelash extensions package, or an outstanding brow shaping session, or perhaps a traditional makeup session for those who have a special occasion coming up.

Hair Color Correction Questions & Answers

Due to the complexity of hair color corrections, our clients tend to ask many questions. Our color specialists are equipped to provide you with the answers you are seeking. This is important when it comes to feeling confident that your hairstylist can handle your color correction, and do an excellent job on top of it. If you make an appointment for a hair color correction with one of our Summerlin salon stylists, feel free to create a list of questions. We would love to inform you on all there is to know about the process.

Here are a few questions that are clients have thrown are way:

What are some reasons an individual would require a hair color correction?

Hair Color Correction Salon Near Downtown VegasThere are many reasons someone would need their hair color corrected; we have seen it all, but here are a few examples to give you an idea of the most common situations:

  • Hair becomes an unwanted brassy color. This can actually happen weeks after your hair color appointment and may sometimes be the result of the underlying pigments not being fully removed when lightening the hair.
  • Hair was colored at home by someone with no experience. Possibly left product on too long. Or, applied a color that does not work well with their natural color.
  • Client wants to remove unnatural looking hair highlights.
  • Hair has been dyed, and portions of the hair have been missed, or have an uneven look.
  • Working with an inexperienced stylist that mixes the wrong colors, leaves product on too long or not long enough, doesn’t recognize over-processed hair before starting, and so on.

My hair is lighter than I requested, can I simply recolor it darker myself?

Doing an at-home color correction can not only produce even worse results, but it can also cause damage to your hair since it was recently chemically processed. It’s best to leave it up to a professional Las Vegas hair color correction stylist. They will know how to properly correct the color of your hair without causing damage. In addition to this, making your hair darker sounds like a simple process of just coloring your hair a darker shade, but it’s not that simple.

Your hair will need to be what is called, “filled” or “repigmented”. This is the process of depositing pigment back into your hair after it was removed when your hair was accidentally made lighter. It’s typically done in two parts. The hair is “filled”, and then it is colored to achieve the desired shade. If not done correctly, your hair can turn a muddy or slight green color.

Will my hair become damaged from a color correction?

Hair Salon in Summerlin Specializing in Color CorrectionsIf your hair was recently colored and immediate color correction is needed, special care must be taken to ensure your hair does not get damaged in the process. Normally, it’s best to wait a good amount of time between colorings. However, depending upon how bad the unwanted color looks, it’s understandable that the correction just can’t wait.

The stylists at our Summerlin hair salon are highly experienced at keeping your hair healthy during your color correction appointment. After all, you are coming in with the expectation of having your hair look its very best.

We ensure you walk out of our salon with healthy vibrant hair. Your stylist may recommend a deep conditioning treatment sometime before your Las Vegas hair color correction appointment. This will make sure that your hair contains the proper amount of moisture, nutrients, proteins, and so on, to withstand your color correction. Starting with healthy hair is essential.

Stop by The Salon at Lakeside for These Additional Services

The Salon at Lakeside in Las Vegas is a full-service salon, so we do much more than color correction services. We offer a wide range of packages to meet your needs, this includes services such as airbrush makeup sessions, exceptional volume eyelash extensions packages, and spa pedicure appointments, along with permanent makeup packages, and traditional manicures.

Here are more services that our Desert Shores salon proudly specializes in:

  • We provide men’s haircuts to our Las Vegas clientele on a weekly basis.
  • Book a 6D-10D volume eyelash extensions package and walk out with glamorous lashes!
  • Come in for an updo styling appointment for that big night out in downtown Vegas.
  • If you love gel nails, then you will love our Las Vegas gel pedicure package.
  • When your nails start growing out or your polish is peeling, be sure to book a nail polish change!
  • We offer affordable acrylic fills for those who have had an acrylic full set and need a retouch.
  • You can get the brows you’re looking for with our eyebrow extensions services offered at our Summerlin salon in Las Vegas.
  • We can make your hair look and feel great on your way out to the Vegas Strip, just book our blow dry hair styling package.
  • Did you know that you don’t have to curl your lashes every day? We can give you a lash lift that will provide you with a semi-permanent curl.
  • We offer skin care services that include full face waxing for anyone wanting a smooth and youthful appearance.
  • Let us do your nails for you so you don’t have to with our gel manicure package.
  • We have a French polish tips add-on package at our Desert Shores salon that you can add to any nail service.
  • If you’re tired of coloring in your brows, let us do an eyebrow tinting session for you!
  •  The Salon at Lakeside offers dermaplaning services that will remove dead skin cells and leave you with radiant skin.
  • If you want a step up from classic lashes, simply book a 3D volume eyelash extensions package.
  • You can book a nail repair appointment with our Las Vegas salon and walk out with perfect nails.
  • Do you want someone to make your hair look sensational? If so, we have wash and style packages for that very purpose.
  • The Salon at Lakeside has affordable Las Vegas bridal services for those who are getting married.
  • Make sure to book your prom updo now, so you can reserve your special day.
  • We have hair color specialists at The Salon at Lakeside that are known within the industry; book a consolation with one for your color needs.
  • Sit back and let us beautify your hands and feet with our gel mani pedi package.
  • We have eyelash extensions removal packages just for you if your need a break from your extensions.
  • Don’t forget to head over to our main salon packages page for a snapshot of all our salon services.
  • If you have never had a facial peel before, you are going to love the results!
  • Add a relaxing, spa-like head massage to any package at The Salon at Lakeside.
  • Schedule our affordable 4D-5D volume eyelash extensions package so your lashes look their very best.

Let Us Provide a Look that You Will Love with a Las Vegas Hair Color Correction

Our Las Vegas hair color correction team would love to meet with you to get your hair back to the color you were originally hoping to achieve. Our stylists have years of industry experience, as well as a desire to help their clients meet their hair goals. If you are in need of a hair color correction, stop in or contact our Summerlin salon online so you can be on your way to loving your hair again! You can also call The Salon at Lakeside at (702) 363-1313. You will enjoy our salon experience, feel confident in the services provided by your hair colorist, and walk out with a hair color you will want to show off to your friends and family!