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Many women only have their upper lip waxed, along with the chin area, but did you know that it’s also common to visit a salon for a full face waxing appointment. Here at The Salon at Lakeside, we have many requests for this particular service, and that’s why we have created our Las Vegas full face waxing package! Our waxing specialists can take care of all your facial hair removal needs, which may include the upper lip, chin, cheeks, and nose. Additionally, we use nothing but the best wax that produces exceptional results. If you have never had a full face waxing at a salon, then you will be interested in reading up on all the details below – let’s dive in!

Las Vegas Full Face Waxing Package Pricing & Services

Because a large portion of our clients request full face waxing services, we have designed our package to be affordable. Not only that, this waxing package includes everything you would need to remove the hair from your face in a professional and safe manner. Below you will find information that includes pricing and the steps we take when you book a facial hair removal session at The Salon at Lakeside.

Full Face Waxing Package: $50.00+ (does not include eyebrows)

Pricing May Include the Following:

  • You and your face waxing specialist will first meet for your free consultation to go over the appointment details such as discussing what areas of the face you would like waxed, and so on.
  • We may clean your face with a quality facial cleanser so there are no oils or makeup such as foundation on your skin that can interfere with the waxing process.
  • Using wax that has been warmed, your specialist will start applying the wax with a spatula-type tool, one section at a time. 
  • As each section sits for a designated amount of time, the wax is then quickly removed, along with the hair, and then your salon expert will move on to the next section of your face – upper lip, chin, cheeks, and nose, until all the hair is removed.
  • It’s very important to note that if you’re having a salon face waxing session for a special occasion, it’s best to have it done a few days ahead of time. This will ensure that no redness is showing anywhere on your face – it’s normal for the skin to have some redness immediately after the wax is removed. 
  • If you want to go all out and book a few other packages while you’re at The Salon at Lakeside in Las Vegas, we recommend the following popular services:

Popular Beauty Salon in the Las Vegas Area

If this will be your first time stepping into our beauty salon, you can expect a spa-like experience, complete with exceptional customer service, and breathtaking views. For instance, The Salon at Lakeside is located on the shores of Lake Jacquelin, which offers tranquil views. Additionally, the beautiful Foothills of Northwest Las Vegas are visible from our large glass salon windows. We also offer a modern salon atmosphere and are prepared to pamper you no matter what service you are stopping in for.

The Salon at Lakeside is situated in Las Vegas, within Clark County, and we are conveniently located near downtown Vegas. As you can see, we offer the absolute perfect salon location for coming in for a full face waxing session, or any service you may need, such as blow dry hair styling services, or a hair mask repair treatment appointment, and more.

Full Face Waxing Salon Experts Near Downtown Vegas

Best Full Face Waxing Salon in the Las Vegas Area

Our Summerlin salon is the home of the best waxing experts in the Las Vegas area. They have the skills, education, and experience to make your face waxing appointment a success so you can walk out confident that you look fabulous. In addition to this, they are not only well versed in the art of waxing, but also highly educated and trained in all salon services. This includes nail repair appointments for those who have broken or split a nail, classic eyelash extensions, as well as one process hair color sessions, brow tinting, and professional perm packages if you would like to add some curl or body to your hair.

Take a look at a few more details that we are proud to reveal about our team:

  • Our team is very personable and caring, which makes our clients feel comfortable during their Las Vegas face waxing appointment.
  • Our waxing technicians are fully trained, as well as licensed in the state of Nevada.
  • The Salon at Lakeside ensures that all waxing professionals are experienced in the proper process of applying wax to the face, as well as proper removal techniques.
  • Because we are a Las Vegas full-service salon, our team is capable of offering you much more than a face waxing session, we are experienced in other services such as balayage hair highlights appointments, 3D volume eyelash extensions, along with 4D-5D, and 6D-10D, professional nail polish changes, as well as hair color corrections.

Las Vegas Salon Waxing Consultations

All our waxing packages come with a free salon consultation. It’s especially important to take advantage of this when coming in for a full face waxing session. It will give you and your salon expert a chance to discuss the specific areas of the face that you would like waxed. You can also discuss any concerns you may have regarding waxing in general, and your salon specialist will be able to ask you some important questions – let’s take a look at a few of them so you know what to expect:

  • What sections of the face would you like to remove hair from?
  • Have you ever booked a Las Vegas full face waxing package before?
  • Is this appointment being booked because you have a special event to attend?
  • Do you have any concerns or questions regarding the full face waxing process?
  • Would you like to discuss any of our other packages, such as a full hair highlights session, a wash & style, or perhaps our gel pedicure package, our transition from classic to volume services, or any of our volume eyelash packages.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Full Face Waxing

If this is your first time inquiring about having your face waxed, we know you will have a few questions regarding the process, the benefits, and so on. With that in mind, we are including three questions that are commonly asked so you have a head start:

What is a full face waxing package?

Chin Hair Removal Packages in the Desert Shores Area of SummerlinA full face waxing package includes everything you would need to remove the hair from your face. The Salon at Lakeside has designed their full face waxing package to include all areas of the face, excluding the eyebrows. The brows are an area that needs special attention, and so we have a brow shaping package just for that purpose. Full face waxing includes the upper lip, chin, nose, and cheeks. The hair is removed with warm wax for a smooth, hairless, perfected look. Here is a quick review of the process:

  • A salon specialist starts by heating up professional-grade wax.
  • The face is prepped so that it’s free of any makeup.
  • Using a special tool, the wax is applied to an area of the face, left to set, and then quickly pulled up to remove the hair.
  • The application process is repeated until all areas of concern are attended to.

What are the benefits of having your face waxed?

There are many advantages to having your face waxed, and that’s why we have so many clients booking this package on a weekly basis. Below you will find a list of the benefits of having a full face waxing session:

  • Waxing the face removes the hair from the follicle, this enables the client to not see any hair growth for three to six weeks. Pulling from the follicle also promotes softer hair regrowth.
  • Facial waxing is a great alternative for women because shaving any area of the face would result in fast hair regrowth that comes back coarse, and sometimes darker.
  • Getting a Las Vegas full face wax acts as an exfoliant that removes dead skin cells, and the client is therefore left with smooth, clean skin.
  • Waxing the face is an effective low-cost method of removing unwanted hair.

How can I prepare for my Las Vegas full face waxing appointment?

Las Vegas Full Face Waxing Services Near MeProper preparation is essential to achieving amazing results. Because of that, we would like to list out a few things you need to take note of before your appointment:

  • It’s important that the hair is at least long enough for the wax to get a firm grip, so be sure not to shave or use tweezers to remove your facial hair too soon before your appointment.
  • Moisturize your face well for the week leading up to your Las Vegas full face waxing session.
  • It’s recommended that you do not use any face peels or acid-type products for a week before your appointment, this will reduce any irritation that can occur as a result of it. Also, do not over exfoliate the areas that will be waxed.
  • Avoid too much sun exposure to ensure your skin is not sunburned the day of your appointment.
  • Before you arrive at your appointment, avoid using any products on your face such as moisturizers, sunscreen, makeup, and so on.

Full-Service Salon in the Las Vegas Area

Our salon offers a wide array of beauty services that can take care of all your needs, no matter what the occasion – from a casual pool party, to an elegant event in downtown Las Vegas, we have you covered. Our Summerlin salon offers such services as airbrush makeup, as well as gel mani pedi packages, mink eyelash extensions, to shampoo and blowout appointments, and lash extension removal sessions. Below you will find even more packages that we offer here at The Salon at Lakeside in the Desert Shores area of Summerlin.

Book a Full Face Waxing Package at Our Beauty Salon Near the Vegas Strip!

We can perfectly take care of all your facial hair removal needs, as well as provide you with any beauty salon service you request. Our professional salon team has the experience and knowledge to ensure you have a productive and successful appointment, no matter what type of salon session you come in for. If you would like to book a Las Vegas full face waxing appointment, we welcome you to reach out to The Salon at Lakeside online, or dial us at (702) 363-1313. Thank you for taking the time to read through our page and we look forward to helping you meet your beauty needs! Also, you can head over to our main salon package page to view all our beauty packages in one convenient place.