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Las Vegas Eyelash Extensions Removal Packages in the Desert Shores Community of Summerlin

Lash extensions make it possible for you to have the stunning eyelashes you have always dreamed of. However, at times, the extensions need to be removed, and that’s where our Las Vegas eyelash extensions removal package takes center stage. Our lash artists are trained and experienced to professionally, and safely remove your extensions. So, no matter what reason you have for needing yours removed, we are here for you to make it happen. To give you a better idea of how the eyelash extensions removal process works, we have put together all the details on one page for you to review.

Las Vegas Eyelash Extensions Removal Pricing & Services

Our lash removal package is known to be the best in the Las Vegas area, and for good reason. We have a team that can get the job done professionally, at a cost-effective price. If you’re new to the eyelash extensions process, it will benefit you to read the information below that details the steps taken by our expert lash technicians.

Eyelash Extensions Removal Package: $25.00+ 

Pricing May Include the Following:

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Our popular salon is located in Summerlin, within the beautiful Desert Shores Community in Las Vegas, but we actually cater to anyone living within or outside of the Vegas area. The Salon at Lakeside sits in a great location because we are close to downtown Vegas, which is a place that most people love to look their best for, and we can certainly help with that! Whether you’re heading out to a show on the Vegas Strip, a meeting, or you’re hitting the casinos, our location makes it super simple to stop by for a few beauty treatments. Additionally, once you arrive at our salon, you will notice that the surrounding area is breathtaking – with Lake Jaqueline as our backdrop, and the foothills of Northwest Las Vegas within view. Feel free to stop by anytime to see our modern salon, and all that we have to offer.

Eyelash Extension Removal Specialists Near Downtown Vegas

Popular Eyelash Extension Removal Salon Near Downtown VegasYou wouldn’t want to leave your eyelash removal to just anyone, and that’s why we want to inform you that our team is highly educated and trained on all things pertaining to eyelash extensions, especially the removal of them. Also, the professionals at our Summerlin salon can provide a variety of salon services such as traditional pedicures for those who have a pool party coming up or just want to look fabulous, hair color corrections, and full hair highlights, and Brazilian Blowouts, as well as acrylic full set packages, and wave and curl perm packages, just to name a few.

Learn more about the team at The Salon at Lakeside below:

  • Each eyelash extensions removal specialist is well experienced and knowledgeable on all the proper techniques and safety protocols needed working on or around the eye area.
  • The experts at our Desert Shores salon have the capability to customize any salon appointment to meet their client’s specific needs.
  • Our Las Vegas salon team will make you feel at home and provide exceptional customer service to make your session a successful and enjoyable one.
  • We ensure that all our eyelash specialists are professionally licensed in the state of Nevada.
  • We are a full-service salon with a full team of salon artists that can provide you with the beauty care that you are in need of. For instance, we offer outstanding airbrush makeup sessions, and hair treatment mask packages that will bring your hair back to life, one process hair color appointments, as well as traditional manicure services, and more.

We Offer Free Consultations at The Salon at Lakeside

When having your lash extensions removed professionally, it’s important to first meet with your salon specialist to go over your expectations, goals, concerns, and more. This can be done right before your appointment starts, and it’s always free of charge. Salon consultations are very important to ensure your session goes smoothly and as planned. During your meeting with your lash technician, you may be asked questions such as the ones listed below:

  • Have you ever booked a Las Vegas eyelash extensions package at The Salon at Lakeside?
  • Will you need replacement lashes after your current extensions are removed?
  • Do you have any concerns regarding the removal process?
  • Are you interested in learning about any other salon services such as wash and style packages, microneedling and dermaplaning, as well as children’s haircut appointments, or maybe a nail repair session?

Lash Removal Commonly Asked Questions

If you have never had lash extensions removed, then we are here to make you feel comfortable by answering any questions you may have. It’s very common for first-time clients to have a few questions. Additionally, because our eyelash experts have years of experience, they are able to professionally address your inquiries. Below we have provided the most common questions that our lash removal clients have asked in the past:

Why do clients have eyelash extensions removed?

Las Vegas Eyelash Extensions Removal at The Salon at Lakeside in Clark County

There are various reasons why someone would request that their eyelash extensions be removed. Although each person is different, here are a few reasons that our clients have told us they are in need of a lash extensions removal package.

  • The client applied their own lash extensions and they did not turn out well.
  • The original lash application was for a specific occasion, so no follow-up fill appointments were ever needed or booked, and therefore, some of their extensions have begun falling out, leaving them with an uneven look.
  • The client originally had very long lashes applied and then decided they didn’t like the look after all.
  • A different type of lash extension is preferred. For instance, a client originally has classic lashes applied, but then wants to try mink eyelash extensions.

Is the glue remover cream/gel safe for my eyes?

The bonding glue remover, which typically comes in a gel or cream, is perfectly safe for your eyes and skin. Meaning, you will not have eye damage if the solution does happen to get in your eyes. However, it’s very important to keep the eyes closed at all times during the process so that the gel or cream does not get into your eyes. If it does, it may irritate your eyes, and they will need to be rinsed out. Eyelash extensions are removed by professional salon technicians all over the world, and they all use glue removing gel and cream; and keep in mind that it was designed for this purpose.

Can I remove my own lash extensions at home?

Professional Lash Extensions Removal Services Near the Vegas StripYou can remove your own lash extension at home, but it’s not a good idea, and we don’t recommend it. There are many reasons to skip the do-it-yourself idea and have a professional take care of it for you; you can read them below:

  • Firstly, some might get the idea to remove their own lash extensions at home because the individual may have at-home experience removing strip lashes. However, strip lashes are super simple to remove, and eyelash extensions are not.
  • The bonding glue is meant to be long-lasting, which means you would need to use the right product to dissolve it. When the wrong lash extensions oil, cream, or gel is used, that is not specifically meant for that purpose; it’s not effective, so it can cause the person to continually brush or rub their lashes to try and loosen the extensions, which can create eye irritation, as well as cause their real lashes to possibly fall out.
  • Individuals who attempt to remove their own lash extension by themselves can be at risk for damaging and breaking their natural lashes for several reasons. It can take quite some time for them to grow back to their full potential, so it’s really not worth the risk.
  • Doing the lash removal yourself in your home is not as sterile as a salon setting, and you could be at risk for spreading bacteria to your eyes. This includes the fact that salons don’t use the same lash removal items twice, which ensures no bacteria will be spread. Additionally, salons carry all the right tools and accessories for properly removing lash extensions.

There really is no reason to have to do your own eyelash extensions removal yourself, especially when the cost is only $25.00.

Additional Salon Services Offered at Our Summerlin Salon

The Salon at Lakeside offers much more than just eyelash extensions services; we offer an array of packages that can meet all your beauty needs. Our team of talented professionals can provide you with such services as spa pedicures and gel manicures, and hair mask repair treatments that are very affordable, as well as prom updo appointments for those who will be graduating soon. Take a look at the list below to see more salon services that we offer to the Las Vegas community, or head over to our main Las Vegas salon page for a summary of all our services.

Our Eyelash Extensions Removal Package is the Best in Las Vegas – Book Yours Today!

If you need your eyelash extensions removed, no problem, The Salon at Lakeside is here for you. Our team can professionally and safely remove your lash extensions, as well as add new extensions, if needed. For those who would like to schedule an appointment at our Summerlin salon, feel free to fill out The Salon at Lakeside contact form, or simply ring us at (702) 363-1313. Or, if you would like to check out our salon before booking a session, we invite you to stop in and meet the team!