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Las Vegas Classic Eyelash Extensions at The Salon at Lakeside

If you desire beautiful, full, long lashes that still look natural, then we recommend our Las Vegas classic eyelash extensions package. It will produce outstanding results that you will fall in love with! It’s a known fact that lush lashes create a more youthful and engaging look, and that’s one reason why eyelash extensions are so popular. The Salon at Lakeside has a team of Las Vegas eyelash extension experts who can create the look you’re after. Below you will find all the details that pertain to this particular salon service, so let’s dive in!

Las Vegas Classic Eyelash Extensions Pricing & Services

Our beauty salon specializes in classic eyelash extensions and we have designed a package that will certainly meet your needs. Additionally, our eyelash extension appointments are perfectly priced which ensures that it’s cost-effective to always look your very best. We take all the steps necessary to provide you with a professional, productive session, and below you will find a detailed description of those steps and what you can expect during your visit to our Summerlin salon:

Classic Eyelash Extensions Package: (Full Set) $125.00+

  • Follow-up Fill Appointments to Replace Lashes that Have Fallen Out: (each week represents the amount of time that has passed since your last eyelash extensions session)
    • 1 Week Fill: $40.00+
    • 2 Week Fill: $57.00+
    • 2.5 Week Fill: $60.00+
    • 3 Week Fill: $69.00+
    • 3-6 Week Fill: $99.00+

Pricing May Include the Following:

  • Every classic eyelash extensions package comes with a complimentary consultation so you can discuss your goals and expectations with your salon specialist.
  • We ask that you show up to your appointment with all your eye makeup removed. This includes eyeshadow, mascara, and eyeliner. If you’re not able to remove your makeup beforehand, no problem, we will do it for you.
  • Before starting the actual lash application process, your false eyelash expert will determine the correct length, thickness, and color lashes that are right for you.
  • Eye pads are placed below the eyes, over the bottom lashes, to ensure they do not get mixed in with the upper lashes during the extension process.
  • If needed, special tape is placed on the top eyelid to pull or stretch the area so the corner lashes spread out a bit. This is sometimes needed because the lashes that are in the left and right corners are typically smaller and more crowded together, as compared to the lashes that are in the middle section.
  • A lash primer may be applied to the eyelashes to speed up the bonding time. The primer can remove natural oils or any makeup residue, as well as assists with the eyelash pH levels, which all makes for a more secure attachment.
  • The application process begins by dipping the end of an individual lash extension in a special glue.
  • Isolation tweezers are then used to separate your natural eyelashes to single out just one lash.
  • Once one specific natural eyelash is isolated, application tweezers are used to place the lash extension to the bottom of that single natural lash. This process is repeated for 90 to 95 percent of the lashes.
  • An eyelash sealer may be applied for an extra layer of protection to hold the lashes in place.
  • The Las Vegas classic eyelash extensions are brushed and then inspected for perfection.
  • After your eyelash session is completed, we have many other salon packages that you can take advantage of while at The Salon at Lakeside – here are just a few:

Beauty Salon in the Desert Shores Area of Summerlin

You will not only love the exceptional customer service and affordable packages at our Las Vegas beauty salon, but you will also fall in love with the area we are located in. The Salon at Lakeside sits within the Desert Shores Community of Summerlin, an incredible area that’s known for its beautiful upscale look. In addition to this, our salon is right on the shores of Lake Jacqueline, which makes for an enjoyable visit no matter what service you stop in for. Plus, there are incredible views to enjoy from our windows; everybody’s favorite is the Foothills of Northwest Las Vegas. On top of all this, we are located near the Vegas strip, where all the action takes place. This makes it easy for you to stop by on your way out for a convenient shampoo and blowout session, or a quick nail polish change, and so on.

Eyelash Extension Experts Near Downtown Vegas

Eyelash Extension Salon in SummerlinThe area our salon is located in is incredible, but it’s not the best feature of our modern salon; our exceptional team is. All our classic eyelash extension experts are well known within the salon industry in Las Vegas. They have a following of clients that are local, as well as from out of the area. In addition to this, our salon team is capable of providing any salon service you’re in need of, and they always do a professional and outstanding job. So, no matter what your needs are, perhaps a traditional manicure, or maybe a hair color correction, or even a Las Vegas brow shaping appointment, we can create the look you’re after.

Here are a few things you may be interested in knowing about the team at our full-service salon in Las Vegas:

  • Able to provide productive consultations that establish the right path to take that will meet the client’s overall goals.
  • Each salon expert has extensive experience with the Las Vegas classic eyelash extension process and tools that are used.
  • Our team has the skills to fully customize each client’s appointment based on their specific eyelashes.
  • All the professionals at The Salon at Lakeside are fully licensed in the state of Nevada.
  • Our team is professional and cares about the outcome of our client’s appointments. We want to ensure that each person walks out of our doors 100 percent satisfied.
  • The eyelash extension specialists at our salon are also qualified to provide you with many services such as one process hair color appointments, gel manicure or gel pedicure packages, lash extensions removal, and eyebrow extensions, as well as  full hair highlights.

Free Consultations at The Salon at Lakeside

The Salon at Lakeside knows how important it is to produce outstanding results that the client is thrilled with. Because of this, we include a complimentary consultation with your classic eyelash extensions package. A consultation is essential for getting the salon expert and the client on the same page as to what the main goals are, and what direction to go in. Once this is established, it will bring about a more productive appointment. During your consultation, your salon specialist will ask a few questions; some of these have been included below to give you a head start:

    • Have you ever had Las Vegas classic eyelash extensions applied before?
    • Are you interested in medium or long-length eyelashes?
    • Do you have a particular lash thickness in mind?
    • Would you like to discuss any concerns you may have regarding false eyelashes?

Classic Eyelash Extensions Questions & Answers

Most clients have a few questions when they come in for a salon service, this especially holds true for those who book a Las Vegas classic eyelash extension package for the first time. Knowing this, we have put together a list of common questions that will provide you with some essential information. For those who have additional inquiries, feel free to contact the salon directly; we would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

What are classic eyelash extensions?

False Eyelash Extension Services in Desert ShoresEyelash extensions that are considered classic are false eyelashes that are applied in such a way that presents a beautiful, full look that is more on the natural side, as compared to volume eyelash extensions that provide a more dramatic look. The difference between the two really has to do with the number of lashes applied to each natural lash. Classic extensions are perfect for those who just want a boost in the appearance of their lashes, especially those clients who have naturally light, thin, sparse, or short eyelashes.

Classic lashes are made of high-quality synthetic material and they are applied one by one by attaching the end of the extension to the area where your natural lash begins. The extension is held in place with a special glue. About 90 to 95 percent of the lashes are paired with synthetic lashes. The end result will be a set of full lashes that look perfect! Extensions will need to be added as you lose them, this is done with fill appointments, which typically takes place 2 to 6 weeks after the original appointment, depending upon the client’s needs and preferences.

What are the benefits of classic eyelash extensions?

Classic eyelash extensions have been around for years and are extremely popular – from movie stars to your average person, they are a hot salon item. Why are they so sought after? To find out, let’s go over a few benefits of these outstanding fake eyelashes:

  • Las Vegas classic eyelashes produce a more natural look that is not overly dramatic. They provide a way for those who just want that “something extra”, to look fabulous, without overdoing it.
  • These types of false eyelashes enable those with thin, light, short, and spread out lashes to achieve a look that includes full, long, beautiful lashes.
  • It’s an inexpensive eyelash extension salon service that provides anyone who wants to change the look of their lashes with a convenient and affordable way to do so.
  • Maintenance and upkeep are easy with fill appointments which allows for perfect lashes 24/7.

Once my full classic eyelash set is completed, why do I need fills in the coming weeks?

Best Classic Eyelash Extension Packages in the Las Vegas AreaBecause your lashes continually grow, fall off, and are replaced with new natural lashes, it’s necessary to come in for a fill session to add more so your eyelashes do not begin to look sparse or thinned out. In addition to this, some extensions may fall off on their own, and need to be replaced. How fast they fall out can depend upon certain things such as the type of makeup that is worn daily, products that are used on the eye area, if the lashes are exposed to hot water often, or extreme heat, as well as other factors such as sleeping habits where the eyes are buried in a pillow.

Once a full set of eyelash extensions are completed, a client will need to come in periodically for fill appointments. Lash extension fills are new eyelash extensions that are placed on the natural lashes because the previous ones have fallen off.

Ideally, fills should be added 2 to 3 weeks after your full set session to keep the eyelashes looking perfect. Some prefer to come in once a week for a quick touchup, while some are ok with waiting 4 to 6 weeks. However, the longer you wait to come in for a fill, the more replacement eyelash extensions you will need.

Additional Beauty Salon Services in the Las Vegas Area

Our Las Vegas salon is popular for many reasons – it’s conveniently located near downtown Vegas, has an exceptionally talented team, and offers any service you are in need of. Being able to offer a variety of services is essential to meeting the needs of our clients, and so we offer packages for spa pedicures, affordable nail repairs, and deep conditioning hair treatments, as well as gel mani pedi packages, Brazilian Blowouts, and lash lifts.

Let’s take a look at our other salon services that may be of interest to you:

Achieve Stunning Natural Looking Lashes with our Las Vegas Classic Eyelash Extensions Package!

No need to be disappointed about the appearance of your eyelashes, we can work our magic and have you excited to show them off! Our team of classic eyelash extension experts can work with you to achieve the look you’re after, at an affordable price. So why wait any longer? Treat yourself to this popular salon service and walk out our doors feeling and looking your best! To book your appointment, you can contact The Salon at Lakeside through our online form, as well as ring us a (702) 363-1313. We are super excited to work with you and provide you with those must-have lashes you have been dreaming of.