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We have many clients who book a Las Vegas chin waxing package at our Summerlin salon. In fact, it’s a very common service that people of all ages come in for. Our waxing specialists are trained and educated on how to do a safe and effective chin wax so that you walk out of our salon looking your very best.

If this is a service you’re in need of, then you will be interested in reading over this informative page that covers the process of chin waxing, what we include in our package, commonly asked questions, and more. We know you’re eager to get started, so let’s begin!

Las Vegas Chin Waxing Package Pricing & Services

The Salon at Lakeside has created an affordable chin waxing package that includes everything that’s needed for a successful appointment. In addition to this, your waxing expert will produce outstanding results that will ensure you’re happy with your salon service. With that in mind, let’s go over all the fine details so you have a better idea of what a chin hair removal appointment consists of:

Chin Waxing Package: $15.00+

Pricing May Include the Following:

  • Your chin waxing session will start with a free salon consultation that will set you and your waxing expert on the same page. A consultation is an important part of the process and ensures the end goal is met.
  • If you have any makeup on, such as foundation, this will be removed with a facial cleanser.
  • Using professional cold wax strips, or traditional hot wax, your salon technician will place the wax on the chin area where the unwanted hair growth is.
  • Once a specified amount of time has passed, which allows the wax to set, the wax is then quickly pulled off, and the unwanted hair is removed along with it. The area is then wiped clean and inspected to make sure it’s perfect. 
  • For those who are booking a Las Vegas chin waxing package for an occasion, make sure to schedule your appointment the day before your event instead of coming in the day of. This will ensure that you don’t attend your special occasion with redness on your chin, which is normal immediately after a waxing session. 
  • You may want to book an additional salon package for the same day; here are a few that may interest you:

Popular Beauty Salon in the Las Vegas Area

If you’re in town for a few days and want to look sensational, stop by our salon for the star treatment. For those who live locally, we encourage you to visit our salon to see what we can offer you on a regular basis. No matter where you live, you will be impressed with our modern salon that’s located in the beautiful Desert Shores Community of Summerlin. It rests on the shores of Lake Jacquelin, which gives our salon a retreat-like atmosphere. Also, off in the distance you will see breathtaking views of the Foothills of Northwest Las Vegas. Lastly, The Salon at Lakeside is conveniently located in the ever-popular Clark County, near downtown Las Vegas! Stop by or schedule a visit, we would love to meet you!

Hair Removal Salon Technicians Near the Vegas Strip

Best Chin Waxing Salon in the Vegas AreaOur entire team is highly qualified in all things beauty, and especially good at the art of waxing. This is important because you wouldn’t want just anyone waxing your face; it’s essential to have a trained professional take care of this for you.

Every wax technician at The Salon at Lakeside is equipped with the knowledge and training required to do a professional job that will have you walking out our doors happy with the final results.

In addition to this, our Las Vegas beauty salon staff possess many skills and qualifications; let’s take a look at a few:

  • The waxing technicians at our salon are known throughout the Vegas area as reliable, professional, and experienced.
  • Every chin wax expert at The Salon at Lakeside is well trained on safety measures for the proper application and removal of wax from the skin.
  • You can book an appointment with confidence knowing that each team member is fully licensed in the state of Nevada.
  • Our Las Vegas chin waxing experts are also skilled at many salon services. This includes being able to provide traditional makeup sessions to our clients, full face waxing, and prom updo packages, brow tinting, as well as full hair highlights. For those who need a touchup on an acrylic full set, we offer acrylic fills appointments.

Free Chin Waxing Consultation at Our Desert Shores Salon

When you come in for your Las Vegas chin waxing appointment, it will start with a productive salon consultation. This will allow you and your salon expert to sit down and discuss your goals, address any concerns, and explain what steps will be taken during your session. We include a free consultation with all our packages, so it is a great idea to take advantage of them because it makes for a better overall appointment. With that said, let’s take a look at a few questions that your chin waxing salon specialist may ask you during your session:

Common Chin Waxing Questions & Answers

The Salon at Lakeside has provided quality lip waxing services to the Las Vegas community for many years now. With that comes a chance to answer many questions for those who are booking this type of package for the first time. With that in mind, we are sharing with you three of our most common questions to help you be more informed on the topic before your appointment:

What is chin waxing?

Las Vegas Chin Hair Removal Packages in Desert ShoresHaving your chin waxed is the process of removing unwanted hair from the chin area with wax strips or traditional hot wax. It’s a salon service that has been around for many years and is trusted by women and men all over the world. The bottom line is that it’s a popular hair removal method that produces exceptional results.

Waxing the chin area, as compared to other hair removal methods, is preferred by many because it allows the client to not have to worry about hair growth in that area for at least three weeks to a month.

Here are the simple steps that are taken during a Las Vegas chin waxing session:

  • A facial cleansing solution is used on the chin, if needed.
  • Wax is applied to the area on the chin where hair is not wanted.
  • The wax is then pulled off, and the hair is removed with the wax.

How often should I book a chin hair removal appointment?

The typical timeframe for many clients would be three weeks to a month, but it varies from person to person. You won’t really know how often you should come in until after your first appointment. The most important factor in determining the length of time between salon visits would be how fast or slow your hair growth rate is. Some clients find they can’t go any longer than three weeks; some can go four, others six weeks. Speak to your salon specialist about setting up regularly scheduled visits once you do figure out how long you can go before your next chin waxing appointment should take place.

What’s the difference between a professional and home waxing session?

The Salon at Lakeside Offering Chin Waxing Appointments in Clark CountyThere are a few important differences between having your chin waxed professionally vs doing it yourself at home. For instance, a salon professional chin wax will always yield exceptional results. In comparison, an individual with no experience waxing from home can produce unexpected results – it might turn out great, it might not. This is why we don’t recommend doing your own chin wax.

In addition to this, salons use the most professional wax, while at-home kits are hit and miss. You might have to experiment until you find your preferred brand. Also, salon waxing experts know exactly how to apply and remove wax from the face safely, and they know how long to leave the wax on. We have heard of clients try to do their own waxing at home, only to produce burn marks, and so on. You can avoid all the possible mishaps by simply stopping by The Salon at Lakeside for a quick chin wax session.

Additional Packages Offered at The Salon at Lakeside

Our salon, that’s located near downtown Vegas offers so much more than professional chin waxing services. We are a full-service beauty salon that can take care of all your needs – big and small. This includes such services as deep conditioning hair treatment appointments, and men’s haircuts, as well as wash and style sessions, bridal salon services, and our popular updo hair styling packages.

Here are a few other services the experts at The Salon at Lakeside can offer you:

Book Your Las Vegas Chin Waxing Package at The Salon at Lakeside!

We’re so glad you have stumbled upon our page where you were able to get all the information needed to be well informed on our Las Vegas chin waxing package. Our salon team is well equipped to take excellent care of you when you stop by for your appointment, and we look forward to many more visits, no matter what your needs are. If you would like to schedule an appointment to have your chin waxed, then feel free to contact The Salon at Lakeside online. You can also give us a call at (702) 363-1313 to speak directly to a salon specialist. We can’t wait to meet you, and we know you’re going to fall in love with our Summerlin salon!