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Children's Haircut Packages in the Desert Shores Community of Summerlin

If you’re looking for a professional salon that will provide an exceptional Las Vegas child’s haircut and style, you’ve just found it! Here at The Salon at Lakeside, we provide a wonderful experience for you and your child. From the moment your little one walks in the door, we make them feel 100 percent comfortable, bring a smile to their face, and ensure that their hair looks sensational!

We love working with kids, and it shows. Our Las Vegas children’s hairstylists have a knack for making children realize that a haircut can actually be a fun experience. In addition to this, it’s not unusual to see our young clients walking out of our salon totally excited about how awesome their hair looks.

Las Vegas Child’s Haircut Pricing & Services

A child’s haircut should not only be a fun and comfortable experience, it should also be affordable. With this in mind, The Salon at Lakeside offers professional youth haircuts and styles at a cost-effect price. We offer a complete package that will meet your child’s hair needs. Additionally, we know all too well that parents are super busy and might not have the time to even think about their scheduling. With that in mind, we more than welcome walk-ins.

Take a look at what our Las Vegas hair salon has in store for your child:

Child’s Haircut & Style Package: $25.00+

Price May Include the Following Services:

If you’re impressed by what we offer our kid clientele, then take a look at our main salon packages page that includes services for you and the whole family.

Children’s Hair Salon in the Desert Shores Community of Summerlin

We realize that some children would rather stay home than get their haircut. But, with our salon being located in the Las Vegas Desert Shores Community in Summerlin, your children will actually look forward to visiting us. This is because we are located right on the shores of Lake Jacqueline. A fun area where they have a chance to see colorful boats, ducks, and maybe even a fish or two.

Las Vegas Children’s Hairstylists That You Can Trust

Our children’s hairstylists in Desert Shores have the experience and know-how to cut your child’s hair in such a way that will produce an adorable or trendy hairstyle. Additionally, we realize that mom and dad are especially concerned about their child having a comfortable and happy experience. Rest assured that our team of friendly kid-focused children’s hairstylists go above and beyond to ensure your child has a great time and walks out with a cut that’s perfect for him or her. We truly feel that our outstanding stylists make us the best place in Las Vegas to get a child’s haircut!

Kid's Haircut Services Near Downtown Las VegasFor those with babies and toddlers, the parents are welcome to stay close at hand during the whole process, if they so desire. We are open to anything that will make a child’s haircut a great experience.

Take a look at what our super talented Las Vegas children’s hairstylists have to offer your little princess or prince:

  • Educated in all things pertaining to children’s haircuts and styles.
  • Our Las Vegas hairstylists love children and make them feel at home in our salon.
  • Skilled at listening to the parent and child’s needs.
  • We walk parents through every step to ensure their goals are being met.
  • Our stylists are well-versed in knowing which professional products are best for your child’s hair type and style, especially in the extreme Las Vegas heat.
  • All our children’s haircuts are completed by stylists that are fully licensed in the state of Nevada.
  • We even have a prom updos package for high school students who are graduating.
  • Our team is not only specialized in working with children, but also in all things pertaining to adult salon services, this includes airbrush makeup sessions, and volume eyelash extensions packages to achieve full lashes, lip waxing services, as well as traditional manicures that keep your hands looking perfect, and one process hair color packages.

Free Las Vegas Child’s Haircut & Style Consultation

No matter what the age of the child – baby, toddler, pre-teen, a child’s haircut and style can sometimes be a bit confusing for the parents. Knowing this, we meet with you for a no-cost consultation to go over all the basics, as well as ask essential questions that will ultimately result in a cut that you and your child will adore!

Here are a few questions your hair consultant may ask:

  • Does your child like his or her current hairstyle?
  • If the children are at a fashion sense age – do they like spending time on their hair in the morning, or would they prefer a wash and go cut?
  • If your child is outdoors often, are you concerned about the effects of the extreme Las Vegas heat on their hair?
  • How often do you bring your child in to have their hair trimmed?

If your child is at an age where they would not need your attention during their appointment, we offer women’s haircuts, and men’s haircuts if you would like to schedule an appointment for yourself.

The Salon at Lakeside – Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Children’s Hair

Our Las Vegas child’s haircut specialists work with children’s hair on a regular basis. This has enabled them to become an authority on the subject. They often receive questions from parents who need a little expert advice. Take a look at a few popular questions that have come our way:

How do I prepare for my child’s first haircut?

Baby's First Haircut Packages at The Salon at Lakeside in Las VegasThis is a great question and an important one too. Being that this is a new experience for your child, you will want to prepare him or her for their first haircut. Here are a few tips that will make coming to our salon an exceptional experience for you and your child:

  • We recommend bringing your child, if possible, to a few of your hair appointments beforehand. It will allow them to see what to expect, and get them used to the salon experience. It will also enable them to see that mommy or daddy also get haircuts, and that alone will make them more comfortable when it’s their turn.
  • Bring your little one in for a haircut during a time that you know they will be more alert. If your child arrives just before nap time, it might be difficult for them.
  • For smaller children, as a backup, bring their favorite toy, or a small snack.
  • Some children don’t feel comfortable having a protective cape placed over their shirt. It’s recommended that you bring an additional shirt. This comes in handy when the cape is refused!
  • When explaining the hair appointment to your child, avoid using the word “cut”. Instead, use words such as “trim” or “style”.

My child’s hair is always a tangled mess. What’s your recommendation for proper detangling?

Children’s hair can be prone to knots and tangles. It can often be a difficult task, and sometimes painful to remove them. Using an in-shower conditioner will help, to some extent, prevent tangles from the beginning. This is the process we suggest for removing tangles: First, we recommend purchasing a wide-tooth comb. You will also need to pick up a quality hair detangler, or leave-in conditioner. Apply the hair product, and using the wide-tooth comb, start working out the tangles from the bottom up. Be sure to firmly hold the hair with your hand, just above the area you are combing. This prevents the hair from pulling. Keep working your way up until the section is tangle-free. Repeat this process, section by section.

My daughter plays soccer; is there a practical hairstyle for an active sport such as this?

Best Las Vegas Hair Salon for ChildrenYes! We suggest a chic bob cut. This particular hairstyle holds up well to high activity levels, especially for those who play sports such as soccer. This adorable hairstyle keeps the hair out of the eyes, and is not as prone to the tangles that are seen in longer lengths.

A bob cut for children typically has a length that ends at the chin level or just below. Straight across bangs look especially cute with this short haircut. Straight or curly hair works well, as does thin or thick hair. This easy to maintain style is also a great choice for children living in Las Vegas due to the fact this style holds up well in the heat.

You Will Want to Also Check Out Our Adult Salon Services

Although we are known for our amazing salon services for children in the Las Vegas area, we also cater to adults. We have packages for just about any type of service you may need pertaining to hair, nails, skin care, lashes, brows, and more. For instance, we offer traditional makeup services, acrylic full set packages, as well as hair treatment mask sessions that provides healthy, beautiful hair, and microneedling appointments for those who have specific skin issue they want to address. Below you will find more of our popular salon services offered at our Summerlin salon:

  • Do you have acrylic nails? If so, you will eventually need to book an appointment for acrylic fills; You can easily do this at our Summerlin salon.
  • For those wishing they had fuller lashes that look natural, we recommend our classic eyelash extensions package.
  • Book a spa pedicure appointment and expect to have a relaxing experience at our lakeside salon.
  • We can do your hair for you when you need to look your best. This is done with our blow dry hair styling package offered at our Las Vegas salon.
  • Our full face waxing services are perfect for anyone wanting a smooth, peach fuzz free face. We also have an affordable chin waxing package for those who are interested.
  •  We can provide you with an elegant updo styling package when you have a special occasion on the calendar.
  • Check out our wave and curl perm page to see how this package can add perfect curls and body to your hair.
  • Add some highlights to your hair that look natural with our partial hair highlights services.
  •  Bring your facial skin back to life with our popular dermaplaning services that successfully remove dead skin cells and more.
  • Get your nails perfectly done at our salon near downtown Vegas with our gel pedicure package. Or, you can schedule our cost-effective gel mani pedi package so both your hands and feet are taken care of. We also have a French polish tips add-on package that you can use with any nail service.
  • The Salon at Lakeside in Summerlin can apply 3D volume eyelash extensions for you so your eyelashes look noticeably full and beautiful. Our salon also provides a lash lift package that will keep your natural lashes curled when you’re not using extensions.
  • Come see us when you want to transition from classic to volume eyelashes; we will do it for you at an affordable price.
  • For those who would like to keep their eyebrows in perfect condition, all you have to do is book a Las Vegas brow shaping appointment, or schedule our eyebrow extensions package.
  • Any time your nails are not looking 100 percent perfect, book a quick nail polish change session at our Summerlin beauty salon.
  • The Salon at Lakeside has several permanent makeup packages that we think you will be interested in.
  • We offer convenient head massage packages that can be added to any salon service we offer.
  • Our Clark County salon has affordable bridal salon services that will have you looking sensational on your wedding day.
  • Get ready to look glamorous with our 6D-10D volume eyelash extensions package. Also, don’t forget that we offer eyelash extensions removal sessions.
  • Take care of your feet with a traditional pedicure, or go all out and schedule a traditional mani pedi session. We also have nail repair services if anything should happen to your nails.
  • Our salon near downtown Las Vegas can offer you 4D-5D volume eyelash extensions services that will have your lashes looking sensational. Or, you can book our popular mink eyelash extensions package if that’s your preference.
  • Our salon has a team of professional hair color specialists that are here to help you achieve your beauty goals with our hair color correction services, and other color-related packages.
  • If your hair is over processed or looks dull, be sure to book a deep conditioning hair treatment or hair mask repair treatment package. Our salon also has Brazilian Blowout services that can create a sleek, healthy look.

We Specialize in Haircuts for Kids and Can’t Wait to Meet Your Little One!

We are the best place in Summerlin for children’s haircuts; let us prove it to you! If you would like to bring your child in for a free consultation and a cute or trendy hairstyle, give us a call at (702) 363-1313. Or, you can also reach us online. The Salon at Lakeside in Las Vegas will exceed your expectations and provide your child with a haircut that you will both love!