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Las Vegas Brow Shaping Packages in Summerlin

Having your eyebrows perfected can produce fabulous results, and is commonly done for special occasions, weddings, as well as for your everyday look. Because it’s such a popular salon service, we have put together an outstanding Las Vegas brow shaping package for our clientele. Below you will find details on what The Salon at Lakeside can do for you to create beautiful, symmetrical, perfect eyebrows. With that said, let’s get started and learn all about it!

Las Vegas Brow Shaping Package Pricing & Services

No matter what reasons you have for booking a brow shaping appointment at our Las Vegas salon, our experts will create a look for you that is picture-perfect. Not only that, our brow shaping package is very affordable, which will enable you to come in whenever needed. If you’re new to eyebrow shaping, the following information below will give you a better idea of what to expect during your appointment:

Brow Shaping Package: $25.00+

Pricing May Include the Following:

  • At The Salon at Lakeside, we include a free brow shaping consultation so that you and your salon specialist can determine the best path to take, which is based on your specific needs. It’s during this time that your eyebrows will be evaluated, questions will be asked, and a plan is mapped out.
  • Before moving forward with the actual Las Vegas brow shaping, we first ensure that there is no lotion, or makeup such as foundation, eyeshadow, or brow fillers in the area. If there is, we proceed to remove and clean the brow area so we can start with a clean canvas.
  • We may use a makeup pencil to draw the exact mapped out dimensions and shape to achieve perfect results.
  • Once the exact area for eyebrow hair removal is designated, a brow wax specialist will apply either cold wax strips, or warm wax to the brow area. After a specified amount of time, the wax is removed, and so is the hair that was targeted for removal.
  • After the wax and hair are removed, the area is cleaned and inspected to ensure the eyebrows are even and there are no stray hairs.
  • It’s worth mentioning that if you’re booking a Las Vegas brow shaping appointment for a special occasion, that it’s best not to have it done the day of your event. It’s common, and normal to have redness after a brow waxing. Booking your appointment the day before would allow the redness to fade before your event.
  • For those who come in to have their eyebrows refined, you may also want to look at the following packages that are commonly booked at the same time: 

Professional Brow Shaping Salon in the Desert Shores Community of Summerlin

Our beauty salon is conveniently located within Clark County, in Las Vegas. This allows us to serve the needs of those who are Las Vegas locals, as well as those from out of state who are visiting the ever-popular Vegas strip. No matter where you’re traveling from, once you step foot in our salon, you will experience a retreat-like atmosphere, complete with close-up views of Lake Jacquelin, as well as outstanding views of the foothills of Northwest Las Vegas. On top of that, The Salon at Lakeside sits within the Desert Shores Community of Summerlin, known to be a great area to spend the day. Feel free to stop by our salon for a personal tour; we would love to meet you.

Las Vegas Brow Waxing Professionals That Will Exceed Your Expectations

Affordable Eyebrow Shaping Packages Near the Vegas StripOur brow shaping technicians have extensive training, experience, and are well versed in the art of eyebrow perfecting.

We have many happy clients coming in and out of our salon on a weekly basis for the sole purpose of meeting with our brow technicians. So, you can be sure that your session will yield outstanding results!

This section is dedicated to learning more about the professionals at The Salon at Lakeside, so let’s dive into the information below so you can see just how awesome they really are:

  • Because we have a brow salon that’s located near downtown Vegas, which has people coming to our area from all over the world, and keeps us busy, our team has had a chance to work on eyebrows of all shapes and sizes.
  • We ensure our Las Vegas brow shaping experts are trained to do proper waxing techniques, and how to achieve the excellent results our clients expect.
  • The Salon at Lakeside provides our brow waxing team with modern equipment, supplies, and everything else that is required to make your appointment a successful one.
  • Our team is licensed in the state of Nevada, which ensures a professional session, no matter what type of appointment you are booking.
  • The specialists that work with our clientele are capable of providing any salon service that’s needed – this may include one process hair color packages, and affordable hair mask repair treatment appointments, lip waxing packages, brow tinting, as well as updo hair styling sessions for those who have a special occasion coming up. We also offer services for those who have a wedding scheduled, you can read all the details on our main bridal salon packages page.

Free Salon Consultations Near Downtown Vegas

Because we know how important it is to have a consultation before we begin shaping your eyebrows, we included it free in your package. A salon consultation is essential because it will give you and your brow specialist a chance to discuss your goals for your appointment, as well as answer any questions you may have. Your brows will be evaluated so the two of you can create an action plan for perfecting them.

During your meeting, you will be asked a few questions by your salon technician, and below we are providing you with a few of them, so you’re more prepared:

  • Have you had your brows shaped at a salon in the past, or is this your first time?
  • If your brows have been previously waxed, have you ever had a skin reaction?
  • Can you describe the shape you’re hoping for, or did you bring along any images?
  • Do you have any concerns you would like to address regarding having your brows waxed?
  • Would you like to discuss any of our other salon services, such as a color retouch, or our prom updos, a traditional manicure, a chin waxing session, brow extensions, or perhaps our blow dry hair styling package?

Eyebrow Shaping Commonly Asked Questions

Because we have so many clients booking Las Vegas brow shaping packages on a weekly basis, we have had the pleasure of answering a lot of questions on the topic. This especially holds true for those who are coming in for the first time. We would like to share a few of these questions with you, along with the answers, to give you a better understanding of the subject at hand:

What is brow shaping?

Brow Waxing Services Near Downtown VegasBrow shaping is the process of taking specific steps that produce perfectly symmetrical, beautiful eyebrows, with a shape that compliments your eyes and other facial features.

This process is accomplished through the following actions that carefully removes unwanted hair:

  • You first meet with your Las Vegas brow specialist to get a fully customized plan to perfect your eyebrows.
  • We ensure the brow area is clean with no makeup remaining.
  • A specialist will measure and map out your specified brow shape, and sometimes outline the area with a brow pencil to mark where the wax should be placed.
  • Hot or cold wax strips are applied, and then removed, along with the unwanted hair.

How often should I have my eyebrows waxed?

Most clients have their eyebrows waxed every 4 weeks. However, everyone varies due to their hair growth pace. We have some clients who can extend it to 6 weeks, and others who feel they need a brow wax in only 2 weeks. For those who have a lot of hair growth in only a few weeks, we recommend general maintenance at home, so you can extend the time between visits. You can do this by simply tweezing the hair that has grown out in the brow area. Speak to your brow technician during your consultation for more tips on keeping brows looking great between salon appointments.

What’s the difference between brow shaping and a brow fill?

Desert Shores Salon Offering the Best Brow Shaping PackagesBrow shaping, as explained above, is done through professional waxing techniques to remove unwanted hair growth, and produces symmetrical, tidy eyebrows.

On the other hand, a brow fill does not include waxing, or attention to unwanted hair growth, but instead, includes techniques to make the eyebrows look more full, as well as more balanced.

A brow fill package is good for those who may have removed too much hair from the brow area, and it resulted in a thin, sparse look. It’s also great for clients who have gray eyebrows, or have naturally light, and naturally thin eyebrows.

The following tools are typically used during a brow fill session:

  • Colored brow mousse is perfect for those who have eyebrows that have turned gray.
  • A colored powder is great for those clients who worn born with lighter eyebrows.
  • A colored brow pencil is a common brow filling tool used to fill in thinned out areas that you want to look fuller, and works well with all eyebrow types.
  • We also use brow wax to help the color stay in place, and prevent smudging.

Additional Salon Services in the Las Vegas Area

As you can see, our salon located in Las Vegas offers outstanding brow shaping services, but we offer much more than that. We are a full-service beauty salon with an array of services to meet all your needs. This includes such appointments for those who are in need of classic eyelash extensions, or 3D volume lash extensions, an airbrush makeup appointment, as well as anyone who desires a perm, or a gel manicure. Oh, and let’s not forget about our relaxing head massages!

Schedule Your Brow Shaping Package at The Salon at Lakeside!

The Salon at Lakeside is known for its affordable Las Vegas brow shaping packages that produce the look our clients are after. Our skilled brow specialist can have your eyebrows looking tidy, balanced, and beautiful. If you would like to book a brow shaping appointment at our Summerlin salon, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at (702) 363-1313. Our team can’t wait to meet you and create the stunning eyebrows you have been hoping for!