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The Salon at Lakeside has an outstanding team of Las Vegas bridal makeup artists that are known for creating a stunning look for their wedding day clientele. Our bridal makeup artists have an eye for what looks sensational, as well as the experience to apply makeup in such a way that shows beautifully in ceremony and reception photos. Our team goes above and beyond to make sure your wedding day appearance exceeds your expectations, and to ensure you have an outstanding experience during your appointment. With that said, below you will find all the fabulous details on our bridal makeup services and what we can do for you on your special day.

Las Vegas Bridal Makeup Pricing & Services

The Salon at Lakeside offers exceptional bridal makeup services at affordable prices that keep you within your wedding budget. Additionally, we care about all our bridal clientele and want to ensure they leave our salon knowing they look as beautiful as they have envisioned they would look on their wedding day. We also take care of every detail to make sure your makeup looks flawless. Please view our bridal makeup services below to see what you have to look forward to on the day of your wedding:

Las Vegas Bridal Makeup Application Package: $110.00+ 

Price May Include the Following Services:

    • We include a bridal makeup consultation at no charge to you.
    • To start with a clean canvas, we utilize a quality facial cleanser.
    • A primer is applied to the skin to create an even surface and to lengthen the stay-time of the cosmetics that will be used.
    • Your Las Vegas bridal makeup artist will apply foundation to achieve a uniform and flawless complexion.
    • Blush is utilized to add a touch of color to the cheeks and adds a radiant glow.
    • Eyeliner and eyeshadow are used to define the eyes and add a dramatic or soft look.
    • We use water-proof mascara to produce attractive full lashes.
    • With many shades to choose from, a long-lasting lipstick is applied.
    • Bridal makeup appointments are typically booked with one of the following bridal hair appointments:

Popular Bridal Makeup Salon in the Desert Shores Community of Summerlin

Our Las Vegas bridal makeup salon is located in the upscale Desert Shores area of Summerlin – a lovely place to spend the day and enjoy the scenery. Additionally, The Salon at Lakeside sits on the shores of Lake Jacqueline, which provides a relaxing atmosphere that our bridal clientele always enjoy. When you arrive, you will also notice the beautiful foothills of Northwest Las Vegas off in the distance. All this, and more, make The Salon at Lakeside a premier bridal salon near downtown Vegas. We invite you to stop in to see for yourself just how exceptional our bridal makeup and hair salon really is.

Professional Bridal Makeup Specialists in Las Vegas

Wedding Makeup Salon Near Downtown VegasWhen it comes to bridal makeup salons in Las Vegas, we are considered the very best. Our makeup experts have been in the business for many years and have a reputation that exceeds them – they are capable of meeting all your wedding day salon needs.

Take a look at a few details on our bridal makeup artists:

  • Experienced and trained to produce any wedding makeup request, as well as possess the ability to take the lead, when asked, and create a beautiful look based on your facial features, hair, and dress.
  • Always on top of the latest wedding makeup trends.
  • Our Las Vegas bridal makeup specialists apply only the very best quality cosmetic brands.
  • Able to book appointments for just the bride, or the entire wedding party – bridesmaids, flower girls, mother-of-the-bride, and so on.
  • Offer a wide-range of wedding salon services such as bridal hair updos, bridal nails, and so on.

Complementary Las Vegas Bridal Makeup Consultation

It’s always a wise idea to sit down and talk with your wedding makeup specialist before any cosmetics are applied, especially as a bride. A consultation will provide you with the opportunity to talk about your preferences and dislikes, concerns, requests, as well as share any images you may have brought along with you. Your Las Vegas bridal makeup artist will also have a chance to ask important questions, as well as give you expert advice. By the end of the consultation, you and your wedding salon makeup technician will be on the same page as to what direction to go in, which makes for a more productive appointment.

Here are a few questions that your Las Vegas bridal makeup application specialist may ask you:

  • Do you have a specific look you’re after – dramatic, natural, glamour?
  • Does your skin tend to be dry or oily?
  • Have you had any allergic reactions to cosmetics in the past?
  • Do you have any images of specific makeup applications that you like?
  • Will you be wearing a veil over your face?
  • Do you have a color scheme in mind for eyeshadow, lipstick, and so on?
  • Would you be interested in learning about our bridal airbrush makeup applications?

Wedding Day Makeup Application Q&A

There are many aspects of makeup applications – staying power, wrinkle reduction, enhancing facial features, and the list goes on. With that said, the Las Vegas bridal makeup experts at The Salon at Lakeside have had many questions come their way over the years, and love sharing their knowledge with their clients. Below you will find a few of our top questions pertaining to traditional bridal makeup applications.

Will my makeup stay on the entire wedding – from the ceremony to the reception?

Best Las Vegas Makeup Packages for Brides and BridesmaidsA lot goes on during a wedding – from tears of joy, to hours of dancing, to extra warm weather conditions. With that in mind, it’s understandable that a bride might be worried about her beautiful makeup not looking so perfect as the day progresses.

There is no need to worry though because over the years, as more and more weddings have taken place, not only have salon experts figured out ways to keep makeup perfected all day, but the cosmetic industry has created many products specifically geared towards staying power.

Let’s jump into a few techniques bridal makeup artists utilize during their wedding day appointments:

  1. Skin Preparation: Your wedding salon makeup expert may advise you to take a few extra steps before your wedding day appointment. This might include exfoliating the face, starting a few weeks before, with a loofa that can be purchased at most stores. It may also be recommended that you moisturize your face in the weeks leading to your wedding day. This will help prepare your skin so it’s in prime condition, even and smooth, and ready for a makeup application. Preparing the skin in such a way creates a canvas that is optimal for having the makeup stay on throughout the day.
  2. Foundation: Using the proper foundation is key to flawless looking skin that lasts throughout your entire wedding day. The best foundation formulas to use are oil-free, as opposed to those that include emollient ingredients which don’t have as much staying power. Before the foundation is applied, a primer that acts as a base, as well as hydrates the skin, is applied. A foundation color is matched to your skin and applied over the primer. Next, a translucent powder should be applied. This locks in the foundation, as well as keeps any oils at bay that typically increase the chances of your makeup fading.
  3. Blush: Las Vegas bridal makeup experts agree that, although still workable, regular powder blush may not last till the end of your wedding reception. However, what they do agree on is that a liquid or gel type blush may last much longer. If you prefer a powder blush, it should be applied a bit darker knowing it may fade a little as the day continues.
  4. Eye Shadow: An eye shadow primer should be added first as a base to assist the actual eye shadow in adhering – this is best for powder eye shadows, as compared to cream based. Or, the primer can be skipped if the eye shadow is applied with a damp eye makeup brush, which also has more staying power than just brushing on dry powder eye shadow.
  5. Eyeliner: The reliable way to ensure that the eyeliner stays in place is to use liquid or gel liners as compared to a pencil applicator.
  6. Mascara: It’s important to use water-proof mascara, this will get you through the day even with some tears that are typical during the ceremony.
  7. Lipstick: There are plenty of long-lasting lipsticks out on the market and The Salon at Lakeside uses only the highest quality selection on their bridal clientele. A pro tip we may use for getting the lipstick to stay longer is to outline the lips with a lip pencil that matches your lipstick shade.

How qualified is The Salon at Lakeside in Las Vegas to do bridal makeup?

This is a great question, and the answer is “very qualified”. Our salon is located in the wedding capital of the world, and also happens to be near downtown Vegas. Because of this, We book many weddings each week for brides and their wedding party which has given us extensive experience over many years, and many happy brides. Additionally, our bridal makeup experts are fully licensed in the state of NV, and are armed with extensive knowledge of wedding makeup techniques.

I’ve been told that I should wear more makeup on my wedding day than I normally do, is this right?

Traditional Bridal Makeup Application Packages for Bride and Wedding PartyAlthough you may not be used to wearing too much makeup, brides typically should wear more than they would on a normal day. Why is this the case? For starters, your wedding day is no ordinary day. So, going all out with a beautiful full makeup session is to be expected.

More makeup tends to make for pictures that look outstanding. If you have very light makeup applied and it’s a bright sunny day, or the photographer is using a flash, it’s possible that your makeup can be a bit washed out.

However, when you have a well-defined makeup application, it shows up beautifully for the pictures. We don’t suggest heavy makeup, just an application that shows well and stands out as stunning.

Here’s What Else Our Las Vegas Bridal Salon Offers

We are a full-service salon located near downtown Las Vegas. Due to our location, we need to have a variety of services to take care of all our client’s needs – from partial hair highlights, as well as head massages, to women’s haircuts. We have listed below our most popular services that may be of interest to brides, as well as those who are just having a fun night out in Las Vegas.

Bridal Salon Services

Traditional Salon Services

Let Our Las Vegas Bridal Makeup Experts Create a Beautiful Look for You on Your Wedding Day!

The Salon at Lakeside in Las Vegas is known for its professional bridal makeup services, as well as its exceptional customer service. We know just how important this day is for any bride and want to make sure our bridal clientele have the very best experience in all ways – from enjoying the relaxing atmosphere, to looking fabulous at the end of the appointment! You can easily book your bridal makeup appointment in our Summerlin bridal salon by calling (702) 363-1313, or contacting us online. Our bridal salon team can’t wait to meet you and create a look that will have heads turning on your wedding day!