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If your wedding day is approaching, and you’re looking for a trusted salon that can create a beautiful Las Vegas bridal hair updo, we are happy to inform you that your search is over! The Salon at Lakeside is well-known for its exceptional updos. We have bridal hair specialists that can create a fabulous look for you on your special day – it’s what we do best. With that in mind, we know you’re excited to dive into all the details of our Las Vegas bridal updo hairstyling services. So, let’s begin!

Las Vegas Bridal Hair Updo Pricing & Services

The bridal team at The Salon at Lakeside is aware that most brides have a wedding budget. With that said, we have designed our Las Vegas bridal salon services so that they are affordable. Additionally, our bridal updo appointments come with everything needed to make your wedding day one to remember – let’s see what you have to look forward to when you visit our popular bridal salon near downtown Vegas:

Las Vegas Bridal Hair Updo Package Services: $135.00+ 

  • Pricing May Include the Following Bridal Hair Services:
    • Your appointment includes a free personalized bridal hair consultation to discuss styling possibilities, view images that you may bring in, and come up with an outstanding plan for your wedding day hairstyle.
    • Most updos begin with the bride-to-be pre-washing their hair the night before to allow for the desired hair texture that’s best for an updo hairstyle. 
    • If the bride requests that their hair be washed and blow dried during their bridal updo appointment, there will be a $40 upgrade charge.
    • Due to the occasion, nothing but the very best quality hair products will be utilized to allow for a healthy look that holds throughout the entire day. This includes shine enhancers, hairspray, and the like.
    • We use professional industry hairstyling equipment such as high-end curling irons, as well as flat irons, and rollers.
    • Your Las Vegas bridal updo hairstylist can also place special items that you bring to your appointment. This includes elements such as your wedding veil, barrettes, pins, as well as flowers. Our bridal salon will also have wedding hair accessories available for purchase such as pearls and rhinestone pins.
    • If you’re interested in having your bridal makeup done by a salon expert, please see the following pages:

Bridal Updo Hairstyling Services Near Downtown Vegas

When you visit our bridal salon in Las Vegas, you not only enjoy having your hair professionally styled for your wedding, you will also be able to experience a retreat-like atmosphere. Our popular Las Vegas wedding hair salon sits on the shores of a beautiful lake, which allows for breathtaking views as we pamper you during your appointment. Additionally, the Desert Shores area of Summerlin features a lovely landscape and a high-end feel. This, and other reasons, makes our Las Vegas wedding hair salon a popular place to have a bridal hair updo near downtown Vegas.

Our Wedding Hair Stylists are the Best in the Industry

We know that when it comes to your wedding day, you only want to book an appointment with the best Las Vegas bridal hair updo stylist. We want you to know that at The Salon at Lakeside, our wedding hair stylists have many years of experience and produce outstanding results. The fact that we are located in Las Vegas, the wedding capital of the world, gives us the chance to create wedding updos on a weekly basis – which makes us experienced professionals.

Bridal Hair Updo Wedding Salon Near Downtown VegasHere is a summary of what our Las Vegas bridal hair salon specialists can do for their clients:

  • Experienced in creating all bridal hair updo styles. This includes knowing what styles are perfect for long, medium, and short hair types, as well as different hair textures.
  • Trained and experienced in knowing which hair product will work best with wedding updos – special gels, heat protectant products, as well as hairsprays that will hold throughout the entire ceremony and reception.
  • Up-to-date with the most popular trends in Las Vegas wedding hairstyles which includes the beautiful twisted bun updo, elegant detailed knots, and much more.
  • Our stylists are capable of handling large wedding parties – brides, bridesmaids, and family members.
  • All our Las Vegas wedding hair stylists are professionally licensed in the state of Nevada.
  • The team at The Salon at Lakeside offers many wedding day services. To view them, visit our main bridal salon page.

Personalized Wedding Updo Consultation with a Las Vegas Bridal Hair Stylist

We offer complimentary bridal hair updo consultations. Although we include this free meeting with a stylist on all our services, it’s especially important when it comes to our bridal appointments. We take the time to speak with you about all your wedding updo ideas, view images that you may have brought in, give you our professional advice if a style will work well with your hair texture, and so on. In addition to this, we go over any concerns you may have, as well as ask you a set of questions to ensure the bride-to-be and her wedding stylist are on the same page.

To make sure you are prepared for your Las Vegas bridal hair updo consultation, here is a list of questions that we may ask you:

  • Do you have a specific bridal updo style in mind – full updo, partial updo, or something else?
  • Did you bring an example of the style you are interested in?
  • What type of neckline will your wedding dress have and will you be wearing any accessories?
  • How much volume do you prefer for your bridal updo – low, mid, or high crown?
  • If curls are included in your chosen style, do you know if your hair texture will hold up well or will it need extra attention to keeping it in place?
  • Do you have any concerns about your Las Vegas bridal hair appointment?

The above questions would actually be perfect for a bridal hair updo trial run, as compared to the actual day of your wedding. This will ensure that all the details, big and small, are worked out ahead of time. Talk to one of the team members at The Salon at Lakeside about scheduling your trial updo appointment. If you prefer not to book a trial run, no problem! We will take advantage of our consultation time to ensure we create an incredible Las Vegas wedding updo that will certainly impress everyone!

Your stylist will also talk to you about scheduling a manicure and pedicure, if you have not already done so.

Bridal Hair Updo Frequently Asked Questions

Because of our location near downtown Vegas, where many weddings take place, we style the bride’s hair, along with their wedding party, on a weekly basis. This has given us the opportunity to answer many questions over the years that our clients had during their appointments. With that said, we would like to share some of our most popular bridal hair updo questions that have come our way:

Should I consider my dress design when choosing a specific bridal updo hairstyle?

Las Vegas Bridal Hair Updo Services at The Salon at LakesideAbsolutely, your wedding dress can determine the style of your updo. Typically there are two types of dress categories – detailed or simple/structured. The first one, as it suggests, may be heavily detailed with lace, beads, embellishments, and more. The second may be referred to as a modern look that sports simple clean lines with fewer details.

For brides who choose a more detailed wedding dress, you would not want your hair to look as though it is competing with your dress by featuring a detailed updo style. In this case, a more softer look with loose curls and not too many accessories would work better.

If you go with a more simple structured dress, having a hairstyle with a structured look that features clean lines will match perfectly with your dress. This can include a traditional bun, a chignon, as well as a French twist.

Do you recommend a centered or to-the-side wedding updo style?

One thing to consider when making a decision for a centered or side style, is the type of earrings your will be wearing. If you plan on wearing the beautiful diamond earrings that were handed down to you from past generations, or stunning earrings that you just purchased and want to show off, then a centered or middle updo would be best.

This will keep the hair from sitting behind your gorgeous earrings so they can be seen clearly. If you’re not much into earrings, will only be wearing small stud-like earring, or not wearing any at all, then a bridal updo that has a side style would be fitting, as it can add an element of curls or waves around the neck.

Is it important to have a bridal updo trial run before the wedding day?

Updo Wedding Hairstylists in Las Vegas Yes, a bridal hair updo trial run is essential! Of course, you don’t have to schedule one, but it’s highly recommended. Why? Because it will give you the time to test out the style you feel is best, as well as give you time to experiment, and so on.

Just imagine showing up to your bridal hair salon the morning of your wedding, and you decide the updo style doesn’t look right with your particular facial structure, or it doesn’t look well with the neckline of your dress. At this point, the clock is ticking and you don’t have the time to experiment with a whole new style, and you really wouldn’t want that extra added stress. In sum, a trial one is important and will ensure everything goes smoothly on your wedding day!

Additional Wedding Salon Services in Las Vegas

There may be a few additional salon services that would be perfect for a bride-to-be, with some that may be best a week before, or even days before your ceremony, and of course, the day of your wedding. For instance, you may not want to get your nails done the morning of your wedding. Instead, you might want that time reserved for just your hair and makeup. So, scheduling a gel mani-pedi appointment a day or two before would be a good idea.

Here are a few other services you may want to consider for your wedding day, as well as non-wedding related services you may be interested in some time in the future:

Bridal Salon Services

  • Find out why everyone loves our wedding day bridal hair styling packages, and why you will too!
  • No one should have to be exposed to harmful UV rays trying to get a tan. Stop by The Salon at Lakeside for a Las Vegas bridal spray tan session!
  • Make sure everyone notices how beautiful your eyes are by booking a bridal lash tint session, or if you want to really impress everyone on your wedding day, schedule a bridal strip lashes package.
  • Ensure your makeup lasts throughout the entire day with a bridal airbrush makeup package from The Salon at Lakeside.
  • You can create the hair length that you love with a bridal clip-in hair extensions package.
  • Ensure your makeup looks picture-perfect for your wedding day with a bridal makeup appointment at our salon in the Desert Shores area of Summerlin.
  • Las Vegas is known for creative weddings and we cater to that with our bridal fantasy hair and makeup appointments!
  • Let us take care of both your hair and makeup with our sensational bridal hair and airbrush makeup package – you will love the results!
  • Every bride should have perfect eyebrows on their wedding day, and you can too by booking a bridal brow wax appointment, or scheduling a fabulous bridal brow fill and strip lashes session for an outstanding look. You can also opt to book our bridal brow tint package offered at our salon near downtown Vegas.
  • You will need your hair and cosmetics done on your wedding day, right? Then be sure to reserve your special day by booking our Las Vegas bridal updo hair and makeup package.
  • No bride should have to drive on her wedding day if she doesn’t want to, or doesn’t have the time. With that said, take a look at our mobile bridal hair and makeup package page, and our mobile bridal makeup page as well. Don’t forget that we can also travel to you if you only need your hair styled with our mobile bridal hair package.
  • Have a worry-free day by letting us hide your tattoo for your wedding day with a bridal tattoo coverage appointment.
  • Children can look so adorable in weddings, and our flower girl hair and makeup package helps them look their cutest.
  • Don’t try to do your own hair or cosmetics on your special day, leave that up to us by booking our Las Vegas bridal hair and makeup package.
  • He may think that doing his own hair and grooming on his wedding day is a good idea, but you know that it should be left up to the experts with a wedding day grooming for men package.
  • Let the wedding day salon professionals create an incredible look by scheduling a bridal hair blowout session at our Summerlin Desert Shores salon!
  • It’s not a good idea to try out your hairstyle the day of your wedding, so make sure to book a bridal trial hair and makeup package at our Las Vegas bridal salon.

Traditional Salon Services

  • If your roots need attention before your big day, then book a color retouch, we will take care of it for you. Also, if you want to change your hair color before your wedding day, or maybe it’s just time for a coloring, we offer one process hair color appointments.
  • For those who would like to have some added texture to their hair on their big day, a perm will do the trick. Just be sure to book it well in advance of your wedding day to have that extra time to let the perm settle in.
  • Partial highlights are a great way to make your hair look fabulous for your wedding pictures, as well as balayage hair highlights.
  • If another salon didn’t do a great color job, don’t stress, we can fix it with our color correction services.
  • A hair mask repair treatment will not only make your hair happy, it’s a relaxing spa treatment you will love.
  • Be sure to schedule your nail appointments in time before your wedding by booking a Las Vegas gel manicure or gel pedicure.
  • For your big day, or even just for a night out in Las Vegas, we offer traditional makeup application services.
  •  If you ever need an updo hairstyling specialist after your wedding, we are here for you.
  •  Come in the day before your wedding for a relaxing head massage, it will help you destress.
  • Head over to our main salon packages page to check out all our services offered in Summerlin.
  • If you have not had your hair cut for some time, it would be best to come in for a women’s haircut before your wedding day. This will ensure your bridal hair updo looks its absolute best.
  •  For any time after the wedding, for those who live in the Las Vegas area, stop in for a wash & style!
  • We also want you to know that whenever you come in for an appointment, wedding or non-wedding related, you can also have your friends, significant other, or children come with you because we offer men’s hair grooming services, as well as children’s haircut appointments.

Our Las Vegas Bridal Hair Updo Wedding Stylists Will Exceed Your Expectations!

Your wedding day may be the most important day of your life, so of course you will want to look your absolute best. Here at The Salon at Lakeside, we specialize in creating incredible Las Vegas bridal hair updos that will impress your guests and look fabulous in your ceremony photos. We are here to make your wedding dreams come true, so give us a call at (702) 363-1313. Or, reach out to us online. Our team of wedding stylists have the experience to style a bridal updo masterpiece that you will fall in love with.