Las Vegas Bridal Salon Packages

Las Vegas Bridal Salon Packages for Wedding Day Hair and Makeup

If you’re marrying the one you love in the wedding capital of the world, then you will have a chance to experience all that The Salon at Lakeside has to offer, including its exceptional Las Vegas bridal salon packages. We can provide you with any wedding day service you may need such as a bridal hair and makeup session, tanning services, airbrush makeup appointments, lash tinting, and other essential wedding salon packages. Additionally, our team of bridal experts are highly experienced and have worked with many brides over the years to help prepare them for their special day. With that in mind, you can feel confident knowing you are in good hands on the most important day of your life.

The Best Bridal Salon Experts in the Las Vegas Area

The Best Bridal Salon In The Las Vegas Area
About Our Las Vegas Bridal Salon

We thought you might want a few details about who you will be working with when you book a Las Vegas bridal salon package with us. Our full-service salon has a team of exceptional wedding day beauty experts who love working with brides on their big day. Additionally, they are fully experienced in all things pertaining to preparing a bride, or a groom for the wedding cameras, the ceremony, and the like.

Let’s take a closer look at what skills our bridal team is equipped with here at The Salon at Lakeside:

  • Because our bridal salon is located near downtown Vegas, and in the wedding capital of the world, we have brides coming through our doors on a weekly basis. Why is this important? Because it has created a situation where our team has gained extensive experience working with bridal clientele.
  • Here at our Las Vegas bridal salon, our staff is well versed in all things beauty. This means that they are able to provide any service you are in need of, such as bridal hair styling and traditional makeup packages, clip-in hair extensions that add length and volume, wedding day tattoo coverage for those brides who don’t want their body art to distract guests, brow fill and strip lashes sessions, and bridal fantasy hair and makeup, just to name a few.
  • You can be sure that whoever becomes your bridal specialist will do an exceptional job. This is the case because all of us here at The Salon at Lakeside share the excitement of our bridal clientele’s wedding day. It’s our pleasure to help you get ready for the most important day of your life!
  • All our bridal salon specialists are professionally licensed in the state of Nevada.

Las Vegas Bridal Salon Packages for Your Wedding Day

We have many bridal packages designed just for you and your wedding day needs. In addition to this, The Salon at Lakeside wedding team loves working with their bridal clientele, and they look forward to providing each and every one of them with a beautiful and exquisite look. Plus, our salon is located near downtown Vegas, in the Desert Shores Area of Summerlin, where many weddings take place, which makes visiting us the day of your wedding easy and convenient. For those brides who would rather not travel to our salon on their big day, we just happen to have Las Vegas mobile bridal services where we travel to you – see, we really do have a package for all your needs.

Begin with a Complimentary Bridal Salon Consultation

Before we dive into our fabulous Las Vegas wedding salon packages, we wanted to share the good news that all our bridal packages come with a complimentary consultation. No matter what type of bridal appointment you have scheduled – hair & makeup, lashes and brow services, and so on, we will meet with you to discuss your bridal needs, and get an outstanding plan in place for your appointment.

A bridal salon consultation is crucial to setting the stage for an efficient, productive, and streamlined appointment where you love the end result; this especially holds true because of the importance of the occasion. During your consultation, you will have a chance to discuss your needs, and bring up any concerns you may have. It’s also common to bring along images of other brides that are sporting your preferred look. Additionally, your bridal salon consultant will ask you a set of questions to better understand your needs.

Below you will find a sampling of the questions you may be asked, depending upon the type of bridal package you have scheduled:

  • Did you bring along an image of your wedding dress? If not, does it have an elaborate, detailed design, or a more simple look? This is an important question because if your dress has many embellishments, you may not want a highly detailed hairstyle since it may compete with your dress.
  • Can you provide bridal images of your must-have looks?
  • Would you like any hair accessories placed – a veil, flowers, clips, or pins? If wearing a veil, will it be placed over your face during the ceremony?
  • Are you going for an elegant bridal updo, or would you prefer a beautiful downdo?
  • When it comes to your Las Vegas wedding day makeup, are you interested in a glamorous, or natural look?
  • If you’re interested in strip lashes, do you prefer them to be a medium or long length?

1. Make Sure to Book Your Bridal Trial Hair & Makeup Packages: $80-180+

Bridal Trial Hair and Makeup Services Near Downtown Vegas
Bridal Trial Hair & Makeup Packages

We would like to start by spotlighting one package type in particular, which is our bridal trial hair and makeup packages. If you’re not familiar with trial runs at a beauty salon, it’s basically an appointment that takes place before your wedding day where you and your stylist “try out” your chosen hair and makeup.

We can’t express enough how important it is to have a trial run. However, we can give you this example – Imagine showing up for your wedding day appointment where you have allotted yourself three hours to have your hair and makeup completed. You have decided upon a fabulous detailed updo hairstyle, but after it’s completed, you realize it somehow just does not go well with your dress’s neckline. Now What? You just have to sport that style anyway because now you are out of time. This scenario doesn’t ever have to happen, and it’s why booking a Las Vegas trial hair and makeup package is so important. All you simply have to do is book a trial run where you come in a month, or even a week before your wedding day to try out that updo you have fallen in love with. If you decide you don’t like it as much as you thought you would, no problem, you have time to try another style – that’s the beauty of a trial run!

Although you can book a trial run for any bridal service by arranging it with your salon stylist, we have these specific Las Vegas bridal trial packages conveniently available:

  • Bridal Trial Hair: $80+
  • Bridal Trial Traditional Makeup: $80+
  • Bridal Trial Airbrush Makeup: $95+
  • Bridal Trial Traditional Makeup & Hair: $160+
  • Bridal Trial Airbrush Makeup & Hair: $180+

Be sure to visit our main Las Vegas bridal trial hair and makeup package page for all the essential details.

2. Las Vegas Bridal Hair Styling Packages

Our modern salon is known for its outstanding wedding day hair stylists who can create any look you’re after. In addition to this, our bridal hair packages are affordable and can fit perfectly into your budget. With that said, let’s dive into our popular wedding day hair packages:

Bridal Hair Blowout Package: $65-$85+

Wedding Day Salon with Affordable Hair Blowout Appointments in Summerlin
Bridal Hair Styling Blowout Package

Our Las Vegas bridal hair blowout package is popular among our wedding day clientele. Why is this the case? Because the stylists at The Salon at Lakeside produce amazing blowout results that are picture-perfect! For those who are not familiar with blowouts in general, it’s a popular hair styling method used by salons where the hair is washed and styled using a blow dryer, styling brushes, as well as salon styling products which include hairspray, gel, mousse, and the like.

We are able to perfectly style the hair using various size brushes and multiple hair dryer attachments to achieve a specific size curl or wave, or to produce a straight, silky appearance. The appointment doesn’t include the use of additional styling tools such as a curling iron, flat iron, hot curlers, and so on, unless an upgrade is requested.

Let’s take a closer look at what’s included when you book this Las Vegas bridal salon package:

  • Your bridal blowout appointment will begin by having your hair professionally washed and conditioned with high-quality salon products.
  • A heat protectant will be added, along with any styling products that will enhance your blow dry session.
  • Depending on the look you’re after, certain size brushes will be used in conjunction with a high-end hair dryer to achieve a specific look. Once completed, finishing spray is applied, along with other salon products such as a shine enhancer.
  • The final touch includes decorative accessories being placed, such as your wedding veil, barrettes, clips, flowers, and the like.

For more details on this salon service, visit our Las Vegas bridal hair blowout package page.

Bridal Hair Styling Package (Downdo): $95+

Bridal Hair Styling Packages in Desert Shores
Bridal Downdo Hair Styling Package

Our expert wedding salon team can create a stunning look for you on your big day with this Las Vegas bridal hair styling package! Additionally, it’s very cost-effective so it won’t break your wedding budget! This package is specifically for hair that is worn down, and can be styled to your preference – from gorgeous curls to long straight, sleek hair; we can help produce a fabulous look.

Our Las Vegas bridal salon packages come complete with everything you will need on your wedding day; read more about what’s included with this particular package:

  • Unlike a blowout session, this type of hair styling appointment does not include a shampoo and condition. Why? Because we found that this type of hairstyling, which includes the use of styling tools, holds and looks better when the hair is not washed right before styling. Washing the day before, or even just the night before can provide a better hair texture to work with, and reduce flyaways. Additionally, when the shampoo, condition, and blow dry are eliminated, this allows for more styling time. If you do, however, prefer that we wash and dry your hair the day of your appointment, we can easily do this with a $40 upgrade fee.
  • Your Las Vegas bridal hair styling salon expert will utilize certain styling tools to achieve a stunning wedding day look. This might include a flat iron, curling iron, hot curlers, and similar.
  • To produce a look that’s gorgeous and lasts through the entire event, we use a variety of professional styling products such as finishing spray, and shine enhancers for healthy-looking locks, just to name a few.
  • A wedding veil and any hair accessories you bring along will be placed for you as a finishing touch.

Visit our main Las Vegas bridal hair styling package page for more information on this wedding day salon service.

Bridal Hair Updo Package: $135+

Updo Bridal Hairstyling Salon in Las Vegas
Bridal Updo Hair Styling Package

For those who would like to wear their hair up for their special day, we offer you our Las Vegas bridal hair updo package. It’s perfect for those brides who want to boast an elegant style, as well as for those who have a casual updo in mind. Additionally, our Summerlin wedding salon is located near downtown Vegas, which has many brides booking appointments with us each week. With that said, the team at The Salon at Lakeside has extensive experience working with bridal clientele, especially when it comes to creating updo hairstyles.

We have listed a few details below regarding this outstanding bridal package:

  • Just like our basic bridal hair styling package for downdos, we recommend washing your hair the day before your Las Vegas bridal hair updo appointment. This is especially important with updos since flyaways can be more visible. For those brides who would prefer to have their hair washed and dried during the appointment anyway, we can arrange this for a $40 upgrade fee.
  • Any styling equipment that is needed to produce your wedding day updo will be utilized, as well as the best styling products to hold everything in place the entire day.
  • Updos look especially beautiful with hair accessories, and your salon expert will know how to perfectly place them for you. Bring along any hair accessories or arrange to purchase them from The Salon at Lakeside.

Make sure to visit our Las Vegas bridal updo hair styling package page for more inspiration.

Bridal Clip-In Hair Extensions Package: $40+

Bridal Clip-In Hair Extensions Packages for Las Vegas Weddings
Bridal Clip-In Hair Extensions Package

If you would like to sport longer hair on your wedding day, but don’t have enough time to grow your locks, or you want fuller hair, but can’t achieve it naturally, then you should book our Las Vegas bridal clip-in hair extensions package. This particular salon service can provide you with longer hair, more body, as well as added color or highlights.

Your Las Vegas bridal salon specialist can easily attach your clip-in hair extensions for you the day of your wedding. How it works is that a portion of synthetic, but natural-looking hair is connected to a clip at one end, and the clip is strategically placed in your hair near the root. It produces incredible results, and no one will know you’re wearing them because they are undetectable. Additionally, they won’t do any damage to your natural hair, and you can easily remove the extensions yourself at the end of the day.

Take a look at these additional details regarding this affordable wedding day package:

  • A Las Vegas bridal clip-in hair extension expert will start by brushing your hair to remove any unwanted tangles.
  • Your hair will be examined to determine the proper locations to attach the clips so that they are hidden and appear natural.
  • Clip-in hair extension length will be determined, and colors will be matched to your natural hair color, or other shades can be added if you prefer highlights.

Read more about our Las Vegas bridal clip-in hair extensions package if you’re in need of longer, fuller hair.

3. Las Vegas Bridal Makeup Packages

Every bride wants to look fabulous for the wedding cameras, and of course, for their husband-to-be, and that’s where our bridal makeup packages come in to play! The Salon at Lakeside in the Desert Shores Community of Summerlin offers two popular wedding day makeup packages – traditional and airbrushed. Let’s dive into both so you can determine which one is best for you and your wedding day needs:

Bridal Traditional Makeup Package: $110+

Traditional Bridal Makeup Packages at The Salon at Lakeside
Bridal Makeup Application Package

Wedding salon services such as this are a must, and that’s why we have made our Las Vegas bridal traditional makeup package affordable. In addition to this, when you book a wedding day makeup package with us, you can be sure that it will include everything that’s needed to meet your bridal makeup goals – from foundation that creates a flawless look, to eyeliner and mascara that define the eyes, we have you covered. If you love traditional makeup, this is the bridal salon package for you.

Now, let’s take a look at what’s included in a traditional makeup application session:

  • We begin with a high-quality cleanser, if needed, so we can start with a clean canvas.
  • Your Las Vegas bridal makeup technician will then proceed to apply a primer for a smooth surface. Utilizing primer will also ensure your makeup application will have more staying power.
  • Foundation is applied with special wedge applicators that allow for perfect blending; it helps create a natural and flawless look.
  • Blush is gently blended into the cheeks with a cushion-type applicator, which defines the cheekbones and adds a youthful, radiant look.
  • During your bridal salon makeup session, liquid or pencil eyeliner will be used to define the eyes, as well as quality eyeshadow.
  • Mascara is added as a final touch to the eyes, using a brush applicator, which produces the appearance of full, long lashes.
  • A cream lipstick is utilized that will allow for a long-lasting look, along with beautiful full lips.

Visit our Las Vegas bridal makeup application package page to read more about this outstanding wedding day service.

Bridal Airbrush Makeup Package: $130.00+

Clark County Bridal Salon Offering Airbrush Makeup Packages
Bridal Airbrush Makeup Application Package

For those of you who love airbrush makeup, and all the benefits that go along with it, The Salon at Lakeside has designed an outstanding Las Vegas bridal airbrush makeup package just for you and your bridesmaids! If you’re not familiar with airbrushed makeup applications, it’s a touchless technique for applying cosmetics that utilizes an airbrush gun, and special cosmetics.

It’s a preferred method of applying makeup because it eliminates the need for sponges, brushes, and the like. In addition to this, airbrush makeup can produce a uniform look, lightweight feel, is typically hypoallergenic, and has incredible staying power. Lastly, this technique allows for colors to be custom mixed to produce colors that match perfectly with your skin tone.

Let’s take a closer look at what you can expect during your appointment:

  • We start your Las Vegas bridal airbrush makeup session by applying a facial cleanser to remove any dirt or oils, if needed.
  • To create a smooth surface and base, we airbrush on a lightweight primer.
  • Your skin tone will be evaluated to determine what shade foundation will look natural with your complexion. Then, we custom mix our airbrush cosmetics to achieve that color.
  • Several passes of spray blush will be applied until a perfect glow is achieved.
  • Airbrushed eyeliner, eyeshadow, and mascara are carefully applied to produce a dramatic, glamorous, or subtle look.
  • The last step includes airbrushed lip color that will last throughout your wedding day.

Check out our Las Vegas bridal airbrush makeup package main page for more information.

4. Las Vegas Bridal Hair & Makeup Packages

Most brides realize they will need a complete wedding day appointment that takes care of both their hair and makeup. With that said, you will want to book one of our Las Vegas bridal hair and makeup packages; they can have you walking out our doors perfectly ready for the wedding alter.

Because we realize every bride is unique, we have created several packages to choose from. This includes traditional downdo hair and makeup, updo hair and makeup, fantasy, and a special package for flower girls. Let’s take a look at all these fantastic Las Vegas bridal salon packages so you can decide which one will perfectly fit your wedding day style!

Please Note: For all our Las Vegas bridal packages that include hair styling, with the exception of a blowout, we suggest that the hair be washed the day before to reduce flyaways and produce the needed styling texture. Please inquire with your stylist if you instead prefer to have your hair washed by us the day of your wedding so your package can be upgraded.

Bridal Hair & Makeup Package (Downdo): $185+

Salon Bridal Hair and Makeup Packages for Las Vegas Weddings
Bridal Hair & Makeup Application Package

The Salon at Lakeside is known for its combination Las Vegas bridal hair and makeup package. Why is this the case? Simply because our hair stylists and makeup artists are exceptional at what they do. On top of that, because we are located near downtown Vegas, many brides book appointments with us for this specific package. So, you can imagine the experience our team has. They are skilled at the art of perfecting our bridal clientele’s hair so that it’s picture-perfect, and they have the ability to create exceptional, flawless results when applying makeup.

This particular package uses traditional cosmetics, along with traditional methods of applying them. It also includes a full hair styling session where any styling tools or styling products can be utilized to produce the wedding day results you’re dreaming of.

Here are some details regarding our bridal hair and makeup package:

  • For the hair portion of your appointment, your salon stylist will utilize professional styling equipment such as various size curling irons, hot rollers, a flat iron, and the like.
  • Your Las Vegas bridal salon package will include the use of our salon-grade styling products that will add extra shine to your hair, hold your hair in place, and more.
  • The Salon at Lakeside will place wedding hair accessories for you, this includes a veil, clips, pins, flowers, or other accessories you may have.
  • Cosmetics such as foundation, blush, eye makeup, and lipstick will be applied using traditional applicators, creating a beautiful wedding day look.

You can read more about the traditional makeup we apply, as well as how we go about styling a bride’s hair, by visiting our Las Vegas bridal hair and makeup package page.

Bridal Updo Hair & Makeup Package: $185+

Bridal Salon Updo Hair and Makeup Packages in the Desert Shores Community of Summerlin
Bridal Updo Hair & Makeup Package

If you have been invited to more than a few weddings, you might have noticed that many brides are wearing their hair up. This is because it creates an elegant look that’s very fitting for a beautiful bride. With that in mind, we have created a fabulous Las Vegas bridal updo hair and makeup package. The hair stylists at The Salon at Lakeside in Summerlin have extensive experience creating many updo styles – from a casual charming look, to an exquisite princess – we can produce any wedding day look you’re after.

Let’s not forget about the makeup portion of this package since it will have you looking your very best during your ceremony, reception, and of course, your wedding photos. Your session will include the most popular traditional cosmetics, applied by the most talented bridal salon experts in the Las Vegas area.

Here are a few more details regarding this outstanding bridal salon package:

  • We utilize modern hair styling equipment such as curling irons, flat irons, and more, along with salon-grade styling products to ensure your bridal updo is a masterpiece.
  • As with all our bridal packages that include hairstyling, your salon specialist will place your wedding veil, if needed. They will also secure any hair accessories you bring to your appointment.
  • Your makeup session will start with a high-end facial cleanser, and your bridal makeup artist will proceed to work their magic by applying traditional makeup to achieve the look you have requested. This includes the use of a primer, cream foundation and blush, along with traditional eye makeup such as eyeliner, mascara and eyeshadow.

If you would like to learn more, please visit our Las Vegas bridal updo hair and makeup package page.

Bridal Hair & Airbrush Makeup Package (Updo or Downdo): $210+

Las Vegas Bridal Hair and Airbrush Salon for Updo or Downdo Wedding Day Styles
Bridal Hair & Airbrush Makeup Package

So, you would like your hair styled and also have airbrushed cosmetics applied; no problem – we have designed a Las Vegas bridal hair and airbrush makeup package that you will just love! It incorporates two of our in-demand services, and combines them both into one complete affordable wedding day package.

When you book this bridal salon package, you will have our top wedding hair stylist and makeup artist at your side, preparing you for your ceremony and reception. Choosing to go with a package that contains airbrushed cosmetics is a wise choice, as it will send you walking down the aisle with flawless, lightweight, long-lasting makeup that’s applied with a touchless application process.

Below you will find more details about this combination package that is available at our bridal salon near downtown Vegas:

  • All necessary styling tools such as a curling iron or flat iron, along with hair products, like shine enhancers and finishing spray, will be used by your bridal hair stylist to create a beautiful wedding day updo or downdo.
  • Our Las Vegas bridal hair expert can place your wedding veil, along with any hair accessories you provide.
  • Airbrush cosmetics will be applied using a professional airbrush gun that allows for a touchless application.
  • We will custom mix our airbrush foundation, blush, lip color, eyeliner, mascara, and eyeshadow colors to match your preferred color scheme.

If you would like to read more about this popular salon service, visit our Las Vegas bridal hair and airbrush makeup package; it’s full of useful wedding day information.

Bridal Fantasy Hair & Makeup Package (Updo or Downdo): $250+

The Salon at Lakeside Bridal Fantasy Hair and Makeup Appointments
Bridal Fantasy Hair & Makeup Package

Are you one of those brides who has a creative side, or do you and your spouse love a certain movie so much that you want to marry as the main characters? Well, you’re not alone, because you’re getting married in Vegas, where character or fantasy weddings take place all the time. With that in mind, we have created a bridal fantasy hair and makeup package where your unique and creative wedding look can come to life!

For those of you who are not familiar with Las Vegas bridal salon packages such as this, we can give you a brief overview. It’s basically an appointment where a specialized makeup artist and hair stylist work with you to create a look that turns you and your future spouse into a TV, movie, or video game character, or something totally unique that’s shared between the two of you.

Take a look at a few examples to get a better idea of what a Las Vegas bridal fantasy wedding may involve:

  • The bride and groom have their hair and makeup done in such a way that it represents a couple from the roaring 20s.
  • You can be made up as a king and queen, complete with a crown.
  • Superheroes are common and might include Captain America, the Black Widow, Superman and Cat Woman, and so on.

Now, let’s look at a few details of what a salon fantasy hair and makeup bridal appointment entails:

  • Many Las Vegas themed weddings require a certain hair color. If this is the case with your look, let us know ahead of time so we can discuss the details. You may just need a temporary spray to have your hair colored on your wedding day. Or, you may want to come in ahead of time for a one process hair color appointment. We can also add touches of color to your hair with our clip-in hair extensions. Extensions can also be used to add extra length and volume to your hair, which is often needed for replicating special movie characters.
  • We have all the styling tools necessary to create your unique look – hot rollers, curling iron, crimping iron, and the like. We also have various hair styling products to achieve any look you’re after for your updo or downdo style.
  • Many Las Vegas bridal fantasy hair sessions require the placement of special items in the hair; we can certainly place these elements for you.
  • We will apply our cosmetics to replicate your desired fantasy look with the vast amount of makeup colors that we have at our beauty salon.
  • Our makeup artists are trained to replicate any character or look you are trying to achieve by using our special cosmetic colors and makeup application techniques.

We have a whole page dedicated to our Las Vegas bridal fantasy hair and makeup package, be sure to check it out.

Bridal Flower Girl Hair & Makeup Package: $65+

Wedding Day Flower Girl Hair and Makeup Packages in Las Vegas
Wedding Day Flower Girl Package

If you’re planning on having a little one in your wedding ceremony, then you will want to be sure to reserve your special date by booking our Las Vegas flower girl hair and makeup package. We love working with children and making them look like a princess! The Salon at Lakeside has experience not only working with children on a weekly basis, but also preparing flower girls so that they shine during the wedding. It’s easy to do when they already look so perfect and adorable. Our bridal hair and makeup salon specialists will work their magic on any child brought in, and they will be made to feel extra special while in our care.

Let’s see what our Las Vegas flower girl package includes:

  • As with all our adult wedding day hair appointments, we recommend that your child’s hair be washed the day before they arrive at our bridal salon.
  • All flower girl appointments include the use of salon hair styling tools and great hair products that have awesome scents.
  • No matter what type of hair accessories you would like added to your flower girl’s hair, we can place them – flower wreaths, barrettes, a princess tiara, and the like.
  • Our children’s makeup artist will gently cleanse their face, and proceed to apply traditional cosmetics for a beautiful look, complete with rosy cheeks. If the child is very young, such as a toddler, it’s recommended that eyeliner and mascara not be used, as the child may rub their eyes and smudge their makeup; this will not look appropriate for the wedding cameras, but most importantly, it could irritate their eyes. We recommend the use of eyeshadow only.

You and your flower girl can review our Las Vegas flower girl hair and makeup package page for more details and some adorable images.

5. Las Vegas Men’s Wedding Day Grooming Package

Here at The Salon at Lakeside, since we are located in the wedding capital of the world, we have men coming in for wedding day services quite frequently. Our experienced salon team can work their magic and have any groom, or their groomsmen looking extra special and camera-ready.

Men’s Grooming Package: 65+

Men's Wedding Grooming Packages in Clark County
Men’s Wedding Day Grooming Package

Grooms and their groomsmen will find that we have an affordable Las Vegas men’s wedding day grooming package that will have them ready to take on their big day. Our wedding salon specialists will do everything needed to make a groom presentable, clean-cut, and ready to say their “I DOs”.

This particular package doesn’t include a haircut, but it does cover all the wedding day essentials such as a hairstyle, edge cleanup, and facial hair cleanup as well. If you feel your hair is overgrown, you may want to book a haircut ahead of time – check out our men’s haircut informational page for more details. You can also just let your wedding day hair stylist know you would like to add a haircut and they can easily upgrade your package.

Get a sneak peek at what this popular salon service includes:

  • Your Las Vegas wedding day men’s grooming specialist will perfectly style your hair using traditional styling tools. This may include a water spritz bottle, hair dryer, combs, brushes, and the like.
  • Salon-grade styling products will be utilized during your men’s grooming session. This might include pomade, gel, hairspray, and more.
  • If your edges need to be cleaned up to complete the look, we may use an electric razor or scissors.
  • Your salon expert will also clean up your facial hair, if needed.

Get all the fine details about this service that’s specifically for the groom by visiting our main Las Vegas men’s wedding day grooming package page.

6. Las Vegas Mobile Bridal Hair & Makeup Packages

Because we have been working with brides for many years now, we realize just how incredibly busy they can be on their big day. With that in mind, we have designed a few Las Vegas mobile bridal salon packages specifically for hair and makeup that will save a bride time by eliminating the drive to and from our salon. You get the same exceptional wedding day salon service, all while not having to get in the car, drive on the freeway, and the like. Our wedding day salon team can travel to your Las Vegas location, whether it’s your home, hotel, wedding venue, and so on.

We offer you this service with our three outstanding packages – mobile bridal hair styling, mobile bridal makeup, and mobile bridal hair and makeup. Let’s dive into these three convenient mobile wedding salon packages:

Mobile Bridal Hair Styling Packages

Mobile Bridal Hair Styling Services at the Salon at Lakeside in Las Vegas
Mobile Bridal Hair Styling Packages

Let The Salon at Lakeside travel to your Las Vegas location with our affordable and convenient mobile bridal hair styling packages. We will provide you with a full hair styling session as if you were sitting in our actual salon. Additionally, we bring along every styling tool that’s necessary to achieve the look you’re after – various size curling irons, flat iron, brushes, and similar. We also ensure that our best styling products are with us when we arrive. Having your hair styled for your wedding day in the comfort of your own home, hotel room, or venue, adds a relaxing element to the getting ready process.

With all that in mind, let’s see what you can look forward to during your mobile bridal salon appointment:

  • We travel to your Las Vegas indoor or outdoor location – the wedding venue, your hotel, or your place of residence.
  • As with all our bridal hair styling sessions, please have your hair washed and dried beforehand, preferably the night before to help eliminate frizzy hair, make the hair more manageable, and to save essential time.
  • Your Las Vegas mobile bridal hair styling expert will bring along all the same styling equipment that’s used for appointments that take place within our salon; you won’t have to provide anything – we take care of all the details!
  • Your mobile bridal salon expert will pack up all the essential styling products needed such as shine enhancers, finishing spray, and more.
  • The Salon at Lakeside has bridal hair accessories that you can purchase. With that said, let your stylist know ahead of time what you may need so it will be brought to your location. Additionally, your mobile bridal package includes the placement of any hair accessories you provide – veil, barrettes, flowers, and the like.

Here is a summary of our mobile bridal hair packages and pricing:

  • Mobile Bridal Downdo Package: $95+
  • Mobile Bridal Updo Package: $135+
  • Please Note That There is an Additional Travel Fee Per Stylist: $25

Visit our main Las Vegas mobile bridal hair styling package page that provides all the information you may be looking for.

Mobile Bridal Makeup Packages

Las Vegas Mobile Bridal Makeup - We Come to Your Hotel, Home, or Wedding Venue
Mobile Bridal Makeup Application Packages

If you will be styling your own hair, but need an expert wedding makeup artist, and don’t have the time to drive to our salon; we can help! Our Las Vegas mobile bridal makeup packages were designed to make your wedding day appointment a convenient and relaxing one. Your traditional or airbrush makeup expert will arrive fully loaded with all the cosmetics and application tools needed to create a stunning picture-perfect look.

All our Las Vegas bridal salon packages are popular, but this package type is highly favored by our bridal clientele. With that in mind, review the details below to get a better idea of what a mobile bridal makeup appointment includes to see why it’s so in demand:

  • As with all our mobile bridal sessions, your salon specialist will travel to your location within the Las Vegas area, saving you precious time on your big day.
  • We will pack up all the traditional or airbrush cosmetics needed to achieve a gorgeous wedding day look – this may include eyeliner, mascara, foundation, primer, blush, lip color, application brushes, sponges, or an airbrush gun.
  • If you opt for an airbrush makeup package, the application method will be touchless. Additionally, we will bring all our colors so that we can custom mix cosmetics to achieve your ideal color scheme.

Here is a summary of our mobile bridal makeup packages and pricing:

  • Mobile Bridal Traditional Makeup: $110+
  • Mobile Bridal Airbrush Makeup: $130+
  • Please Note That There is an Additional Travel Fee Per Stylist: $25

Be sure to visit our Las Vegas mobile bridal makeup package page for more information.

Mobile Bridal Hair & Makeup Packages:

Mobile Bridal Hair and Makeup for Weddings Near Downtown Vegas
Mobile Bridal Hair & Makeup Packages

For those brides who want to go all out and let The Salon at Lakeside fully prepare them for their special day, then you will be interested in our mobile bridal hair and makeup package. This specific Las Vegas bridal salon package provides our clients with hair and makeup professionals who are fully licensed and trained, have extensive experience working with brides, and who will travel to your Las Vegas location to make life easy for you on your wedding day.

Let’s take a look at more details regarding this Las Vegas mobile bridal hair and makeup combo package:

  • No matter where you’re getting ready for your wedding within Las Vegas, we will take the salon to you. All we need is your address and a time, and we will be there ready to create a sensational look with our bridal hair and makeup expertise.
  • If you have chosen our mobile bridal traditional hair and makeup package, then you can be sure we will bring our traditional cosmetics to your location; no need to provide us with makeup, especially since we have high-end professional cosmetics that look fabulous on our bridal clientele.
  • For those brides who have decided to select our mobile bridal hair and airbrush makeup package, instead of traditional makeup, we bring along our quality airbrush gun, all the needed attachments, as well as all the airbrush cosmetics needed to custom blend colors specific to your look.
  • Our mobile bridal hair sessions do not include a wash and dry. We ask that you wash and dry your hair prior to our arrival, preferably the day before.
  • Your Las Vegas mobile bridal hair specialist will bring along all the necessary hair styling tools needed, as well as essential hair styling products.
  • Your salon expert will also place any hair accessories you provide. If you’re in need of bridal hair accessories, let us know in advance and we will check to see what we have at our salon, and bring it to your location.

Here is a summary of our mobile bridal hair and makeup packages and pricing:

  • Mobile Bridal Traditional Makeup & Hair Styling (Updo/Downdo): $185+
  • Mobile Bridal Airbrush Makeup & Hair Styling (Updo/Downdo): $210+
  • Please Note That There is an Additional Travel Fee Per Stylist: $25

Don’t miss our Las Vegas mobile bridal hair and makeup package page, it contains great information that will be useful to you on your big day.

7. Las Vegas Bridal Brow & Lashes Packages

Every bride knows that stunning and captivating eyes can steal the show at a wedding! With that in mind, perfect brows and lashes can be achieved with our bridal brow and lashes packages. This includes packages for having your eyebrows waxed to sport beautiful cleaned-up brows, as well as our combo brow fill and strip lashes appointments, or solo strip lashes sessions, and of course, brow tint and lash tint packages! If we have sparked your interest, you can read more about these affordable Las Vegas bridal salon packages in detail below.

Bridal Brow Wax Package: $15+

Las Vegas Bridal Brow Fill Salon Near Me
Bridal Brow Wax Package

If you want to look exceptional as you tie the knot with the one you love, then make sure your eyebrows are in perfect shape with our Las Vegas bridal brow wax package. If you’re not familiar with what this entails, it’s simply having a salon professional remove unwanted hair from above and below your eyebrows with cold or hot wax, for a more symmetrical and tidy appearance. It’s a quick, easy way to get your brows in shape for your wedding day, all done by a salon expert who has done hundreds of brow waxes.

The information below will help you become more familiar with this specific bridal package:

  • We start your Las Vegas bridal brow wax session by utilizing a makeup remover to ensure there is no eye shadow, cream foundation, or brow filler in the area that will be waxed.
  • Your eyebrows will be measured so your salon specialist can perfectly trim the wax strips to match the shape of your eyebrows. Once cut, the strips are warmed and firmly applied to the outer edge of your brows.
  • After a short amount of time has passed, the wax strips are taken off, along with the hair that was intended to be removed.
  • Brow wax packages should be booked a day or two before your actual wedding day to make sure that the typical redness that appears immediately after, has time to fade.

We have an outstanding Las Vegas bridal brow wax package page; it’s a must-read!

Bridal Brow Tint Packages: $30+

Best Bridal Salon in Summerlin Offering Wedding Day Brow Tint Packages
Bridal Brow Tint Package

We proudly offer our Las Vegas bridal brow tint package at our Desert Shores salon so that any bride can achieve beautiful eyebrows on her big day. This is an especially popular wedding salon package because it fills the brows so that they are perfectly shaped and appear fuller, as opposed to having a thin appearance. This works out well for wedding photos, as well as just feeling confident that you look your absolute best on your special day. If you’re not familiar with salon brow filling, it’s the process of strategically applying dye on the eyebrows by a licensed technician for the purpose of filling and shaping them.

We have listed out a few more details of a bridal brow tint appointment below:

  • The session will start by removing any makeup that is on the eyelids or near the brow area.
  • Your eyebrows will be carefully inspected to determine what color to use to achieve a natural look.
  • The perimeter of your eyebrows will be prepped by applying protective cream so that the dye does not spread to other areas.
  • Your Las Vegas bridal brow tint specialist will then proceed to apply the dye, and then carefully remove it after a specified amount of time. Afterward, your eyebrows will be examined to ensure they look perfect.
  • Please note that we recommend that you never book your bridal brow tint package the day of, or even the day before your actual wedding date. It’s best to schedule your appointment at least three to four days before your wedding.

Get even more information on this salon service by visiting our Las Vegas bridal brow tint package page.

Bridal Brow Fill & Strip Lashes Package: $65+

Affordable Bridal Fill and Lash Strip Packages at The Salon at Lakeside in Clark County
Bridal Brow Fill & Strip Lash Package

We can have you looking stunning on your wedding day with our Las Vegas bridal fill and strip lashes package! When you book an appointment for this combination bridal salon service, you will walk out our doors ready for the wedding cameras. We provide you with everything needed to achieve perfectly symmetrical, and beautifully full eyebrows, along with sensational lashes! In case you were wondering, a brow fill differs from a brow tint in that a fill does not use dye, but instead will use a brow pencil, colored mousse, and similar. Additionally, strip lashes are temporary false lashes that are applied for a stunning look.

Let’s go over what’s included in this wedding day brow and strip lashes package:

  • First, we would like to mention that your eye makeup, specifically your eyeliner and eyeshadow, should have already been applied before arriving to your Las Vegas brow and strip lashes appointment. This is recommended because your strip lashes will be set and you would not want to accidentally remove them when applying new makeup. Inquire with our salon about our bridal makeup package if you’re in need of a professional wedding day makeup application.
  • A bridal specialist will evaluate your natural lashes to determine what color lashes will be best to match your real eyelashes, as well as what length and width would be appropriate. Your natural eyebrows will also be matched with our brow fill colors.
  • Once your lash width has been determined, your strip lashes will be trimmed to match. Your lashes specialist will then apply an adhesive to each strip lash and set them just above your real lashes. A small amount of eyeliner is normally applied over the edge of the strip lash so that it blends in better.
  • Your eyebrows will be attended to with brow-filling products that are best for your look. This might be colored mousse, a brow pencil, or colored powder. A brow wax may also be applied to keep the color fill in place during your big day.

Read more about our Las Vegas bridal fill and strip lashes package so you have all the details!

Bridal Strip Lashes Package: $25+

Strip Lashes Packages for Brides Getting Married in Las Vegas
Bridal Strip Lashes Package

For some brides, having gorgeous, long lashes is a must on their special day. It’s understandable because beautiful eyelashes look stunning in wedding photos, and really showcase the eyes. The Salon at Lakeside can help you achieve the look you’re after with our Las Vegas bridal strip lashes package. It will provide you, as well as your bridesmaids, with everything that’s needed to create fabulous lashes.

If you have never had false eyelashes before, you will be amazed at how real they look and how easy it is for your strip lashes technician to apply them. Your salon specialist simply sizes the strips to match your natural lashes, and then attaches them. They’re a convenient way to enhance your eyes for a special occasion such as this because they are easily removable at the end of the day.

Let’s dive into a few more details about our bridal strip lashes appointments:

  • Your eye makeup should be completed before your appointment begins to ensure the lashes are not altered if makeup is applied afterward. We can do your wedding day makeup as well when you add a bridal makeup package.
  • Your lashes will be examined so that your bridal salon expert can choose the perfect strip lash color, length, and width for you. After your strip lashes have been chosen, the ends of the strips will be cut to shorten them to match your natural eyelash width.
  • Adhesive is then placed on each strip, and they will be firmly placed just above your real lashes. Your bridal strip lashes salon specialist may apply eyeliner over the strip edges to help hide them.
  • Your eyelash technician will carefully examine your lashes to ensure they are perfect!

Visit the following page to find out more about our popular Las Vegas bridal strip lashes package.

Bridal Lash Tint Package: $30+

Summerlin Desert Shores Bridal Salon Lash Tint Packages
Bridal Lash Tint Package

If you’re a bride that already loves her eyelash length, but could benefit from having them a bit darker for a fuller appearance, then you should look into our Las Vegas bridal lash tint package. Eyelash tinting is a popular salon service that many brides utilize to get outstanding-looking lashes that really bring out their eyes. Plus, it’s a way to avoid wearing mascara if you’re worried about it running when you have tears of joy during your ceremony. The process is one in which a licensed salon specialist applies a safe dye to your real lashes to produce more noticeable eyelashes that look amazing.

Below we have listed out a few details regarding our Summerlin salon bridal lash tint package:

  • Please ensure that all eye makeup is removed before your Las Vegas bridal lash tint appointment starts. This is important because any remaining makeup can interfere with the dying process.
  • Your experienced lash technician will evaluate your natural lashes to determine the best tint color that will look natural, as well as match well with your eyebrow color.
  • Before the tinting process starts, your specialist will place a barrier below your eyes. This is typically a small pad, or cream that will help keep any runoff dye in place.
  • The lash tint dye is carefully applied and then removed after the dying process is completed, which is generally about 10 minutes. After all the dye is removed, your lashes will be checked to make sure they look as expected.
  • We recommend you book your lash tint appointment a few days before your wedding, as opposed to the day of – this is common for any salon service that involves tinting.

Dive in and find out more about our popular Las Vegas bridal lash tint package!

8. Additional Las Vegas Bridal Salon Packages

We have a few other popular bridal salon services that don’t fall into the above categories, and these would be our spray tan and tattoo coverage packages. We have many brides who book these two professional Las Vegas bridal salon packages, and the end result is always outstanding. Let’s find out more about the details of our spray tan and tattoo coverage sessions to see if they are right for your wedding day needs.

Bridal Spray Tan Package: $45+

Bridal Spray Tan Wedding Salon Near the Vegas Strip
Bridal Spray Tan Package

This wedding salon service is perfect for brides who love that sun-kissed look, without actually bathing in the sun! We provide a quick and healthy way to achieve a full tan, whether it’s just a subtle light tan, or a beautiful Caribbean bronze look, we can help with our Las Vegas bridal spray tan package.

Also called an airbrushed tan, this type of bridal salon service is completed by a trained technician, where they spray the tanning solution directly onto your body with a high-quality airbrush gun and compressor, which ensures a uniform, beautiful tan without any harmful UV rays. How is this possible? Well, the main ingredient is dihydroxyacetone (DHA), which is simply an FDA approved sugar-based substance which changes the skin color so it appears tan within 8 to 10 hours. Additionally, a bridal spray tan typically lasts anywhere from 7 to 10 days – so you will look fantastic on your honeymoon!

Please review the details below that we have provided on bridal spray tanning packages:

  • The appropriate spray tan color will be chosen based on your preferences, as well as your current skin color.
  • It’s best to wear something that you do not mind getting the tanning solution on, such as a dark-colored bathing suit. We also recommend wearing flip flops or sandals, as well as loose-fitting clothes so when you change after your appointment is completed, your clothes will not rub off the tanning solution before it has time to fully set.
  • When you’re ready to begin, your Las Vegas bridal spray tan expert will start the airbrushing process, and the entire body will be sprayed with an even mist. It’s a quick-drying solution so you will be able to change back into your clothes shortly after your session is completed.
  • Before you leave our Desert Shores bridal salon, your spray tanning specialist will go over a few things with you regarding aftercare.
  • Be sure to book your tanning package a few days before your wedding so the tanning agent has time to fully develop into the perfect tan.

Don’t delay, read all the details of our Las Vegas bridal spray tan package so you are well informed on this service offered at The Salon at Lakeside in Summerlin.

Bridal Tattoo Coverage Package: $50+

(actual price based on detail and size of tattoo)

Wedding Day Tattoo Coverage Services at The Salon at Lakeside
Bridal Tattoo Coverage Package

If your wedding date is approaching and you’re worried about your vibrant tattoo distracting from your elegant wedding dress and stunning hair and makeup, no problem! All you have to do is book a Las Vegas bridal tattoo coverage package at The Salon at Lakeside. You can be sure that your tattoo will be undetectable because our bridal salon makeup artists have many years of experience covering tattoos for weddings. After all, we are located near downtown Vegas where thousands of weddings take place each year, which means many brides come to us requesting that their tattoos be covered up for the day.

Let’s find out what’s involved in a wedding day tattoo coverage session:

  • Your bridal makeup artist will evaluate the size and colors of your tattoo to plan for the best way to hide it on your big day.
  • In some cases, for best results, we may request permission to shave the hair on or around the tattoo. For example, you may have a tattoo on your arm, where hair growth is typical. This would just be a suggestion, and is in no way required.
  • Typically, a neutral color is first applied to the tattoo to help make the colors less vibrant, and act as a base coat.
  • Coverage colors will then be chosen – your Las Vegas bridal tattoo coverage specialist is experienced in choosing the right colors that will work well with your skin tone for a more natural appearance.
  • The makeup is then applied either using traditional makeup sponges, or an airbrush gun, depending upon your specific needs. The makeup that is being applied will not easily rub off or run if you sweat during your reception. This especially holds true because a waterproof sealant is typically applied once the coverage process is complete.

Read more about this salon service on our main Las Vegas bridal tattoo coverage package page.

Visit Us Before & After your Wedding for These Traditional Salon Services

Bridal and Traditional Full-Service Beauty Salon in Las Vegas
Full-Service Beauty Salon in Las Vegas

We not only offer Las Vegas bridal salon packages, but also traditional salon services for your everyday needs. So, for those brides and grooms who live in the area, or those who will be visiting, we welcome you to stop by our beauty salon located in the Desert Shores area of Summerlin.

We offer a wide variety of affordable traditional services, this includes appointments for partial hair highlights that will have you looking outstanding for those nights out in downtown Vegas, or you can book a wash & style package for any occasion. We also offer women’s haircut appointments if it’s time for a trim, and gel pedicure packages for anyone who loves to have their nails done professionally. We cater to the Las Vegas community, and do a fabulous job no matter what your needs are:

Here are a few more packages that The Salon at Lakeside proudly offers in addition to its bridal services:

  • If you have a big meeting coming up, or just want to look your best, then don’t hesitate to book an updo hairstyling┬ápackage!
  • Do you have a party, meeting, or a night out in Vegas on your calendar that you want to look fabulous for? If so, inquire about our traditional makeup package.
  • Look sensational for any occasion with our one process hair color package at our salon in the Desert Shores Community of Summerlin.
  • We offer affordable men’s haircut and style appointments for anyone who is interested!
  • For those who love to have their nails done by an expert, you’ll be happy to hear that we have Las Vegas manicure and pedicure packages.
  • If you have kids, bring them over to The Salon at Lakeside for a children’s haircut and style, we love working with little ones!
  • Dive into our main gel mani pedi package page, it has all the information needed to get excited about this fabulous salon service that we offer.
  • Brighten your hair with a professional Las Vegas full hair highlight package. It will have you looking amazing for that event, weekend getaway, or party you will be attending.
  • We are a full-service salon that offers special event and prom updo appointments at affordable prices – be sure to book your special date soon while it’s still available!
  • If you want flawless, long-lasting makeup, then come in for an airbrush makeup appointment at our Summerlin salon!
  • Bring your hair back to life by simply scheduling a hair mask repair treatment at our popular beauty salon.

You can visit our main Las Vegas salon page that summarizes all our traditional beauty packages.

Book Your Las Vegas Bridal Packages at The Salon at Lakeside!

As you can see, The Salon at Lakeside is a full-service bridal salon that is capable of handling all your wedding day beauty needs. Our Las Vegas bridal salon packages and our team of professional salon experts bring everything to the table to offer you the services that you require – from hair, makeup, and lash tinting, as well as much more, we are here for you.

If there is a bridal service that you did not see listed, let us know so we can look into making it happen for you. Additionally, feel free to view all our Las Vegas bridal salon package pages that are listed above, or simply give us a call at (702) 363-1313 to get more details on a bridal salon service that you are interested in. You can even leave us a message by contacting The Salon at Lakeside online.

Thank you for taking the time to read through our bridal package page, we hope that it has put you on the path to scheduling your wedding day appointments with our exceptional bridal salon. We look forward to working with you and hearing all about your wedding plans!