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Las Vegas Bridal Brow Tinting Packages for Wedding Day

For those brides that desire to have beautiful, full eyebrows on their wedding day, we have the perfect solution, our Las Vegas bridal brow tint package. The Salon at Lakeside specializes in creating defined, symmetrical, fuller-looking eyebrows that will complete your overall wedding day look. Additionally, because we are located in the wedding capital of the world, we book bridal brow tints on a weekly basis, making us experts in the industry. With that said, let’s get started reviewing all the details of this popular salon bridal package!

Las Vegas Bridal Brow Tint Package Pricing & Services

The Salon at Lakeside has consulted with many brides over the years, so we realize just how much goes into planning a perfect wedding, and how much it can cost. Because of this, we have created an affordable bridal brow tinting package that contains everything needed to achieve beautiful eyebrows, and that can easily fit into your budget. Below we have listed all that you would need to know about this popular bridal package; it will give you a better idea of what your appointment will consist of:

Las Vegas Bridal Brow Tint Package: $30.00+

  • Pricing May Include the Following:
    • A brow tinting specialist will meet with you for your complimentary consultation to discuss the direction you would like to go in, as well as answer any questions you may have.
    • Any makeup that has been applied on or near the eyebrows will be removed. This might include brow filler, eyeshadow, or foundation.
    • Your brow tint technician will select a dye color that matches your natural brow and hair color. A special blend of colors may be mixed to achieve the perfect shade.
    • The area is typically prepped by applying a small amount of cream or petroleum jelly to the perimeter of the brows to keep the dye contained so that no staining occurs in unwanted areas. 
    • The dye is then applied carefully and left on for a specified amount of time that will allow for the desired shade of color.
    • Your Las Vegas bridal brow tint technician will then gently clean the area, removing the dye.
    • Your eyebrows will be inspected by both you and your salon professional to ensure everything looks perfect.
    • Bridal brow tinting appointments should never be booked the day of your wedding, or even the day before. It should be booked at least a week before your wedding to avoid any unexpected situations such as an allergic reaction to the dye. 
    • If you’re also thinking about perfecting your eyelashes, we have the following packages:

Wedding Salon Near Downtown Vegas

Not only are we the best bridal salon in Las Vegas when it comes to exceptional services, but we are also located in a beautiful area called the Desert Shores Community of Summerlin. It’s a lovely upscale location that is well-known throughout the Vegas area. In addition to this, The Salon at Lakeside is situated right on the shores of Lake Jacqueline, and also sports breathtaking views of the Foothills of Northwest Las Vegas. It all makes for a retreat-like experience that our wedding clientele love. We invite you to stop in anytime for a tour of our bridal salon and to meet our amazing team.

Salon Brow Tint Professionals in the Las Vegas Area

Bridal Brow Tinting Salon Near Downtown VegasOur team of salon professionals book bridal brow tint appointments on a weekly basis. This is the case because we are located in an area where over one hundred thousand weddings take place each year.

As you can imagine, our Las Vegas bridal brow tint specialists have gotten their fair share of experience from this, and are now well known throughout the Vegas area for their expertise. In addition to this, our team not only has extensive experience in perfecting eyebrows, but they can handle any salon service, whether it’s bridal or non-bridal.

Here are a few facts about the salon specialists at our Summerlin salon:

  • Our team is highly trained, knowledgeable, and experienced in the art of brow tinting.
  • Able to perfectly mix brow tinting colors to match your specified color.
  • Experienced in working with brides who have various looks, preferences, and requirements.
  • Our Las Vegas bridal brow tint specialists are licensed in the state of Nevada.
  • Because we are a full-service bridal salon, our team can provide you with a wide array of bridal services. In addition to this, they can also handle any traditional service you are in need of before or after your wedding. This includes packages for hair mask repair treatments, as well as full hair highlights that can brighten your look, and blow dry hair styling sessions when you want to look great for a night out in Vegas. You can view a full list of our traditional services on our main salon packages page.

Complimentary Wedding Eyebrow Coloring Consultations

We always recommend taking advantage of our free salon consultations, especially for a bridal appointment. It’s actually essential that all brides have a consultation before their appointment starts, given how important the occasion is. This will ensure that everything goes as expected, and that you and your salon specialist are on the same page from the very beginning. A consultation allows you to discuss your desired look with your Las Vegas brow tint technician, share images of looks that you prefer, address any concerns you may have, as well as ask questions. Your specialist will also ask a set of questions. We are providing a few of our most common inquiries below to give you an idea of what may be asked:

  • Is this your first time getting a brow tint?
  • How much fuller or darker would you like your eyebrows to appear?
  • Did you bring along any images of looks that you prefer?
  • Will anyone in your bridal party require brow tinting also?
  • Have you already booked your bridal hair styling and bridal makeup sessions?

Salon Brow Tinting Commonly Asked Questions

Thousands of brides pass in and out of our salon a year, with many appointments booked for our affordable Las Vegas brow tinting package. Because of this, we have had the chance to answer many great questions on a daily basis. We know you most likely have a few questions of your own, so we invite you to reach out to us if you would like them answered right away. For now, we would like to provide you with our top three bridal brow tinting questions that we have received over the years:

What is a brow tint?

Bridal Brow Tinting Packages in SummerlinA brow tint is the act of placing a semi-permanent dye on the eyebrows with the purpose of dying them darker for a fuller, youthful, perfectly shaped appearance.

Las Vegas brow tinting is a popular salon service for those who are getting married. It perfectly fills and shapes the eyebrows, providing the bride with an overall beautiful appearance that looks outstanding for her wedding day photos.

The salon brow tinting process consists of preparing the eyebrows and the surrounding area by cleaning off any makeup and applying a protective cream barrier to stop excess dye from touching the skin. A custom mixed dye is applied to the eyebrows and allowed to sit for a few minutes, it’s then wiped off, the area is cleaned, and the client is left with beautiful eyebrows.

Can I tint my own eyebrows for my wedding?

We highly recommend that you have your eyebrows tinted by a Las Vegas salon professional for your wedding day. In fact, we also recommend that you always seek out a professional to dye your eyebrows for non-wedding occasions as well.

Here are a few reasons why we suggest you don’t do your own eyebrow tinting:

  • For your upcoming Las Vegas wedding, it’s especially important to have your brows tinted by an expert. If you’re not experienced enough, you could end up with extremely dark eyebrows that stand out, and don’t match your hair, as well as look unnatural.
  • Unless you are highly experienced, your eyebrows could turn out uneven, with one brow appearing fuller than the other.
  • Most times, a few different colors will need to be mixed to achieve a color that matches perfectly. Salons have various colors on hand and know exactly which ones to mix to produce the desired color. Most people who attempt to tint their own eyebrows will have one color, and won’t have the experience to know how much of each color to mix if they did happen to have various colors. It’s not worth the risk of producing the wrong color for such an important occasion.
  • Salons are able to provide high-quality dye that can produce amazing results.
  • Most importantly, salon specialists know how to safely apply dye to an area that is close to your eyes, and the products used in a salon are safe and allergic reactions are rare.

What are the advantages of getting a Las Vegas bridal brow tint?

Las Vegas Bridal Brow Tinting at The Salon at Lakeside in SummerlinBridal brow tints are popular among those brides getting married in Las Vegas, and for good reason. Having your eyebrows darkened for a wedding provides many benefits – here are just a few:

  • Every bride strives to look her very best, and brow tinting allows for that by completing the look with stunning, evenly shaped, beautiful eyebrows.
  • Las Vegas bridal brow tinting also darkens eyebrows that are too light, which gives a thin appearance. Once darkened, they will look much fuller.
  • Brides can have their eyebrows darkened to match newly colored hair. For example, if a bride has light brown hair and it was colored black, their eyebrows can be darkened to match.
  • Bridal tinting can create an outstanding look that shows well for the wedding cameras. The tint can last up to a month or longer, ensuring a fabulous look for your honeymoon photos as well.

Wedding & Traditional Salon Services

Our Las Vegas bridal salon offers much more than just professional brow tinting, we offer just any bridal salon service you may need. In addition to this, since we are a full-service beauty salon, we also can provide you with a variety of traditional salon services such as partial hair highlights for an incredible look, and airbrush makeup appointments to prepare for a special occasion, as well as a curl and wave perm for those who want to add body to their hair, and of course women’s haircut sessions.

Take a look at the services, bridal and non-bridal, that we offer at The Salon at Lakeside:

Bridal Salon Services

Traditional Salon Services

  • Try our popular balayage hair highlights package, you will love the results!
  • If you want your nails to look fantastic then be sure to book a gel mani pedi package, or a solo gel manicure, or maybe a gel pedicure package!
  • If you prefer traditional over gel nails, then check out our mani pedi page. The Salon at Lakeside also provides separate manicure and pedicure sessions.
  •  Do you need a special event or prom updo? We can take care of this for you by creating a stunning hairstyle! Or, if you just require an updo hairstyle for work, we can help with that also.
  • If your hair just doesn’t have its bounce anymore, a Las Vegas deep conditioning hair treatment is your answer.
  • We love kids so be sure to bring your little ones in for our children’s haircut and style package.
  • We are known for our Las Vegas hair color retouches, and our one process hair color sessions, so make sure to reserve your appointment today.
  • When you have a difficult day at the office, we are here for you if you decide to book a head massage package.
  • The Salon at Lakeside offers men’s haircut and style appointments for those who want to look great for a night out in downtown Las Vegas, or for an overall great everyday look.
  • Our salon is famous for our wash & style package that conveniently gets you ready for a big night out in Las Vegas!
  • Every woman needs her makeup done professionally once in a while, when you decide you are in need of this service, you can simply book our traditional makeup package.

Look Fabulous on Your Wedding Day with Our Las Vegas Bridal Brow Tint Package!

Many brides book a Las Vegas bridal tint package for their wedding day so that they can look and feel their very best, and they end up at The Salon at Lakeside because it’s well known that our salon is the place to go. Our bridal team has years of experience, and they are extremely talented, and love what they do – this all makes for an amazing appointment! Don’t wait, be sure to reserve your appointment at The Salon at Lakeside online, or you can call us at (702) 363-1313. We look forward to creating perfectly shaped, full, and beautiful eyebrows with our affordable Las Vegas bridal brow tinting package.