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The Salon at Lakeside in Summerlin Offering Blow Dry Hair Styling Packages

If you have a big night out coming up, an interview, or just want to look your best, stop by the Salon at Lakeside in Summerlin for a Las Vegas blow dry hair styling session! We describe our blow dry hair styling services as the art of blow drying with the intent of producing a defined look utilizing a styling brush, with no curling iron or flat iron needed. Our professional stylists have numerous years of experience when it comes to this type of blowout service. We utilize only the finest products, as well as the most up to date techniques and innovative salon equipment.

Las Vegas Blow Dry Hair Styling Pricing & Services

We ensure that our blowout services not only produce amazing results, but that they are also affordable. This allows our clients to return often when they would like their hair to look incredible. Our Las Vegas blow dry hair styling sessions come with some excellent inclusions. Let’s take a look:

Blow Dry Hair Styling Package: $40.00+

Price May Include the Following Services:

Impressive Blow Dry Hair Styling Services in the Desert Shores Community of Summerlin

Our professional hair salon located in Las Vegas provides blow dry hair Styling services and allows for the opportunity to be pampered in a relaxing setting. Our clients enjoy sensational views of Lake Jacqueline, and a chance to escape from the typical Las Vegas landscape. The Salon at Lakeside sits in the Desert Shores community of Summerlin, a beautiful and well-known community. Let our salon, as well as its location, provide you with an unforgettable experience that will exceed your expectations.

Experienced Hairstylists Near Downtown Vegas

It goes without saying that you would only want the very best Las Vegas hairstylist working on your hair. Here at the Salon at Lakeside, all our stylists have many years of experience and are capable of providing you with exceptional Las Vegas blow dry hair styling services.  Furthermore, when you come into our Summerlin hair salon, you will be impressed with the level of service our stylists can provide.

Las Vegas Professional Hairstylists in the Summerlin Desert Shores AreaTake a look at what our Las Vegas hair salon professionals can offer you:

  • Many years of experience providing outstanding blow dry styling services to the community.
  • Up to date with the latest styling techniques utilizing professional salon tools.
  • Our Desert Shores salon hairstylist are fully licensed in the state of Nevada.
  • Equipped with a vast amount of knowledge pertaining to bringing out your hair’s natural beauty.
  • Well versed in hair products from shampoos, conditioners, as well as styling serums, gels, and sprays to be able to determine which would be best for your hair type.
  • Our salon specialists can do more than just hair, we can also offer you lip waxing services, and traditional manicure sessions, as well as professional one process hair color packages, and spa pedicure services.

Essential Complimentary Consultation at the Salon at Lakeside

When coming in for a Las Vegas blow dry hairstyle, it’s important to consult with your Las Vegas stylist to provide information on the type of style you are seeking. Your stylist will also ask certain questions that will assist them in achieving the best results. During your Summerlin hair salon consultation, you may address any concerns you have regarding your hair, from washing, blow drying, to styling.

To better prepare you for your complimentary blow dry hair styling consultation, your stylist may ask the following questions:

  • Do you currently have any issues with your hair – too dry, oily, doesn’t hold styles well?
  • Do you have a specific shampoo and conditioner that you use, and is it producing the results you desire?
  • What type of blow dryer do you use – ceramic, tourmaline, and so on?
  • How often do you apply heat protectant to your hair before blow drying?
  • What type of after blow dry hair products do you use – daily protectants, sprays, or shine enhancers?
  • Did you bring along an image of the style you are after?
  • Would you like to add any other services to your appointment today, maybe a brow shaping session, or a traditional makeup application, along with an acrylic full set package, or a facial peel session?

Desert Shores Hair Salon Frequently Asked Questions

Our Las Vegas hair salon stylists have extensive experience in blow dry styling services. This allows them to provide answers to the many questions their clients may have. From what type of hair dryer is best to use, to wondering if utilizing a heat protectant is important, they are equipped to answer them all. Let’s take a look at a few commonly asked questions in regards to blow dry hair styling:

What is blow dry hair styling (commonly called a blowout)?

Hair Salon Near Downtown VegasBlow dry hair styling, or a blowout, is simply utilizing a quality hair dryer, a styling brush, and effective hair products to create a finished look. Typically, a stylist will section off your hair and work on one area at a time, shaping the hair with a rounded brush and hot air.

In comparison to a regular blow dry, a blowout creates a style and can typically hold the style, with the proper hair products, for 2 to 3 days without washing. Styling your hair in this way can allow you to avoid using curling or flat irons. The stylists at our Las Vegas salon provide their clients with a revitalizing wash and condition, proceeded by a professional blow dry. You may view our shampoo and blowout page for additional information on this type of service.

When Should someone utilize blow dry hair styling services?

We have clients who schedule a Las Vegas blow dry hair styling appointment for many reasons. It really comes down to giving your hair that “just stepped out of the salon” look whenever you think it’s needed. We receive requests for blow dry hair styling in our Summerlin hair salon for job interviews, school photos, dates, night out in downtown Vegas, birthday parties, business meetings, and so on. No matter what your reason, we can make your hair look amazing!

How do you protect the hair when providing blow dry hair styling services?

Hair Salon in Clark County with Blowout Hair Styling Appointments During each blow dry hair styling appointment, we use every precaution to reduce the chances of heat damage to your hair. Here are a few techniques we put into effect to ensure your hair stays healthy:

  • Hair Dryer Type: The Salon at Lakeside in Desert Shores uses top-of-the-line hair dryers normally made of ceramic or tourmaline. Because this specific type of hair dryer evenly distributes heat, it allows for a faster drying time. In addition to this, it reduces frizz and can actually add shine to your hair.
  • Quality Brushes: Using a ceramic tourmaline round styling brush can make a big difference in protecting your hair. These brushes contain ceramic plates that can absorb heat from the blow dryer. This heat assists in drying the hair faster, which helps avoid using the blow dryer for an extended period of time. Additionally, this type of brush releases negative ions, which reduces the static that can cause frizzy hair. Furthermore, these negative ions can lock in oils that keep your hair looking healthy.
  • Heat Protectant Products: The stylists at our Desert Shores hair salon apply heat protectant products before proceeding to blow dry your hair. This provides a barrier between your hair and the heat of the blow dryer, which can greatly reduce damage. We also utilize detangling spray to easily comb your hair without pulling, which can also cause damage. To further protect your hair, you may add a deep conditioning treatment for an additional charge.

Additional Summerlin Hair Salon Services

Let the Salon at Lakeside Create a Look That’s Right for You with an Outstanding Blow Dry Hair Styling Session!

Our hair salon near downtown Vegas provides excellent blow dry hair styling services to the community. We encourage you to give us a call at (702) 363-1313 to schedule your blowout session today. Or, contact our salon through our online contact form. Here at The Salon at Lakeside, we would like to provide an outstanding experience, as well as make you look your very best!