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For those who are looking to have beautiful, durable nails, The Salon at Lakeside can help you obtain them with our Las Vegas acrylic full set package. Our nail specialists are experienced in applying acrylic nails that are long lasting and look exceptional. We have a perfect process for setting our clients up with attractive acrylic nails, and we are happy to create them for you also. This page is dedicated to informing everyone about our acrylic full set nail package that’s offered at our salon located in the Desert Shores area of Summerlin.

Las Vegas Acrylic Full Set Package Pricing & Services

Many clients request acrylic full nail sets at The Salon at Lakeside because we are known to create perfect nails at an affordable price. We have regular clients that come to us for their nail needs, as well as new clients that were referred to us. Let’s discuss all that takes place during an acrylic full set appointment so you can get a better idea about what’s involved in the process.

Acrylic Full Set Package: $50.00+ 

Price May Include the Following Services:

  • All acrylic nail appointments start with a consultation that will ensure your session goes as expected and produces results that will exceed your expectations. 
  • Previous nail polish, or acrylic nail materials will be removed, if needed.
  • Your cuticles will be pushed back for nail health and a better appearance.
  • A special nail sander, commonly called a nail drill, may be used to remove the shine and oils of your natural nail.
  • Acrylic nails are tested to see which size works well with your nail. Once that is determined, a special glue is applied to the ends of all the acrylic nails and they are adhered to the end of your real nails. 
  • The acrylic nails are then trimmed to the length you request, and filed into your preferred shape. The edge of the acrylic nail that meets your real nail is also sanded and smoothed out so the two nails blend well together, and there is no ridge showing where the two meet.
  • The nails are then dusted off and a clear primer is added to the real nails only.
  •  Liquid monomer and clear acrylic powder are combined and brushed over your real nail bed and the acrylic nail. 
  • After the nails have dried, liquid monomer, and an acrylic color powder are mixed and applied.
  • The nails are then filed to smooth out the acrylic around the edge, and may be refined with the nail drill a second time.
  • Your nails are cleaned, and a glossy top coat is added.
  • Your appointment may be upgraded to include other essential packages such as these:

Popular Nail Salon in the Las Vegas Area

Our clients truly love spending time at The Salon at Lakeside. Why is this the case? Because we sport a modern, relaxing environment that provides a mini retreat-like experience – from the fact that we are located on lakefront property, specifically Lake Jacqueline, to the spectacular views of the Foothills of Northwest Las Vegas, and more, it makes for a wonderful experience. In addition to this, we are conveniently located near the Vegas strip, in the Desert Shores Community of Summerlin, a popular place to visit.

Acrylic Nail Specialists Near Downtown Vegas

Affordable Acrylic Nail Salon in SummerlinUnless you’re trained and experienced, applying and perfecting acrylic nails is not an easy task. That’s why it’s always recommended that you have this done by a professional nail artist.

Here at The Salon at Lakeside, we have nail technicians that have years of experience, as well as a following of happy clients that come to them on a regular basis. With that said, you can book an appointment at our Summerlin salon for an acrylic full set package knowing your nails will look exceptional.

Review the information below to see just how talented our team really is:

Free Consultation with Your Acrylic Full Set Appointment

Your Las Vegas acrylic nail package comes with a consultation that will set you on the path to a sensational set of nails. All our Summerlin salon packages come with a consultation, but it’s especially important to meet with your nail consultant when having acrylics applied. Why is this the case? Because once the nails are set, you would not want to discover that they are not what you were expecting – color and shape wise.

To avoid this scenario, you and your nail technician will discuss beforehand, every detail of the appointment, from the shape of the nails, the color, the length, and so on. Any concerns you may have can be addressed, as well as questions asked, and more. Some clients even bring along images of must-have acrylic full nail sets they love and would like to have also.

During your consultation, your salon specialist will ask you a set of questions:

  • Is this your first time booking a Las Vegas acrylic full set package?
  • Are you having your nails done for a special occasion, or just everyday wear?
  • Did you bring along any photos of a nail style you would like us to replicate?
  • Do you have a specific acrylic nail color, shape, and length in mind?
  • Would you like to discuss any other packages that are offered at The Salon at Lakeside? We offer such services as color retouches, along with perm wave and curl packages, and our popular airbrush makeup applications, spa pedicures, and classic eyelash extensions.

Acrylic Nail Package Questions & Answers

For those who have never had acrylic nails applied, you will be interested in the following section that highlights a few of our most popular questions asked by our clients. If after reading through the information, you have questions of your own, feel free to contact The Salon at Lakeside, we would be happy to answer them for you.

What are acrylic nails?

Las Vegas Acrylic Nail Services at The Salon at Lakeside

Acrylic nails are simply durable fake nails applied to the tips of your fingernails, along with an acrylic powder, and liquid monomer mixture that is painted over your real nail bed and the acrylic tips to create one uniform acrylic nail.

During the process, the acrylic nail tip is attached to your natural nail with special nail glue. A commonly used nail drill is used to sand the very top of your natural nail to remove the shine. Once these two steps are completed, the artificial nail is trimmed and shaped to your liking, the nails are cleaned, a primer is added, and then the liquid monomer and a clear powder that forms a hard nail-like substance over your entire nail is applied before any color is painted on.

Once the nails dry, the acrylic color is then applied, and then an acrylic clear protective coating. The nails are sanded once again to smooth out edges, and then a clear glossy coat is added as a final touch.

How often do I need to book a salon appointment for a Las Vegas acrylic full set?

A Las Vegas full acrylic set can last anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks, if well taken care of. There are a few factors that can determine how long they will last, and how fast your nails grow should be factored in also. You will know when your nails require a visit to the salon because you will start to see chipping, peeling, or even see the acrylics start to lift up.

You can extend the life of your acrylic nail set by following these tips:

  • Be careful not to put too much pressure on your Las Vegas acrylic full set. Although they are considered to be very durable, the more pressure that is placed on them from daily activities, the sooner you will need to replace them.
  • Always have your nails done by a trained specialist. This is one way to ensure they will last longer. If you have a friend apply them for you, someone who is not well qualified, they may not apply the right techniques, or they might use lower quality products, which can shorten the life of your acrylics.
  • Always wear gloves when doing dishes or cleaning. Warm water or chemicals can cause the nails to loosen or peel.
  • Ask your Las Vegas nail salon specialist to recommend a top coat that you can apply as a touchup in between visits so you will have an extra layer of protection on your nails.

What are the benefits of acrylic nails?

Acrylic Nail Packages Near Downtown VegasThere are many benefits to getting acrylic nails, especially the fact that they won’t break or chip easily. Let’s take a look at more advantages of having acrylic nails:

  • Strong & Durable: Many clients go with our Las Vegas acrylic full set package because acrylic nails have real strength and durability, which also ensures that they are long lasting.
  • Instant Nail Length: You can walk into our Summerlin salon with short nails and walk out with a set of beautiful long nails. This works out perfectly when you need instant nail length for a big night out in Las Vegas.
  • Offers More Options: Because you’re not altering your real nails, but starting with a large acrylic nail that can be trimmed to any size and filed to any shape, this gives you more options to obtain your preferred look. Additionally, acrylic nails are perfect for adding nail art.
  • Sports a Natural Look: When acrylic nails are applied by a professional, they can not only look stunning, but also natural. Our salon team is known for being able to create natural looking acrylic nails.

Additional Packages at The Salon at Lakeside

The Salon at Lakeside is a full-service beauty salon in the Las Vegas area that is proud to offer you a wide variety of services. Our team is capable of providing such services as hair color correction sessions, popular head massages, and hair mask repair treatments, along with blow dry hair styling packages, and lip waxing sessions. Take a look at these additional salon packages to see what you may need for your next visit to The Salon at Lakeside:

We Offer the Best Las Vegas Acrylic Full Set Package at Our Summerlin Salon!

There is no doubt that The Salon at Lakeside offers the best acrylic full set nail package in the Las Vegas area. Our acrylic nail technicians are perfectionists and will make sure your nails look their absolute best. If you would like to book an appointment at our salon near Downtown Vegas, feel free to contact The Salon at Lakeside online, or by phone at (702) 363-1313. We look forward to creating a full set of acrylic nails that you will just love!